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11/28 c61 Eleiren
I think this is where I'll leave this story, mostly because as someone with very little knowledge about AvengersMarvel (watched a grand total of 3 movies, none of them titled Avengers) it's just getting a bit too exhausting for me.

Your writing was highly enjoyable and I did enjoy the characters.
Was squirrel girl/Doreen inspired by that one Nickelodeon series about a feral girl in central park? I don't remember the name of it tbh.

The way you weaved HP back into the story using Grindelwald was nicely done and fit perfectly and I did like the way you introduced Harry to the Avengers. Really is there anything more Harey than running headlong into danger and stumbling across something bigger than he thought.
I would have loved to see more slice of live in the Den and general character interaction.

I did take a break from this story earlier to read your dragon chronicles hoping to then be able to get back into this but it just doesn't work it seems.
However I did realize that you seem to love that Short snout cloak, considering it made an appearance over there too or is this secretly the same universeHow did the dragons feel about the fact that their newly elected ambassador decided to show up wearing one of their own?

Anyway back to some thoughts about this story.
I loved the way you showed Hydra rearing their head across the globe! It was one of those moments that really drew me in and did a great job of showing how deep Hydra was buried into shield.
I'm not sure how I feel about the Hydra/Sinister meetings being shown on occasion, mostly due to the fact that whenever someone was namedropped I didn't know if that person was actually important or not.
Daphne yes! She is probably one of my favourite fanon characters and I love her. The interactions she had were fun and I'd loved to see more of her actually participating in conversation or showing her actually reacting to Buckys distress when Steve noted that he seemes on edge.
Teddy, ugh I love him but my god did I want to punch him in the face for his night time excursion. I very much agree with Dromedas policy of sending a howler, would have done the same.
Teddy and Doreen are adorable. Noting more to say.
Pepper as always is godsend to curb Tonys tendency to be utterly annoying and she deserves the world.
I would have loved to see more of Nat/Clint interacting with Harry, we had very little of them.

However all that is nitpicking from someone who has all their Avengers knowledge from two other fanfics and memes. So take it with a grain of salt and know that despite me dropping the fic I did enjoy it a lot and that nothing in your writing was at fault for me quitting.
This fic simply went deeper into Avengers than I can follow.

I do wish you the best of luck finishing this absolute monster and will simply wait for updates on Dragons and keep following you there.
11/24 c9 1Fairy King Oberon
considering that this is in America, the broom salesman would probably have put the speed into mph rather than kph. Unless the magical world all do it that way? then again from what I've seen, magical America takes a lot more after it's muggle counterpart then Britain does
11/24 c6 Fairy King Oberon
I find it funny that in this chapter you called notice me not charms forget me not. the irony is staggering.
11/24 c3 Fairy King Oberon
I don't know why but reading that Hermione's mom was only "most likely" drinking tea instead of just saying tea made me chuckle
11/23 c128 1lizard 101
First, I just want to say thank you for this story. You created a world that combined two of my favorite things and did both justice. Second, I want to specifically thank you for the "fix-its" even though they aren't technically fix-its. I love how Harry was able to mediate between Tony and Steve, and I especially appreciate Harry bringing Tony back home. (Tony is my absolute favorite, the first Iron Man movie was how my dad introduced me to Marvel and he will always have a special place in my heart and the MCU wrecked me. I bawled my eyes out like a baby in the movie theater and I refuse to watch it again) I've been following your stories for a few years now, you are a phenomenal author. i can't wait to see what you come up with next!
11/23 c128 dolph25
Great story! Thanks
11/21 c128 Talonwalker
Really great story!
11/19 c128 berkeleyjake
I was hoping at some point Harry would put an infinity stone I side a fidelius charm or something... But I guess not.
11/19 c128 Dontreallyknowtbh
Damn, am I glad I read that.
11/16 c128 Guest
this was an amazing story thank you for sharing it with the world
11/18 c128 1Jimbocous
Whew, that was a hike. Thanks for a great read!
11/15 c105 berkeleyjake
This is getting to the point of way too many characters. I can't keep track of them all. And the two new criminals I can't remember them from the Marvel Comics, they sound more like Livewire and a Fem!MadHatter from DC comics.
11/15 c78 Ppsh
Mage: "Buy me five minutes and I'll make sure Ultron can never touch it"
In my imagination - Mage then casts a fidelius charm over the church area. Bam, easy peazy.
Instead... he wastes all his power burying it in lava... wat. Would that even stop Ultron?
11/13 c128 6YaoiHellian
Such a phenomenal story, I'm shocked it took me this long to find it. I loved the inclusion and overall take on the MCU and the Avengers lineup. I love the movie-verse but they miss so much on whom is actually in the Avengers. Also there were quite a few maniacal laugh inducing moments with; JJs near death experience, as well as the overall dialogue some of the characters had with each other. This was a wonderfully thought out story and was very well executed and I cant wait to read more. I thank you for the time, effort, and energy you've put into writing and posting this story. Toodles.
11/11 c114 Matt
The term is "jam packed", not jammed pack. Learn English.
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