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for The Deepest Scars of All

4/15/2021 c2 reisova
Very good story
6/14/2020 c2 Clare
A sweet and sexy fic! Love it :D
3/19/2018 c2 58gothicbutterfly95
I don't know whether I've read this chapter and just simply forgot to review it or not, but this was awesome.
At the beginning it almost seems like it takes place immediately after the first chapter, but nope. They're married at that makes it all the more appropriate and all the more awesome.
I love how she finds the scar on his hip and Georg says she must have thought it was some war souvenir, when it was really just his appendix. I love that the conversation also included talk of all the innappropriate thoughts they'd had prior to the engagement, and the fact he knew she had them too because he overheard the stories about Captain Longscar.
To whose story they added another chapter to close out this story.
8/29/2017 c2 33augiesannie
I didn't deserve a second chapter given how long it took me to review it, but I LOVED this. So sweet and sexy. I always love your writing.
2/5/2017 c2 FM
Awwww...It isn't stupid! It's quite sweet, actually! Loved it so much!

2/4/2017 c2 7anastasia7
Loved it
2/4/2017 c2 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
Haha! Loved it :D
"Nothing about what we did last night was holy, Maria" Lol! That was too good :D
2/3/2017 c2 eve1993
I'm still babysitting now, but as the baby is sound asleep, I was able to read the next chapter. Oh this was a much-needed chapter. ;) I love the way they tease and entice eachother. It's great that you skipped to the part where they're already newlyweds. The ending was hilarious, I think it's fair to say they skipped breakfast. Lol
1/15/2017 c1 5WeakHeart
I love it. The idea of Maria making a character from the Captain was absolutely amazing, and I love the way the Captain caught her. The end is really really sweet. Can't wait for the next update !
1/14/2017 c1 11BlossomOfEdelweiss
I absolutely loved this. The pirate story and the Captain ease dropping. Love how you developed their relationship and kept them in character and the ending was beautiful!
1/13/2017 c1 28Mie779
loved this very much... very sweet and romantic... love how Maria dream up Captain longscar... (I got a thing for a playful pirate captain aka captain von trapp... youll see that in one of my stories ;) )
1/11/2017 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
The conclusion was very much the same as what happens after the rowboat argument, but the way you got there was so not that, and that made all the difference.
Love Maria being so intrigued by the scar that it turns into a fixation of sorts, and lots of awesome stories about Captain Longscar.
Love Max telling Maria about Georg's past to help her understand why he is the way he is, and how there was still a glimpse of singing to start the healing process between Georg and the children, but that it was so subtle. The way Georg slowly worked out what he'd done wrong was great.
And of course, him catching her about the pirate story. Love how its backstory had to do with Agathe, which led into his confession of not loving her enough, and Maria's perfect, heartfelt response of 'don't make the same mistake with your children'
1/10/2017 c1 8IDontKnowYourSignal
This was so beautifully written for so many reasons.
I loved the slow burning attraction and the little moments they shared from the beginning. Maria basing her stories on the Captain and then dreaming about him was brilliant. But the best part was that he'd been eavesdropping! Loved it!
Great removal of Elsa. Performed with the precision of a gifted surgeon - swift, painless, no mess! (Yes, not a member of her fan club...).
Beautiful ending - the Captain carrying guilt for not being a good husband and Maria consoling him.
And of course, what girl wouldn't want to run her fingertips along that scar?!
Great writing as always.
Thank you!
1/10/2017 c1 33augiesannie
What a delicious, sweet and original story! Yay you! Of COURSE, you had me - like many other reviewers - at the scar. What a great idea to write a story about it, and that was just the beginning! Loved Brigitta being Brigitta. Then there was the very small use of "I really am very much impressed" in a different context, but still serving as a little sign of the Captain's heart beginning to open.

Most important of all, the use of the story as a way for Maria to explore her feelings was genius - I mean, you used dreams, too, we all do, and that's great, but this was such a clever idea! And then when we find out he's been listening in? HUGE swooooooon. (That remark about not being rude was so, so Maria). The whole retelling of the scar incident was a very different way for Georg to open up to Maria and ... oh, sigh.

You nailed it. Rock star. I was sick in bed the day I read this and it made me feel MUCH better.
1/9/2017 c1 35lemacd
a;sldkfja;skdfjas;kfdj yaassssss.

so first of all... i love that she is fascinated by his scar to the point of distraction. love. it. so. much.

i like the fresh spin you have on the evolution of their relationship (and that there isn't a pesky baroness schrader - though i do love her - in the way). this is them without the fear of feelings and life is nice without all that angst sometimes.

my fave part is probably when she backs out of the room and he tells her that the story of his scar isn't as interesting and she is super embarrassed. and my fave line: "... if you want to tell me it would be rude not to show an interest." LOL i can imagine an embarrassed maria trying so hard to act nonchalant, failing miserably, and the captain smirking his face off.

great story, really great.
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