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9/3 c38 2kurdem187
Loved the chapter, when lord Gremory said Sirzechs is going to “retrieve a guest” I knew right away that he was referring to Natsu. I honestly can’t wait to see the difference in power, not just between Natsu and Issei, but everyone else too. I can’t wait to see their jaws drop when they see an older, and extremely powerful Natsu.
8/18 c38 roberto
muy buena espero que pongas a todas las chicas de fairy tail en el harem de natsu tambien a erza y cuidate del covid amigo si te da quien terminara este fabulosa historia
7/18 c38 Guiltyofmycrimess
Make Ophis in the harem of Natsu I BEG YoU

And don't make erza in the harem ok thanks bye
7/17 c38 Reeses Chocolate
7/12 c38 jexngs
7/12 c37 jexngs
Can’t wait for earthland Erza to arrived
6/20 c38 4thehappy
Nice chapter, man. Keep up the good work
6/11 c38 rufus264
Great chapter
6/11 c38 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/11 c6 anubis1650
Is there going to be Is there going to be a harem or a romance pairing in the story
6/11 c38 1keybladelight
Hope to see natsu he his the comedy relieve sometime.
6/2 c37 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
6/1 c37 rufus264
Awesome chapter man enjoyed it
6/1 c37 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
6/1 c37 1keybladelight
I just hope you don' his version of erza and mira get lemon with natsu but i hope you make the levy x gajeel be romance and hope you make the erza and jellal be romance but also make her and rias be friends natsu earthland universe of course but i forgot that you could make lucy appear she his the girl number one in natsu heart i mean how many time did natsu get excited when she saw lucy naked i hope you could make ophis be in natsu harem hey there are both dragon so i think would be cool to see them be in a one date.
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