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for A Time For Changes

1/14/2017 c2 1Dragondancer81
Looking forward to more of this! :)

1/12/2017 c1 8Neely-the-Paramedic
What!? Is it the scene where Newt is trying to catch the Niffler? COOL! I like this story so far and I want to know what happens! :D
1/10/2017 c1 Guest
This is great
1/9/2017 c1 8IfICannotMoveHeaven
I love this already! It's a really interesting start so far, and it makes me want to read more! The main character is intriguing, and I can't wait to find out more about her, and see where the story takes her. (Also I'm kind of obsessed with the Billywig, so I'm thrilled that it's in this chapter:) )
1/9/2017 c1 4smurfette81013
I like the story so far. My only note is that there are a few commas in places that don't need them. Other than that I see no problems that would change the story. One question though: why is the character a teenager? She's obviously a muggle, so if she gets obliviated she will be sent back to her parents, something she clearly wouldn't want.
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