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for Responsibility or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Time Travel

1/10 c3 1xThomas2
Noooo evil cliffhanger!
5/29/2020 c3 VinniTheP00h
Ahh, why have you discontinued it? Fic was so good!
8/16/2019 c1 Secretkeeper626
what cliche colliding love interest scenes?
9/22/2018 c3 7rekr ori'kad
This is a really great story, I look forward to reading more. If you're having trouble with writers block feel free to message me. I've found that having a sounding board is usually very helpful with that.
9/20/2018 c3 csad21
This is such a fun story! Hope you update it soon. :)

I really want to know how many seconds Jaune gets to live once Ruby finds out he is the source of her misery. ROFL
6/14/2018 c3 Just another Nobody of Nowhere
I love this so much!
please update if you can find the time.
5/23/2018 c3 Chaosqueenblossom
11/19/2017 c3 Guest
Update your story. 1000 words does not take 6 months to write
5/23/2017 c3 yomunot
ohohohoh shiiiiiiiit
5/23/2017 c2 yomunot
This just keeps getting better XD
5/23/2017 c1 yomunot
Welp this is going to be interesting XD
3/27/2017 c3 1SHMANDER
I LOVE this.
3/16/2017 c3 Anonymous
I love this story. Please continue to write more.
3/14/2017 c3 hirshja
"So that one time that you reversed time 30 times in the course of 2 real minutes, what were you doing"

"I was playing this video game and couldn't figure out how to get past a bo-"


"Yea, how'd ya kn-"

"I love that game but it's so hard"
3/14/2017 c3 10shuujin.takagi
Please update soon, i want to read when ruby and jaune meets.
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