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10/20/2018 c2 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
8/27/2017 c2 Princess1233
Please update
7/19/2017 c2 kpop38
I'd love to read more of this story! We haven't even met Luke yet! Plus, I'm intrigued by Rory's blindness and how she develops her independence.
1/10/2017 c2 terinmkane
Love it
1/9/2017 c1 Crimson Sanguine
keep going!
1/8/2017 c1 Paola1991
Wow! Great story! I found it particularly interesting because I'm blind myself and always thought it would make an interesting plot! I'd write it myself but this site isn't very blind friendly so I only review other people's stories. Do you know anyone blind? Typical Emily Gilmore move wanting to send her away! Her daughter gets pregnant then has a child that isn't "perfect." I found your take on the color thing interesting. As much as I don't like the Gilmores in this story, colors are a part of a child's development including blind ones. I learned about colors and would often hold up crayons and ask what color they were. It's not bad. Also, I know you see blind people touching people's faces in movies and a lot of blind little kids do but they usually don't when they get older. Someone asked me if I wanted to touch their face once and I was slightly weirded out. Anyway, I really hope you continue this story! I really wanna see where you take it!
1/8/2017 c1 kpop38
I was telling my mother last night that I'd hurt her if she tried to do half of the stuff Emily pulls in most of the stories I read on this site. My first thought is around if Emily wants to send Rory away because she's blind and may need specialized help or if it's because she isn't perfect and could damage her social standing. You're right though, I haven't read a story like this before but I'd love to have you continue it to see where it goes!
1/8/2017 c1 Guest
A couple of things are off- Rory was 1 when she and Lorelai took off. She only knew Luke for 10 years- right around the time Rory was 10-1- and His diner didn't open until then after his father died. Also, Luke himself would have been only a couple years older than Lorelai so making the diner exist at this point wouldn't fit well. The blind plot is cool but I'd say staying in a phone booth is a stretch since she most likely would have saved some money for this move. Maybe have her staying in the hotel as a guest and asking how many nights she could afford and going out daily looking for a job then having Mia offer her one on her last night.
1/8/2017 c1 Richasa
This is absolutely precious! You have a wonderful writing style too!

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