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5/23/2018 c9 12Keleri
"Grandma had agreed to pay, but if Anabel ruined her clothes, Grandma would drag her home and ground her forever."

Hahaha, Anabel is all too ten years old with its messed-up priorities. Poor girl.

Eevee and a strong pokemon to boost them against the gym, isn't that convenient...

""Look at that, he loves you already: you're his ticket home. It's his job you'll be doing.""


""Are they sisters?""Raised as such. All that matters, really.""

(squints) runnnnnnnnnnn

Unrelated baby pokemon he doesn't want anyone to know about... hmm...

Ann and V should just call home and call the Jennies if their pokemon were stolen, but I can see how their backstories lead to this twisted kid logic. And isn't a gift eevee tantalizing...
5/23/2018 c8 Keleri
""That's what kept the peace so long, child. Before the War, too many people never left their big cities, never learned to respect life. They didn't see what they were destroying." An almost-smile softened Grandma's lips. "Marowak hated people. Not kids, kids she tolerated, but when I brought her home that first winter… Kids follow rules, that's why pokemon trust you enough to let you catch them. Why Licenses go to you and not adults. Pokemon give you adventure and so much more, and you make them strong. It works. It binds us and protects this world." Grandma smiled tightly. "I love your mother so much, Bells, and I have forgiven her for not journeying, but it was a very selfish thing to do.""

Interesting! This is unexpected worldbuilding for me, it's an interesting cultural imperative and justification for why there's so much pressure on kids to be trainers. What about gym leaders and trainer adults, do they not exist? I also like the hinted-at pokemon war, very nice.

""I didn't like magenta much before," V had said with a small, and yet the biggest, smile Anabel had ever seen. "Now it's my favorite color.""

aaaaaaaaaa they are friends!

I have mixed feelings about these flashback chapters so far; I feel like they steal the momentum from the initial ones, which get into the action right away. It is good to see just how much it means to Ann and V to have their pokemon stolen after all this buildup and to see how important their relationship is, as well as the cultural forces pulling Ann this way and that. Maybe in terms of the entire story it will feel more balanced.
5/14/2018 c7 Keleri
Oh nooooooooo poor V. Her sense of betrayal comes across really well. I like the sense of trainer propriety that comes across as well, their society has done a lot to try to put pressure on kids to not become trainers in the "wrong" way and it controls them just like V's family situation.

"The rice make wings in her plate"

*made wings on
5/14/2018 c6 Keleri
This chapter is so intense! Poor V!

I got confused when Robin appeared maybe because of my break from the story, but it might be good to make it clear by going "Ann's mom, Robin," when she appears.

"seating up straighter"

5/13/2018 c5 Keleri
Sorry for the wait, I've been delinquent reading others' stories! Ann and V meet for the first time; poor Anabel, it sounds like she's having a lot of trouble with the other kids despite being an empath. Lots of interesting details here about pokemon, I like the Volbeat looking for fire and the Pidgeot watching the kids. Also interesting details about bad kids not getting pokemon licenses or using them to hang over kids' heads for good behavior. Good!
5/1/2018 c38 2hybrid-interpreter
This was a really well done story! I thoroughly enjoyed it, unable to stop reading it. Not to mention you did a fantastic job in bolstering all of the small nuances we don't think about when playing the game or watching the show. I look forward to seeing the sequel if you happen to post it, but if not, job well done!
2/27/2018 c35 Mal
love, love, loved it.
2/27/2018 c34 Mal
Actually, I think you do this kinda stuff the best. really, really loved this chapter. Gawd, i love family stuff.
2/27/2018 c30 Mal
best chapter.
2/25/2018 c20 Mal
I like Nova :d
2/25/2018 c16 Mal
nice! never seen the fighting type used in a fic before. and as for the new people... eh I'm not a huge fan yet. We shall see.
2/25/2018 c13 Mal
I really like how you write battles. This chapter was fuuuuun.

The chapter flow gets a bit tricky though. Sometimes my head spins with the amount of people. The transitions between scenes feels a bit strange, too. But that's probably just a me thing.

V feels kinda like a robot. I didn't think so in the start of the fic, but ever since the girls have gone on their journey, V just kinda feels like an after thought and not very emotional.

Aaaaand... that's all the constructive feedback I can think of. I really love how Eevee and Azu feel alive! You write wonderfully from a kid's POV. Its a delight to read.
2/25/2018 c12 mal
2/25/2018 c11 Mal
Loving the mistery
2/25/2018 c9 Mal
I feel creaped out. But that tiny voice of hope whispers that maybe...just maybe...
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