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5/11 c31 9AddyTonks957.42
You were in the hospital? And there was a horse that tried to burn it down? Or was that in one of your previous attempts to write this chapter? I'm slightly concerned.
5/10 c12 AddyTonks957.42
Danny's job at this point is more like being a kindergarten teacher with villians and heroes as the students.
5/8 c1 lukanelluc13
I love this! I’ve seen the prompt post online many times, and this is an awesome take on it!
5/2 c31 3BigTofu
This was a nice little fun read
4/30 c31 3The Patient One
So, this afternoon, I get pinged on a Discord server about the tumblr thread that inspired this story. I thought that it was a spectacular idea that needed to be done. And lo and behold, here it is.

I like everything that I've seen in this story and I'm already looking forward to more. Thank you immensely for bringing this to life. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.
4/22 c28 4Mrtyu666
I just have 1 problem with this chapter, doesn't Killer Frost exist? who is basically Elsa, but kinda evil?
4/21 c31 66Belphegor
I had read a few chapters of this story a couple of years ago or more, after the "Villain Wrangler" post made it on my Tumblr dashboard again with the link included, and I am Delighted to see so many chapters more! I really like Danny and the way you write the various villains and heroes :o) If the inspiration strikes again and if you want to, I would *love* for kids to request the Pied Piper or/and the Trickster (James Jesse). I know this story is more centred on the Gotham bunch out of necessity, but the Flash Rogues (pre-52) are my favourites and I loved your take on Captain Cold and Weather Wizard. Anyway, I hope things go well for you, especially with, well, everything. University was incredibly difficult, I can't even imagine what it would have been like online :S
4/16 c31 blasterdog
Freakin love this story. Fleshes out characters in a manner that’s usually unfulfilled. Phenomenal
4/10 c31 1ALLCYONE
Absolutely love this so much! I always enjoy reading these good feel kind of stories (even the sad ones) because it shows that there is some humanity still left inside those villains and that they can brighten up those kids’ day. Minus the Joker though because he’s madder than a bag of feral cats. Do you plan to write the story about Ivy’s second wisher? It was mentioned briefly but I didn’t see a story for it among the later chapters. Thank you so much for writing this fanfiction! Also looking forward to reading more of the Marvel version as well.
4/6 c31 TypeVos
Gave this a read after I saw it pop-up but this is soooo good.
It is so entertaining!
4/5 c1 jacohuff
Ive been reading fan-fiction for a long time and there really isn’t much that surprises me anymore, with the way the stories go, but every once in a while something new something great comes along and i can now add this story to that list. Please keep writing looking forward to the next chapter.
4/2 c27 Mandoraekon
If he has his wings at this point. Shouldn't he be able to fly back to L.A.? It barely takes any time.
4/2 c27 2Wild Fox Fire
o negative isn't that rare of a blood type, it's often used for blood transfusion
3/31 c31 Warmachine324
Great story can't wait to see Talia al Ghul in the next chapter.
3/30 c8 Chris PerMow Warner
I haven't finished. but this is amazing. one of my tops of fics. thanks.
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