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for The Villain Wrangler

1/24 c31 106charlotteredmond99
Absolutely amazing!
1/24 c31 RedDemonEye
Ha good to have you back my friend I loved reading these and I'm happy they are coming back so keep up the good work and have a nice day.
1/24 c31 215whitetigerwolf
Why do I get the feeling that 'one phone call' is going to come sooner rather than later
1/23 c31 42cassy1994
I look forward to more
1/23 c31 7jh831
Great chapter.
Had to laugh when they found out it was danny.
was a shame he dropped the pizzias.
I wonder how often him getting 'jumped' is going to happen.
Looking forward to the next chapter. every time you update, i start from the begging again because its a fun read.
1/23 c16 1Thorfaxdragonkin
It's kind of funny this is probably the twentieth time I have reread this fix and it still helps give me some faith in humanity
1/23 c31 4thinker0
This story is awesome. I love all the different things you've done with it
1/23 c31 4Verdauga
1/23 c31 I Am IronMaiden
Lol. Poved the Slade and Bat Fam moment.
1/23 c31 1Lord Grise
LOL LOL LOL... Oh, thank you for coming back to this one!
1/23 c31 40Concolor44
Lovely to see another installment!
That was funny, in a "really? again?" sort of way. Danny is certainly good about dealing with the curves his job throws him.
1/23 c31 sandipi
Doesn't ruin the violence groove when both sides stop for civilians? It points out they aren't really there for the crime.
Thank you for the new chapter.
1/23 c31 ILoveSassyHarry
Heyyyy! So I am following this story from past week and I am so happy you updated it today! It was awesome and I loved it. Aww... but I feel bad for Danny , he got caught in all of thisBut nonetheless enjoyed it :D
1/23 c31 12SkyPalaceBuilder
This was a cute chapter. Sorry I don't have anything else to add. Yeah, Chadwick Boseman's death was one that hurt. I've been putting off watching Ma Rainey's Black Bottom because of it—I'm just not ready to watch his last, final performance yet.

Perfect PR would actually be a pretty cool superpower...

At least the pizzas were salvageable!
.I was gonna judge Danny for calling them Batbrats, but then I remembered some of them kidnapped him, so I guess fair's fair.
I wish FF let us leave multiple reviews. At least you have many chapters. You're a good writer!
1/23 c31 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
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