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10/21/2022 c20 pwrmom2
Loved this
5/17/2022 c10 Guest
I personally think Loki should have taken his daughter with him, she is so unstable i would be affraid for my childs safety as well.
6/23/2021 c20 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Stunning story
6/13/2021 c20 PencilDragon
Thank you! A terrific tale all round :)
5/31/2021 c20 1jackie.xxi
3 no good comment to be made. I just loved reading it a lot
3/3/2021 c10 Daboop Jones
ok wtf just happened? with all the word twisting and esculated emotions. girl needs to know she bein a crazy face. did it not occure to anyone that just like loki calmed his shit cus of their connection that she is losing her shit? he got her chill and she got his crazy! no lie,
I just want them to stop bein annoying and work together. but Loki wants to control and she is a nut case. cant control crazy my dude! also, its gettin hard to read that everything is her fault. can we just blame the bad guys for once and not eachother?
3/3/2021 c10 Daboop Jones
ok obviously the damn hammer aint got nothing oh her. if it broke then it would have broken latter. did it really matter when?
3/3/2021 c9 Daboop Jones
ok for real did he think she did that on purpose? like legit he is more unstable then her. He is placing blame and judgment when she had good intentions. hes a god, if he truly belived she should not have tried he could have stopped her. I'm getting sick of his attitude. she is better off not in a relationship where she is constantly made to feel so smoll
3/3/2021 c9 Daboop Jones
ugh the angst. they don't seem really happy tbh. their relationship revolvs around sex and anger. like I understand depression, but they dont try solving anything! they use sex as a bandaid and then are at eachothers throats again.
12/7/2020 c19 pwrmom2
Loved this series so far
10/20/2020 c19 alannalove1990
I simply adore this. It’s amazing how Eira born out of love and star magic saved the day! She really did live up to the prophecy! Yay!
10/19/2020 c18 alannalove1990
Pansy’s baby is almost here
10/19/2020 c17 alannalove1990
10/19/2020 c16 alannalove1990
Breakups are always sad
10/19/2020 c15 alannalove1990
Oh wow
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