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1/24 c31 51Tamuril2
Yay! I got so excited when I saw this alert in my inbox. I was just thinking about your story.

Aha, Deathstroke. It makes sense Danny would be nabbed by him for all of 30 seconds and then released with a "again, leave, you're interfering with me mojo of kicking bat butt". Lol. And the whole, don't tell on us. I forget, why is Danny mad at Tim again?

Sooo... prompt?

Danny gets nabbed by some newbie villain. He goes a few months to build up cred, waits to be asked by a kid, and then shows up to the meet, only to kidnap Danny and the kid (that was his plan to begin with). He then indulges in some light torture while livestreaming it. Of course, it esculates quickly to medium torture and a few slaps to the sick kid. Cue every Villain being all "Oh no you didn't!". Cue heroes not (because, reasons). Cue Villains rescue. Nuff said. Please? Write this?
1/24 c31 12filkertom
Hee hee! Welcome back!
1/24 c31 30Manga154
I'm so happy to see an update for this, it's been a very long time but the story is just as good as I remember.
1/24 c31 2Jack Inqu
Yikes, you had a lot on your plate. I hope things continue to get better for you.

I'm glad that Danny's business is doing well.

At least they recognized him before anything worse happened.

There are lot worse super powers to have. ;)

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/24 c31 Joelseph14
Great chapter maybe he'll get a cut of the royalties. Also love the horse in the hospital bit
1/24 c31 37eirame
It's nice to read a new chapter !
Thanks for sharing this story with us.
1/24 c31 magitech
Though long delayed, thank you for another chapter

Poor Danny, can't even get take-a-way peacefully.

A Harley authorized drink, what's next, Ivy approved fertilizer?
1/24 c31 11PLPanda
i loved this. the fact that he is one step of becoming the PR manager for at least three villains is comedic gold
1/24 c31 8booksfoodmusic-minion
I love this! Nearly getting stuck by accident, and more concerned about the pizzas!
Yeah online uni has been hard for everyone, hope it at least gets a bit easier for you now
1/24 c31 106charlotteredmond99
Absolutely amazing!
1/24 c31 RedDemonEye
Ha good to have you back my friend I loved reading these and I'm happy they are coming back so keep up the good work and have a nice day.
1/24 c31 215whitetigerwolf
Why do I get the feeling that 'one phone call' is going to come sooner rather than later
1/23 c31 42cassy1994
I look forward to more
1/23 c31 7jh831
Great chapter.
Had to laugh when they found out it was danny.
was a shame he dropped the pizzias.
I wonder how often him getting 'jumped' is going to happen.
Looking forward to the next chapter. every time you update, i start from the begging again because its a fun read.
1/23 c16 1Thorfaxdragonkin
It's kind of funny this is probably the twentieth time I have reread this fix and it still helps give me some faith in humanity
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