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8/22/2020 c38 2SilverJoJo
This is probably one of the best Pokemon fics I've read, most Anabel fics put her as a trophy cardboard cut out women for Ash to obtain, I love it that you gave her a interesting backstory before she was a frontier brain and explored her as a character and her interactions with the setting, the OCs are also lovely whether that be V,Seth or Mr. Cinders they feel lively and real, while I personally didn't like much the lore you built it still is a great story, love the characters and I beg of you to make/publish the second book.
5/2/2020 c38 12Keleri
This ended way too early! :D I hope that you'll eventually come back to book two.

I liked Easier Said Than Done a lot, you have some really neat worldbuilding here and a mature outlook on how the pokemon world would function but also the places where it would fall victim to abuse like pokemon manipulation, genetic experiments, and people poaching and stealing pokemon. I really like the bond between Ann and V, they are incredibly realistic 10/11 year olds and it's neat to follow their journeys.

My criticism would be that the story does take a while to get really exciting, with the conflict with V's dad really kicking things into high gear. The details with Mr. Cinders and so on were interesting and helped to characterize the duo and their new starters, but if I'm being critical I would say it went on a bit too long and stole the punch of the early chapters and "holy shit my MCs just had their starters stolen, what now".

Overall very enjoyable and well-written, and sorry again about how long it took me to review and the lack of reviews in the fandom; people seem to rarely review these days and usually review exchanges are the only way to get noticed. (When the other reviewer keeps up their end of the bargain, sigh, lol)
5/2/2020 c36 Keleri
This was a really neat chapter with a lot of great worldbuilding detail about psychics and empaths, and Ann's hurt feelings and conflict over V evolving their pokemon without her are way too real.
5/2/2020 c35 Keleri
I really like how V turned it around in this chapter to make battles memorable for kids but also give her own pokemon a challenge. Imagining Dragonite crashing the wedding was amazing :D That's a funny thought, Seth having all these murder beasts under his command but he's still afraid to disobey his parents or act independently AND he's still at the mercy of nasty relatives.
5/2/2020 c34 Keleri
Poor V, it's hard to be a kid. Lots of good thoughts here and about pokemon safety.
5/2/2020 c33 Keleri

I like the politics of betting on battles and choosing opponents here! Poor Eevee-V, she can tap out if she's had enough.
5/2/2020 c32 Keleri
"This man is just smart enough to keep his business and experimenting low-key."

Hoo hoo hoo...

""You told me I hated trainers," he said glumly. "You thought that one mistake and we'd drag you home, no matter how important this was to you. So you ended working in a poacher breeding farm.""

Oooooops :D Poor Dad. The discussion that Ann has with her parents is wayyyyyy too real with the scared-anger and wanting to withdraw from them because telling the truth just seems to make them angrier.
5/2/2020 c31 Keleri
"She'd almost killed her father."

No loss V, it's fine

"Did that mean they weren't friends anymore?"

Oh noooooo, this is too real

""Valeria, you're eleven. Your personality and brain are taking shape and will do so until adulthood. Having a human sharing thoughts with you would be unhealthy enough, but this gengar is... Gengar is a ghost, and ghosts have very little empathy, thrive on fear and seek to be the center of attention. That is not a good mindset for a human being.""

Very spooky, the considerations for children being exposed to psychic effects here and in later chapters are really interesting and worrying :D

"~You are different,~ he finally replied, his deep, alien voice chasing away her thoughts and fears. ~I want this change.~"


I really enjoy the tribulations and trials that Ann and V have to go through; they catch special and strong pokemon, but god there's a lot of baggage to go with each one :D
5/2/2020 c30 Keleri
"Cold washed over her exposed skin and Gengar was on her shoulder, a scarf of winter and protective darkness. She didn't have to see Gengar's red eyes or if he'd bared his teeth. The way her father paled was enough."


Hahaha, I'm not a good person :D I'm glad that Ann and V were shocked and hurt by the violence, poor girls. Forcing pokemon to evolve is interesting and scary worldbuilding, and I like the details about created pokemon and cloning from before the war.
5/2/2020 c29 Keleri
"~Shall I attack!~"


""I was a bad husband, but I can be a great father, offer you a real home. You'll get opportunities instead of getting stuck with some lousy job because you'll have to work at sixteen. You'll still see Nalani as much as you want.""

Gahhhhhhhhh this is wayyyyyyyyy too real! V's dad is horrible. This is such a great and suspenseful chapter, I couldn't put down my ereader :D
5/2/2020 c28 Keleri
"Rosie blurted,"

Blurt is a weird verb, it usually needs to be accompanied by "out", so this would be Rosie blurted out

""They were right. But they were wrong, because it wasn't a waste of time. It was my choice to make.""


Poor steel murder birb, so sensitive :D

4/28/2020 c27 Keleri
A very creative battle for V and her double type disadvantage! I've come at the rock gym leaders with normal-type moves in various settings and it is NOT fun, especially nosepass haha

"But if Anabel were a boy she'd probably have a crush on Roxanne too."

You don't have to be a boy to have a crush on Roxanne, A ;)

"None of them noticed the silver-eyed man spying on them from the back of the pizza house."

4/28/2020 c26 Keleri
This was a great gym battle chapter, and I love the exploration of good sportsmanship and creative use of moves as well as the peanut gallery on the sidelines. :D
4/26/2020 c25 Keleri
Things get terribly exciting in this chapter with the interlude! Wow, who knew that poaching was such big business, although with trainers all having to stop at sixteen, who are the ones buying the poached mons? ;) Adults? Maybe this could be avoided if society let kids keep their pokemon, haha
4/26/2020 c24 Keleri
Ho hoooooo, Rosie is a devious one. Very interesting details about the two Eevee and their genetic heritage. Sounds like Cinders had some interesting tech...
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