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11/26 c33 ChildofDragons
Of course Draco is going to do something stupid. I'd be more surprised if Draco didn't do something stupid.
11/21 c3 Chelsit
I really want this to be a harmione pairing, they’re relationship is sounding so lovely!
11/19 c127 5flame55
this is great
11/12 c128 Locothehood
Lets not forget galactus
The phoenix saga
And the greatest evil ever known dolores umbrige
11/11 c10 Dayside
Just imagining him screaming his spells out makes me cringe.
11/8 c32 Guest
"…Selvig, notable for his involvement in the alien invasion of New York, streaked nude across Stonehenge…" the newsreader was saying.

"Erik?" Harry whispered as he stared at the image of the man that he'd only met a handful of times appeared on the screen.

"Is that?" Hermione asked.

"Yep," Harry replied.

"… disrobed, and began shouting at visitors to the historic site. He was later taken into police custody for psychiatric evaluation. Police are still refusing to confirm..."

You messed up the italics.
11/2 c128 Fick Chick
This was well done.
10/30 c32 Guest
I don’t want to be mean, but the part about blending in by wearing school jerseys just made be buret into a fit of laughter.

Because school jerseys, they just aren’t a thing in schools in Britain, they’d actually make you stand out more. We have proper, full uniforms.
10/31 c90 Fick Chick
You had Maurarder knocked out in two different scenes. Was that intentional?
10/31 c128 TheCrankyChicken
What was the deal with Morbeck? There was a decent amount of build up for a character who, unless I'm mistaken and you intentionally didn't mention, is now a roasted corpse
10/27 c1 NIX1987
for the life of me, I can't figure out why you decided to add squirrel girl into the story
10/22 c128 siriusfan1990
This is one of the best effort and i usually don't prefer crossovers but this was very good. of course there are flaws like too much characters and the final battle was rushed.

But keeping this for 128 chapters and 602k words is solid work anda big effort. kudos to you. good story.
10/22 c128 jonmjh
Great story mate. I really liked how you integrated the characters from marvel and harry potter. I was cheering everytime I recognised a character from the comics or books. A shame though that the wizards weren't present at the battle of Antartica. But keep it up. Can't wait for vol. 2.
10/9 c128 4Alexander Raphel
Absolutely loved this fic, every twist and turn, every cliffhanger, every little touch! I have been flowing this from very early on, loving every moment, and now I anxiously await the promised sequel! For now I reread this (a couple times), and hope that all is well with you.
10/8 c50 Gara Kyosuke
The story lacks focus and a main character. It's just constant jumping around and it's exhausting. It feels like one micro scene after another with no character growth. Quantity over quality. I'd really hoped to see Harry Potter develope as a character in this new world opened to him but he's just a side character that hasn't developed at all in 50 chapters. Maybe that changes later on.

Maybe that's just the style? It's pretty accurate as a mindless action movie with villain of the week style characters. Those can be fun
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