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for Not Eliot's Dog

9/19 c3 WolfhoundLove1
Just found this story. Absolutely love it. Thanks for the journey.
8/14/2018 c3 13Nvrmore
Well done! Good story, told well. Even had feels. :)

Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/12/2018 c3 29A Smiling Cat
This is adorable !
The three of them are really cute together. Of course Eliot wouldn't want to get attached but these things have a way of sneaking up on him... Parker and Hardison could tell Ned all about that. And Ed is a perfect final name for this dog.
Thank you for sharing.
8/14/2017 c3 24sapienlover
What a gloriously funny, wistful, heart-aching story. Perfectly in character, I couldn't ask for more. I'm a sucker for dogs and a sucker for Eliot, so this just hit the spot. Lovely. Thank you! (And (N)Ed is delightful, by the way).
8/6/2017 c1 472dreamflower02
You have SO got the characters down! And I love Ned to pieces.
6/16/2017 c3 1novisha.rivera.1
I absolutely enjoyed this story
5/22/2017 c1 Leverage International C.A
N.E.D. and E.D. Totally Parkerlicious
5/14/2017 c3 CJ
This is the best story! I love the idea of N.E.D. and Eliot would certainly get attached to the adorable little pup. Thank you for writing this!
2/11/2017 c3 7marykent
This was a fantastic read! I think you nailed how Eliot would react to a dog hanging around in the situation you describe. Thanks for writing!
2/10/2017 c3 Wanda
I loved your story. Thanks :-)
1/9/2017 c3 Guest
1/8/2017 c3 5ponyperson
this was awesome! loved it!
1/8/2017 c3 9Tacodestroyeravenger
1/7/2017 c1 ann.ryce
This is such a cute story and yes Eliot you have a dog. I laughed about the bath because that's happen to me. I sure hope you continue with this story. I feel Ned may have to help Eliot on this job. Thank you for this story.
1/7/2017 c3 2Crisdin
Honorat, that was wonderful. There was nothing "fluff" about it. You have such an amazing gift for writing and you just bring these characters to life. Thank for a really great read!
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