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11/28/2017 c4 6Alpenwolf
Interesting idea so far. Hell taking over the galaxy ... and once they meet the Hanar all or at least a few more fetishes will be met. xD
7/1/2017 c4 10WarFlower
Can you give a more detailed description of the exhumans? It'd be cool if some could be scaled with horns, like Slannesh. If there's a shepard showed her having horns would be so awesome. Please update soon :)
4/2/2017 c4 2eldarhunter
it's the second of April where i am, nearly the third so your a lot late

i'm also removing this from my favorite list now, i was very meh about the story before but you wasting my time with this crap just makes me not want to bother with you anymore, so good bye!
2/23/2017 c1 2Emberframe
bloody american survives
2/21/2017 c3 1eye of sparta
Love the story so far
2/6/2017 c2 1Vorony Bane
..., Heresy has been committed in this story, exterminatus has been declared. lol
1/18/2017 c2 Geasszero
I hope to see what happens to the Batarians.
1/18/2017 c1 Geasszero
Interesting start. I hope to see more .
1/14/2017 c2 1Sechs
So humanity nearly goes poof, but the sacrifice of one woman returned them to the land of the living as a new species of Demon ?
1/10/2017 c1 1eye of sparta
Amazing opening, when will you post the next chapter.
1/8/2017 c1 1ademolix
Interesting start.
First story I have seen depicting Ezeo as a narcotic.
I enjoyed how you linked magic and gods into the story. And interesting take on a fantasy/scifi fic.

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