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3/30 c8 Chris PerMow Warner
I haven't finished. but this is amazing. one of my tops of fics. thanks.
3/26 c31 Middernacht
I would love to see the music meister get his own chapter
3/22 c1 richard.ambridge.3
I've read this story probably a dozen times, and it affects me every time. I wait patiently, and hopefully, for the next chapter. Thank you.
3/20 c31 1irdohr
I think it'd be interesting if a Wisher asked to meet Dr Quinzel, rather than Harley Quinn.
3/16 c31 Spinnerofdark
: )
3/11 c31 zonetan
Just found the story and love every chapter
3/10 c31 Dylan-A-Friend
3/6 c31 12Cyan Quartz
An interesting assortment of tales, Author of Wishes. Perhaps you have some insight to spill? Stories of personal experiences previously unsaid?
3/2 c31 HartleySkarsgard
What an amazing fanfic. You’ve introduced me to characters I’ve never heard of and I love it. Especially love the Constantine and and Lucifer chapters. Will subscribe for updates : )
3/1 c26 Boread97
Wait, this Connor kid is basically a Harry Potter, alternate universe Harry Potter may be.
2/26 c31 Guest
Awesome story! Can't find a recent date cuz I just heard about the site today but I just got done reading it all and it's very cool!
2/24 c7 4AtlasSniperman
What I enjoyed most about this moment was that it WASN'T Batman himself who did the kidnapping.
2/24 c1 AtlasSniperman
An interesting choice to pick Ivy here, my first assumption was that Mr Freeze would be the start of this buy Ivy does make sense. And Freeze does suit another point in the original post a lot as well. Reads well, good job
2/24 c31 20Eristarisis
Right... I"m at the office. I got linked this at 03:00 pm... I took a short break to read a chapter and smoke a cigarette. It's not 5pm, I am supposed to go home, and INSTEAD, I got two hours of paperwork/report writing to do... because I started reading your work.
Simply written, but clearly well thought out and researched. nice work crossing between different heroes/villains and franchises as well. The minimalist style of the writing works amazingly well as well, and my hats off to you for a truly well-written fanfic.

Loving this. Added your work to favorites.

now excuse me... I got two hours of paperwork to catch up on...
2/19 c12 davidiscoolya113
Lex luthor is extremely possessive of what he perceives is his: have an SI go to lex luthor and show him the show Smallville and say someone magik you to ensure you'll be soups adversary you're obsessed Luther none of your intelligence will power and restrain shouldn't be acting so much like an animal trained since birth to deal with politicians and political b******* and a board of governors and all other assorted as******s I.e. someone swapped your alignment so you would grow up to be just like your dad the man you lowved with all your being the man you are hoping will be better than your foster dad I turned out that he was worse in some ways someone you wouldn't want to be like and wouldn't wish on turning even your enemies into cuz that would just make them worse and a bigger threat you Luther or pawn originally you were supposed to make a deal with Clark you were supposed to be like a clock at sometimes you may not be prepared this or something for that I'm willing to be ever tonker toys I'm willing to be the heroes first villain I.e. baby's first tool set baby's first this baby's first that and slowly ramp up the difficulty to help you become a better super villain I'm willing to create false scenarios which you may not be aware of maybe real or fake so that way you to become better prepared for any given scenario in exchange I want you to give me hints and tips of what I could do with science maybe teach me a little bit of this and that with Kryptonian science so I can always be on the edge of my competition that's why this is what I'm going to tell all my shareholders ((underbreath) douchebag psychopenthic money grubbing upstarts) that's what you would have said but someone wanted to ensure that you will be at each too busy at each other's throats to make yourself better versions than you could have been I wonder why that is and then the SI would give Luther all the marvel comics starring Tony Stark and then say this is what you could have been and the fake villain persona give them all the comic starring Dr Doom and say here's what you would have come up with Dr Doom isn't that interesting how another multiverse has those characters but this one doesn't but if this one did it would have been way more stable I wonder why someone wants everything to be chaotic I wonder why almost like existence is being orchestrated by an outsource type Force that doesn't understand humanity ie humanity works best when we all work together when we're all focused towards a goal only all share the burden and we all are working in our specialties together like a well well machine being led by someone who knows all the fields so he could catch something if someone's skipping the books or doing something else or slacking off and saying oh I'm working when they're not going to say what I'm trying to say Luther you were supposed to be Tony Stark deluxe plus plus plus plus but now you're not you're a shallow incomplete version of yourself where 99% of your processing and RAM of your own mind is being directed to obsessing over Superman I wonder why that is...
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