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6/26/2020 c14 10Ara Hannan
I enjoyed this all the way through!

Really loved the echoes from the previous chapters, especially Shiro’s observations on the characteristics of the paladins’ quintessences. I was a little frustrated at him for being so one-sided in his view of himself, but enjoyed everyone’s arguments against him & especially Allura pointing out that a lot of effort had to go into manipulating him, as well as Coran’s suggestion that he’s being a lot harder on himself than he would be on someone else.

Really lovely to see Shiro come around a bit & I liked your touch at the end with the Black Lion too. Thanks so much for writing this & sharing it. Loved your writing style, the plot, and the balance through the whole thing - thank you!
6/25/2020 c13 Ara Hannan
The first chunk of this chapter was so refreshing! It was really great to see Shiro more or less himself again (loved the training exercises comment), especially without all the confused thoughts.

Nice job with all the explanations of the team’s fixes as well - and you even answered the question that’s been plaguing me through the more recent chapters: if it’s life or death, why didn’t they tell the prosthetic goodbye? Love all your details and the way everyone continues to be in character.

But then the end has me a bit sad - the self-doubt and even self-hatred creeping in again. Hoping these feelings are at least partly because Shiro’s still low on quintessence - but really curious to see how you wrap things up!
6/25/2020 c12 Ara Hannan
Awesome detail with the liquid quintessence containing elements of countless people!

Also, really love how you managed to tell us what’s happening by just using snatches of conversations - it really conveys how out of it Shiro is. Lovely work through the whole story conveying how his mind operates based on the level of quintessence.

Keeping my fingers crossed that their fix actually works! I enjoyed hearing Lance’s version of how their mission went! Glad everyone seems to be okay!
6/25/2020 c11 Ara Hannan
Love the description of Hunk’s quintessence as armor - very fitting!
6/25/2020 c10 Ara Hannan
So...after reading ten chapters I decided I should finally review - thanks so much for putting together such a fabulous fic! I love your characterizations, the unfolding mystery as Shiro & his friends slowly realise what’s going on, and all your wonderful dialogue and descriptions. The descriptions of each paladin and how their quintessence interacts with Shiro have been great, and I’m curious to see if he describes his own at some point (although the observations on how his depletion of it affects him are plenty already!). It’s been painful to see him growing steadily worse as the “void” gets harder to fill. Hope they don’t run into any complications with their proposed “fix”!

I also really appreciate your ability to create balance - thanks for writing Shiro as fighting, trying to maintain his morals, protect others, etc. in the midst of being at such a low point.

This chapter in particular: I loved your portrayal of Hunk - I could just squish him for being so supportive, calming, and all around wonderful. Also, my healthcare brain keeps demanding to know whether IVs exist in space, because Shiro must be crazy dehydrated - dude hasn’t gotten up to the bathroom in over 24 hours (not a criticism, just where my brain’s going!).

Props for the C.S. Lewis quote a few chapters back - his insights on friendship are some of my favourite.

Sorry this review was a bit disjointed. I’m excited to keep reading - I’ll try to review as I go from here on out!
1/2/2019 c14 10Rehabilitated Sith
Bravo...so good!
1/2/2019 c13 Rehabilitated Sith
1/2/2019 c12 Rehabilitated Sith
Wait, why don't they just chop the arm off? Suuuuure that ended badly when Keith did it originally...
1/2/2019 c6 Rehabilitated Sith
Love the insights into their quintessence. Very nice!
8/3/2018 c1 lrhdamron
I usually don't do comments on stories- but that was amazing- the character insights, plot, and everything.
6/23/2018 c14 Unknown
5/13/2018 c14 5Kenobi1
That was a great story! It keeper me so hooked that I couldn’t put it down! I love the way you wrote the effects of quintessence. I really felt them along with Shiro. Thank you for writing such an amazing story!:D
4/6/2018 c14 Rvd
Well and truly beautiful, absolutely beautiful. :')
3/12/2018 c14 Anaquine
S5, various past interviews, and my own most recent binge-watching (including looking at s5 with less sleep-deprived eyes) brought your story back to mind again. So, yeah, very well done...and I selfishly hope they go the route you theorized here waaaayyyy early on (and, you know, looking forwars tk rereading this piece)
2/23/2018 c14 nistley
That was brillant ! OMG I was starving for some fic about Shiro and psychology ... Awesome !
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