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7/1 c33 Featherboi
love the work so far! whats Your update schedule?
6/29 c17 luther10120111
Figures and glad the market hamil
6/29 c14 luther10120111
Tots could see bane doing that
6/29 c11 luther10120111
Oh thank goodness bc joker would kill a orphanage for giggles
6/29 c10 luther10120111
Ha this is rnjoyable
6/29 c4 luther10120111
I wonder which version he is
6/29 c1 luther10120111
6/21 c33 8The Keeper of Worlds
I love and respect the hell out of this wholeheartedly.
6/15 c29 5Otatheotakugod
someone posted an exact copy of this story on webnovel
6/14 c33 benahernandez87
just want to let you know that Villain wrangler is wonderful story and like a breath of fresh air. I became addicted to it and bench read the whole thing in one day. like a full pledge crackhead I beg you for more .
6/13 c33 9jojo3112
could you do gorilla grod and a kid that really loves gorilla's and actually wants to go study in the gorilla kingdom.
Zou je gorilla grod en een kind dat van gorilla's houd en graag in het gorilla koninkrijk zou willen studeren
6/9 c33 RaZenBrandz
I hope you don't drop this story because it's great, I hope you decide to continue updating it.
5/26 c9 Guest
I would also ask for the rogues if I could. I love the relationship flash has with his villains
5/22 c7 Wolfeborn
This story is both hilarious and wholesome so far and I love it!
5/17 c29 Guest
את/ה יכול/ה לנסות עברית עם את/ה רוצה, למרות שזאת שפה די מסובכת מבחינת מגדר.
You can try Hebrew if you'd like, although it's quite difficult in the term that everything is genderd.
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