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for Three Degrees

9/11/2018 c1 9kaoruca
Love the tiny moments you picture. I love the fact that it is Molly who he looks for for comfort. She can see him and he knows it. Lovely scene
2/24/2017 c1 29JolieBlack
That's a wonderfully absurd image you've created there, the two of them having ice lollies outside St. Paul's in January. I love Sherlock's restless, frenzied state of mind (poor lamb, though, totally understandable), and how Molly grounds him. Because that's what she always does. And then it turns into a little post-Appledore fix-it, too! Lovely.
1/31/2017 c1 9imaginativefig
Definitely in character for Sherlock. XD poor Molly. Very cute, complete, atmospheric little fic. Brilliant job as always!
1/9/2017 c1 shepweir always
Oh well this was so sad in a way since there seemed to be so much unnecessary pain in their encounter. I thought the idea of them sharing an
icy in 3 degree weather was so perfectly in character for Sherlock. Yet, I couldn't help but feel very sorry for Molly for having to suffer through such a freezing cold experience.
1/7/2017 c1 1SisterOfTheBrotherhood
Love this! Also silently laughing at the fact that to Canadians, this weather is extremely warm.
1/6/2017 c1 4Vega's Ring
You're such a great story teller. I'm hankering for a story of Molly's "redemptive" love. This is doing it for me. Thank you!
1/6/2017 c1 1016magnolias
You are, hands down, the best Sherlolly writer - be it in their friendship, or romance. You have the characters down perfectly in ever short I've ever read, and your ability to choose words so precisely is amazing - I can picture every detail. I LOVED how he searches her face for the answer she wants to hear, and your description of his smile when Molly tells him she'll worry about him anyway is absolutely perfect - we all know that smile. :) You also have this amazing ability to pull tiny bits of canon from the show - like ginger nuts, or ice lollies, and turn them into these beautiful moments between Sherlock and Molly. So, thank you for that!
1/6/2017 c1 Lady Zephyr
There's so much good stuff published that's been inspired by the new episode but this one might be the best. Fantastic fic! I love stories where Molly is allowed to be real human instead of just an obsessive school girl with a crush. Sherlock's characterization seems spot-on too. Good work!
1/5/2017 c1 7TripleN
What a wonderful little blurb. I love that this exists, just reminds me of how cute Sherlock and Molly can be while being Sherlock and Molly. Love the tiny details, love all of it!
1/5/2017 c1 Guest
Loved this.
1/5/2017 c1 59likingthistoomuch
Like someone had told me, this is love without romance! And you do the best of it!
Also, only pigeons can be dumb enough to eat al fresco in freezing weather. Critters.
1/5/2017 c1 45Mouse9
*sigh* This was a wonderful story. I love that he's comfortable enough with her to get her to go eat cold food on a freezing day, because he knows she'll sit with him and not judge.
Thank you for this.
1/5/2017 c1 Guest
I've spent the day reading all of your Sherlock stories and I am so amazed by the high quality and quantity of your writing. You beautifully illustrate and define the simplicities and complexities of the relationship between Sherlock and Molly and have built fascinating worlds for them. Highest praises- thank you for writing and for sharing it!
1/5/2017 c1 TEB
This was a wonderful story!
1/5/2017 c1 18Mistykins06
Perfection. I've been dwelling on them getting an ice Lolly and you've satisfied that desire.
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