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11/15 c5 nathalisuarez
Aprovecho que has estado activa con las demás historias , para que por favor actualices esta. Es maravillosa.
10/15 c3 Jessica314
(not sure why FF isn't letting me post a ch3 review as myself, it says I already did?)

It's a pleasant surprise to see Jasper with the Cullens without Alice being the one to bring him there. I do think he can appreciate the peace and warmth of that lifestyle even without Alice there to assure him that it's his destiny, and of course there are practical benefits to going veggie, especially for him now than other vampires. If you ever so outtakes for this story it'd be neat to see the day he met them and learned about the diet.

In any case, it's a shame that he carries this extra grief/guilt in this version, and I BET it grates on him when the other try to dissect it and give him some fresh, clean hope. They can't realize how much the memory of Alice already overwhelms and keeps him going in this precarious way, and how that works itself out in the most punishing way as his few remaining victims enable him to destroy her again and again.

Ooh, the Calgary incident was a nice surprise! Maria knows exactly how to hurt him, if she can't have him. Hopefully he can have some small doubt about her story, knowing her tendency to lie, but he probably already had a feeling she hadn't survived this long.

(and I love your headcanon that vampires can use other people's fingers etc. to replace their own lol)

I like to see Jasper's protective worry for Edward... Watching him fall in love with Bella definitely hits differently in this version, especially because of the danger of it not working out. And when realm danger threatens in the form of Victoria 's army, it's kind of precious to see Jasper realize how much he' s come to care about his odd new family. Somewhere along the way, living Cullen has come to mean more than just atonement.

Yes Alice is on her way, finally! What a great chapter, I loved it!
9/26 c7 1emsBlock
Absolutely amazing! I got so happy when i saw a New charter was up, and I was not dissapointed! This story is with out a doubt my absolutly favorite story! I am looking forward for the next chapter! Thank you for this story
9/21 c7 nathalisuarez
Me alegra de que hubieras actualizado, fue una sorpresa muy agradable. Estaré esperando el próximo capítulo. En cuanto a la trama me encanta lo que has hecho con estos dos personajes ya quiero saber como se van a ir acercado el uno al otro, después de todo hay mucho muro que derrumbar.
9/21 c7 Metasib2.0
Yay! I’m so glad you finally updated again! I loved it and I can’t wait for the big fight
9/21 c7 1NikkiNie
I get so excited every time this updates! It’s so well-written and I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter:)
9/20 c7 deltagirl74
I'm so excited to see an update. I love Alice as a true vampire and her and Jasper as true equals down to the baggage of being former soldiers. But where would Jasper be without his unending guilt? I will say, Bella and Edward will always be my least favorite of the characters. I've always hated that life was supposed to revolve around them and their personalities dictated that.
8/31 c2 24Jessica314
I'm really enjoying the heavy feel of destiny over this whole thing. It's so sad and especially creepy because I *can* this as a realistic canon-divergent AU; if Jasper had wandered far enough north that day in 1920, this could all have unfolded. In such a dark and dangerous beginning, a newborn Alice looks and acts more like she did in the Asylum than anything else.

Yeah! I was wondering whether she had seen those wake-up visions of Jasper and the Cullens in this AU. I like how it's that first vision that keeps her going, that keeps her hoping and bding her time. Love that line about it not being time to fall in love with him yet. She's already well in love with who he will be, or who is buried, but waiting is the game she must play.

I can only imagine what Maria's fury-and her fear! - must have been like on the day after Jasper deserted.

So he's found the Cullens now? What year is it by this point? Augh I want her to run away and find some happiness of her own! I wonder what she's waiting for. I think it's really intriguing how here (as well as on canon, in a way) she almost seems to wait for her visions to tell her what to do and when... Even if, clinically, they're based on decisions, her destiny is far more powerful.
8/31 c1 Jessica314
Hey, this is jessicanjpa on Tumblr! I've been meaning to check this story out for a while, and it looks great so far! I really like your style.

Hmm, I wonder if Alice can already access other futures besides her own and she's just hiding that so Maria won't use it.

Hey this is a good idea, to have Maria tell her newborns that sunlight is bad for them so they'll stay more contained. That way of they do expose themselves to sunlight they won't immediately see it as a lie-maybe they 'll see the sparkling as a "symptom" and be scared back into the shadows.

I feel so sorry for both Alice and Jasper here! What a troubled beginning for both of them, in such a dark place. And yet they still manage to comfort each other in a stilted, unhealthy way. Canon Jasper would be horrified to read this lol!

Ah there's Peter - - - run! Too bad he didn't go back for Alice, that guilt will follow him for years. But it's what she told him to do, and as stunted as their relationship is, he's already learned to trust her.

Good start! I look forward to seeing how they find each other again someday.
6/10 c6 4PixieBandit
This is so good! And you write so well! I love your style.
5/24 c6 nathalisuarez
Oh simplemente fascinante, esto está realmente bien hecho espero que por favor continúes pronto y no nos dejes con la intriga. Estaré esperando con ansias un nuevo capítulo.
5/12 c6 kirA
please please please keep updating! I'm in love with this story
4/14 c1 ScarletQueen23
I screamed when I saw that you've updated this. This story is truly one of the best pieces of fanfiction I've ever read (and I've been reading ff for 10 years so I hope that it's saying something).
4/13 c6 1NikkiNie
This is so good! I’m really excited for the next chapter.
4/12 c6 12Dimples-3
O wow just wow so good I can’t believe it and I can’t wait till next chapter.
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