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for Degrassi The Next Generation - Nowhere To Run

2/7/2019 c4 Heythereitsme
Update pleaseeeeee
12/11/2018 c4 Guest
Please write more. It’s sooo good!
11/28/2018 c4 Moonie185
Please continue... Interesting story
11/7/2018 c4 AllieB0524
So happy to see an update! Poor Sean! I hoe he recovers quickly.
10/19/2017 c3 Sarah
Please continue :) this is so amazing and I really must know what happens to Sean.
7/31/2017 c2 7Spinnerroxz16
Please will you continue
1/17/2017 c3 Eeyore
Oooohhhh! A recently started, in progress Sean fic! It's a miracle:) I'm excited to see how this pans out!
1/9/2017 c3 Spinnerroxz16
This is amazing please continue
1/6/2017 c3 Guest
This is one of the only stories about Sean that is actually about HIM instead of completely revolving around his relationship with Emma. I'm intrigued!

Just one tip though, whenever there's a new line of dialogue, start a new paragraph. For example:

"Hey sorry, I was asleep when I got your text," he said, with an embarrassed grin showing on his face.

"Sheesh, what in the world we're you doing last night?" Emma asked jokingly. "You weren't up all night with your brother, were you?"

"How did you know about my brother?"

You also have a few spelling errors.

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