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12/2 c34 DarkWolf666x
this story is great. keep up the good work
11/30 c11 Tora808
No doctor I would never cry because of a chapter from a fanfiction, why do you ask?
11/25 c4 Guest
I love this concept and this implementation.
“Don’t expect to clean up any messes” -shouldn’t there be a “me” in there?
11/20 c34 TheLittleLostEcho
I just binged all 34 episodes and I have no regrets. This work brought me so much joy and I hope you'll come back to it every now and then. It's one of those things that I can read forever, it provides such comfort, although you did make me hard-core cry at times -.-
11/20 c17 Gabi-Clyde
Matk is my joker and by god did you capture him in all aspects i love it 10/10 as usual LHE
11/19 c4 TheLittleLostEcho
Ouch, I can't read Captain Boomerang without getting sad after Suicide Squad II
11/16 c7 llewtwo
Lolol. I love this idea ND your story so far is great. Lololol. Restaurant and bite size lol
11/12 c27 AnthonyR89
I know that the show existed, though I never watched it. honestly the last live action dc show I watched was Smallville, though Watchmen is in my backlog.
11/12 c25 AnthonyR89
I've had to Google a few people like harper, heh. most of my knowledge of DC is from movies and cartoons. I was always more of a Marvel guy than dc when it comes to the comics. though I haven't read those since Mutant Messiah Complex, either.
11/12 c24 AnthonyR89
Goodfellas > Godfather. come st me.

as for the other villains, honestly it depends on the version of Waylon. I'd say absolutely not to Crane, though. fucking psychopath.
11/12 c20 AnthonyR89
I mean, going to your version of Lex would definitely be an option. and also add protection to him due to not many villains willing to piss off Luthor by attacking someone under his protection. Basically just leaving the crazy ones like Joker as a threat. and even Joker would think twice about crossing Lex.
11/12 c18 AnthonyR89
I realize that Joker was necessary for the plot, but honestly it sounds like Two Face would have been a better fit. also less likely to kill a kid.
11/12 c16 AnthonyR89
Constantine is more an antihero than a villain. not that I'd really expose children to him either way.
11/12 c12 AnthonyR89
this does have me questioning which Flash is in this, because my mind always jumps to Wally, and I'm now pretty sure that it was either Bart or Jay.
11/12 c11 AnthonyR89
eh. I've always operated under the assumption that Gotham was in Jersey. because New Jersey.
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