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11/23/2014 c8 9SlytPuff
Why didnt you finish the story?
2/19/2013 c1 TaylorToons
its maybe not mabey
11/21/2006 c1 xaznloverx
hell...yu-gi-oh?...demented...tho ya need to work on your punctuation...T.T...^-^...cya
2/5/2005 c8 2Kaiba's Dragon
HA! Tea's dead! This pleases me. :) And I told you I would be back. Loving it. Please update soon.
2/5/2005 c4 Kaiba's Dragon
I plan to review in a later chap. but i wanted to remember something. The reason Seto and everyone looked weired is because it was a different company that worked on it at the time. However they ony worked on the one season(thank goodness!). I think Seto and everyone look better in the other seasons. :)
8/20/2004 c4 none ya
how dare you hurt my malik-chan!

oh and pharaoh is spelled "p h a r a o h"
6/21/2004 c8 12Neko-Mei
Me:Why didn't I read this before? 0.0

Tyson:Because you never read Yu Gi Oh fics?

Me:Why? ^-^

Tyson: Because you only read beyblade and cardcaptor fics?

Me: Why? ^-^

Tyson: -_-U

Me: This was great, but I didn't get some of the characters names, I think that's cuz I watch the dubbed version and they have different names or something...

But I totally agree with Yami Bakura - Death Doom and Destruction! ^-^
11/18/2003 c8 killer
3 months since update
10/1/2003 c8 Maha Lover
I read in one review that you said that 'Maha' was 'Mahad'. I know ALL about Maha, I know for sure it's NOT Mahad.

But other than that, this is a good story!
8/31/2003 c8 7Dragon-Orb
weird...but entetaining...continue? ^_^
8/30/2003 c8 32Yami Maleci
Rock On EvilS! Party time! speaking of party I better get writing on my next chapter of the why me cast party... come check it out!

ja ne!

Hikari no Yami Kai
5/4/2003 c7 Yami Maleci
please...please update soon or I might not really but still^_^ so yami b about that party

Lil kai:*rolls eyes* shut up yami we have to go anyways

Yami Kai:*pouts* fine Ja ne!

~lil kai and her insane posse
5/4/2003 c6 Yami Maleci
YAY! TEA'S DEAD! hey yami b are me and my yami invited to that party?
5/4/2003 c5 Yami Maleci
DIE PHARAOH...DIE *throws fish sticks at pharaoh* oh well oh to ch 6
5/4/2003 c4 Yami Maleci
this is how its spelled P-h-a-r-a-o-h its one of the few words i can spell^_^

~Lil Kai
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