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for Twenty Days till Sundown

9/12/2017 c5 Arw165
I'm getting tingly all over from the tension and we're not even close to fit hitting the shan yet. I really wonder what will happen, once we get to the T minus 0 days. I have a feeling this will make my heart break few times, in a good way as far as enjoying the reading goes.
8/9/2017 c4 2yumenohime-sama
First sentence is I can't wait for the update.. :D Please update soon... I'm still wondering what happened with Sasuke and Naruto's relationship though since the story kinda started from the middle (?) am i even making sense here... *roll eyes* anyway, I'm excited for some updates! :D good work!
7/30/2017 c4 1Moonlime
UPDATE!? lol...this was awesome! <3
6/6/2017 c4 cutiepie0812
I got nothing to say at this point but, repeated words like "interesting" lol, also I don't know how you feel as an author but, if you get annoyed with me let me know and if not then I can talk your ear off I have not problem doing both. To be honest I am just more interested in how your going to direct the plot and what direction it's going to go in. So far, it's not what i expected, which is not a bad thing. So far it's the opposite. I like it. Nothing else for right now till the next chapter.
6/6/2017 c1 cutiepie0812
You have caught my interest. I am interested in how you are going to continue the story. Are you going to go chapter by chapter with each passing day or are you going to add a time skip in somewhere? Anyway, story is interesting, I keep saying interesting sorry about that but its literally the first word to come to my mind. Can't wait to read your next chapter and also I'll try to leave a review at the end of each chapter but, sometime I get really caught up in a story and tend to forget. But, besides my problem I really do mean that this story is interesting in a way that has it's own unique plot to. Peace!
3/18/2017 c4 aka-chan
i wonder who is ino's friend... i hope he's a dark-haired man, either sai, utakata or muku(you know,the dead guy in naruto shippuden movie 5) well, if he's neji i wouldn't mind at all. he's my second fav chara after naruto. kinda weird isn't it since my hardcore ship is sasunaru XD
3/18/2017 c4 pinkylove21501
Yay! You updated I'm glad, I was waiting for a continuation!
2/2/2017 c3 Guest
I love this fic so much, keep going please, so so good.
2/2/2017 c3 aka-chan sasuke and naruto is in relationship but no one know about that(for public image ˋ︿ˊ) except for gaara. and there is rumor about sasuke is engaged but to who? i don't feel like it's just a rumor at all.. hmm...

is the first chapter is an advance chapter? i still don't get why in that chapter sasuke said "are you going to cry now?" to naruto when he mention sakura. omg! does that mean sasuke is actually going to engage with sakura?! and now i remember sakura said that sasuke smile at her when he saw her at lounge! damn you sasuke-bastard! i hate uuuuuuuuu!
1/22/2017 c1 Guest
Naruto is a drama queen. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary about Sasuke's behavior. There was nothing cruel about what he did in this chapter. Seems to me like Naruto is placing all the blame on Sasuke, when he's not doing anything to improve their relationship either.

If Naruto wants Sasuke to stay in bed after they have sex, why doesn't he just ask? Maybe Sasuke thinks he wants him to leave. If Naruto wants to talk about personal issues with Sasuke, why doesn't he do it? He's partially to blame for their relationship not being as deep as he wants it to be. Sasuke isn't a mind reader. Naruto has to TELL HIM what he wants!
1/22/2017 c2 aka-chan
i'm still intrigue of the first chap. why naru seems so, i don't know, perhaps 'shock', when sasuke mention sakura name?
1/23/2017 c2 pinkylove21501
This seem to be a very deep fanfic and I can't wait to read even more in the future!
1/22/2017 c1 7whointheworldwouldbelievethat
I want more...this seems much more deep than it let's on. Like wow
1/8/2017 c1 2Sena Yashiro
I don't understand. Why does this has anything to do with Sakura? Is Naruto Sasuke's "mistress"? Or Naruto love Sakura? This is going to be hurtful on Naruto's part , isn't it? I'm sorry 4 too much asking. But This story really curioused me

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