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12/7 c58 misteryman526
I really think that Stark would buy the Daily Bugle just to fire JJ Jameson.
12/1 c91 3Grayson Clarke
I'm confused, what chapter did Bucky and Lavender first get together?
11/30 c1 Dasgun
11/26 c37 midnightscar17
I love harry x Hermione pairing. Its so sad you didn't ship it
11/10 c69 Grayson Clarke
Darn, I was kinda hoping for an interaction with devil's snare.
11/9 c128 1Majerus
*big happy satisfied smile*
Thank you So Much! This was amazing, incredible, and most of all Satisfying.
You somehow managed to balance the ridiculous powers, abilities, and intellect of literally dozens of the best, brightest, and most powerful beings - on both sides of the conflict - in a way that not even Marvel accomplished. And yet it was neither cheesy or silly, or just as likely, boring, what with the use of Magic, inclusion of Inhumans, and the honestly superior logic and planning that your Heroes used in comparison to those of the MCU.
So, Kudos! and Thank You! for sharing your time and talent, this is going straight into my Keep! folder.
11/9 c56 3Grayson Clarke
I'm not all the way through the story yet, but I ship Doreen and Ted 100 percent. Also Daphne and Bucky would be a great match.
11/7 c107 1Majerus
*grins* Nicely done!
11/7 c102 Majerus
I'm definitely happy that you haven't allowed your various 'heroes' to be gimped and/or ignorant enough to underestimate their foes.
Careful planning, relying upon their strengths, accepting aid, utilizing teamwork; these are all trademarks of your heroic battles, some or all of which were ignored for 'dramatic effect' in the MCU... repeatedly. They then had to rely upon correspondingly dramatic 'last ditch efforts'. Repeatedly.
The MCU is quite entertaining... but your story is much more enjoyable for the simple fact that the individual heroes are all the more heroic for their absence of 'acting heroic'. Instead they just get the job done.
11/6 c64 Incantations7
While rereading this one, I have this bit of feedback: Glocks lock in the open position when they run out of bullets… Revolvers can, however, continue clicking after emptying the cylinders…
11/5 c83 Majerus
Pretty cool stuff, surfing along, picking up plot-points, doing up the engagement thing all proper, very nice to see everyone together for it.
Well, Luna made it, but Hermione and Ted missed? Huh.
I'm sure he'll pay for that!
11/5 c82 Majerus
Huzzah! Well done with the proposal, so very Harry!
11/5 c78 Majerus
I'll honestly be very happy with you if you manage to save Pietro.
Anyone who writes a 'Heroic!Harry' has a little bit of his 'saving people thing'... maybe even a lot ;)
11/5 c68 Majerus
"Tell you what, Tony, when your Legion can kiss as well as my girlfriend, I'll buy them a gizmo, too," Harry grinned.

"Challenge accepted," Tony replied quickly and promptly laughed at the look of horror on the wizard's face.
Yep, he walked right into that one!
Still here, still really enjoying your storytelling, thanks!
11/4 c67 Majerus
I really enjoyed how you built up to the relationship. Taking it slowly, with some not-so-subtle hints along the way, made it all the more satisfying when he finally "found" the time to make that 'first' move.
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