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12/2/2017 c1 5Samar Grey
This killed me. Mycroft is my favourite character, so I know an ounce of how Sherlock must feel, but bravo to you. This was really accurate (though I think it would be more likely that Sherlock would yell "Mycroft!" and not "Myccy") and I loved how Mycroft used Sherlock's first name and how he was serious and knew he was going to die. Thank you and have a fantastic day! T-T
2/9/2017 c1 Delete This Account Please 111
oh my God this is sad! Well written, thank you!
1/7/2017 c1 Malya
It's beautiful
1/5/2017 c1 18Ballykissangel
Aww I loved it and it's something I could see Mycroft doing. Well done for a first Sherlock fic.
1/4/2017 c1 Papaya
I KNEW IT. The moment I saw the summary I went "NO!" (italicised, bolded, and underlines) because Mycroft dying is one of my worst fears on Sherlock and there is practically no way to NOT make this heartbreaking. You did not disappoint me. I had to bite my lip to stop from crying because Sherlocks reaction was actually beautiful and not OOC at all. Agh. Please do not write more or I might become a pile of mushymushy dead mycroft feels.
1/4/2017 c1 19Ellis Jenkins
You did NOT do that! D':
That was... That was beautiful!
1/4/2017 c1 37deaka
I actually thought that it was going to be Mycroft up until the last second, and you've done a great job of capturing what that would have been like. Thanks for sharing!

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