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5/27 c10 4newerher3
god I love Iron bull, like I totally wouldn't complain if this was a Dorian/harry/Iron bull slash crossover, but I know it won't be so X3
Anyway, amazing chapter, wonder what happened to the demon that's supposed to pop out before they close the breach.
5/27 c9 tractadactle
I am in LOVE with this story! It is honestly the best one of this specific crossover I've read to this date! Please keep up the awesome work! Thank You :)
5/26 c9 11Sagilemiel
That was a really fun chapter ! I'm excited for the next chapter !
5/26 c9 3Javelon
You've no idea how excited I was to see this was updated! I love this story so much and honestly Dorian and Harry are so perfect for each other. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
4/15 c8 14hellz swordsman
Lol. Poor Dorian.
3/18 c8 Addictedforevermore
Great job. Loved it. "Death open the gate!" Kinda reminded me of Anna in Frozen.. ;-)
3/18 c8 16misto713
:D lol poor dorian

hm. this means harry didn't see the sorry state felix was in. i wonder if it will make him any harsher towards alexius or not. or... if he would have been more sympathetic towards him even if he saw and heard why alexius did it.

anyway, nice chapter. thank you for writing it.
3/17 c8 Nastufka
Wow, this is just awesome! I really did not expect to see next chapter so soon. Thank you so much! Your Harry is... He is something else. But long life have it and construction, as I see... But main part of DAI in tact so I will wait for next chapter. Again, thank you for you hard work!
3/17 c8 5yokishko
Oh how I’ve missed this game! I never got to finish it since the save kept getting corrupted after settling into Skyhold.

It’s lovely reading this and living vicariously through Harry going through the game.

Thanks for the update and I hope to read more soon XD
3/17 c8 11Sagilemiel
I loved it ! Can't wait for the next chapter !
3/17 c8 Lady Kaiki
Loving it !
3/17 c8 mooneysfate
will harry ever come clean with dorian? and hopefully, harry won't lose his hand and forearm due to that nasty green thingy. :)
3/17 c8 kataraina
I actually like the changes, it adds to the story without the overt risk of derailment, new solutions to the problems they face and so on. Also the notion that you gave about time magic was well thought out and written superbly. The only downside, if it could be called that, is the lack iron bull...
3/17 c8 Mumia0813
O man I can't wait to see the expression on the faces of the current timeline Inquisition. Especially Solas lol
3/13 c7 Lady Kaiki
Loved it !
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