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11/4/2023 c1 callmequinn21
Wtf is wrong with that guest, claiming Hermione deserved to be r*ped and gutted? Who says that? Freaking psychotic.
11/1/2023 c5 wandamarie
thank you
11/1/2023 c4 wandamarie
thank you
11/1/2023 c3 wandamarie
11/1/2023 c2 wandamarie
keep up the great work and talented thank you
11/1/2023 c1 wandamarie
wow good start thank you
5/30/2023 c5 3Charlee56
Beautifully done.
1/25/2023 c5 2roon0
I hope Harry and Hermione do end up together leave the jealous, nasty prat to himself. Great fanficition.
1/25/2023 c4 roon0
Its great that the adult Weasley's are so supportive. Harry is sweet to make up with the prat.
1/25/2023 c3 roon0
Ron is still a prat.
1/25/2023 c2 roon0
Madam Sparkles is most wise, poor Harry.
1/25/2023 c1 roon0
Ron is a dreadful prat and nasty with it.
8/26/2022 c5 Guest
Hermione is a bitch. She should've been raped and gutted.
8/6/2022 c1 1glitchybready
Ron would never say that though. the writers and producers screwed him up, but even so, he would never. he considers Harry as his family. he wouldn't say it over madness. the only reason he said it was because of the amulet.
10/20/2021 c5 4starie78
An interesting story but how do you account for Hedwig's presence on the horcrux hunt when she was already dead at this point in cannon?
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