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6/6 c31 1PokeKing Charizard
This is brilliant and should be treasured as greatly as gold. Now, I would politely ask where the Marvel version is as it seems to have misplaced itself from this site and my reader's gaze.
6/1 c24 PrinceWeirdo
Lol... Gotham godfather.. Now that's a new one... And Bruce is very petty...
6/1 c18 PrinceWeirdo
Damn... I pity the boss... She's doing a job that help kids after all...
6/1 c17 PrinceWeirdo
Joker is sulking that he didn't get to meet his fans..
6/1 c16 PrinceWeirdo
When the little girl died, I bet John will make sure it's the angel who come and get her instead of some hell devil...
6/1 c11 PrinceWeirdo
Congrats, you made a grown ass man cried...
6/1 c8 PrinceWeirdo
Damn... Thisakes me realise that those kids is dying... Shit.. Now I'm sad..
6/1 c7 PrinceWeirdo
They really are doing something stupid... Like, kidnapping a guy? Come on... Its a great villain move there you dummy...
6/1 c5 PrinceWeirdo
Seems like real life assasin is one shitty gamer huh... Good to know,
6/1 c4 PrinceWeirdo
Damn, I never think of that.. Playing HALO with assassin seems like cheating mate...
6/1 c3 PrinceWeirdo
Honestly, if I was the one with poison Ivy power, I wouldn't go out and become terrorist... But instead I would buy a barren land that no one want, or some kind of desert wasteland and create a farm there... I'm going to be a successful farmer...
6/1 c2 PrinceWeirdo
This is funny mate! Thanks for the chapter..
5/21 c31 Blaze1992
Man can't even get pizza without being in the middle.
5/21 c31 1thomassmith69
So found this story like a week ago and it’s just been sitting open in one of my 120 tabs. Got around to reading all of this (going to check out this marvel one next) I live this story. It’s got enough progression to be enjoying and quite light fluffy ness to make me smile for like 3 hours and enough action to keep me in suspense. Great story.
5/15 c1 Guest
please just update, this i love this.
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