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6/28/2020 c8 2merendinoemiliano
All right?
12/5/2019 c8 8JadeOccelot
I'm glad you're coming to this. That sucks about your last computer though. I'm so looking forward to the reedits and continuation of this story. I'm curious to see if there'll be any changes to the story with the new information we now have since this was last updated.
11/13/2018 c5 GoldenDragonFox
I declare ORQ is Orca
9/11/2018 c7 Guest
Lol and apparently ruby pays it XD why are ya so shocked?
HAHAHHAHAHA Now I want to hear the skirt story.
LMAO I can see yang none stop rubbing it in
I love Nora and her let's break his legs attitude
And now Ruby is me lol Food for life!
I'm taking a screen shot of ozpin cursing *Screenshots it* Oz has spent too much time with Qrow...
9/11/2018 c6 Guest
1. I love Nora 2. Rose Garden?
LOL I can see Ruby yelling at six am
Poor Oscar...
Welcome to the family kid (Translation: I'm watching you.)
Lol Qrow will be bitter about that till the day he dies
I can see Qrow when they arrive at atlas kicking down winters or/and ironwoods door and scream their name and their just like Kill me now...
You know what the symbol is for Platonic love? A white rose... Holy Salem science just forced Weiss and Ruby into the friend zone...
9/11/2018 c5 Guest
EVEN QROW SHIPS FLOWER POWER! Also she most likely eats so much due to her semblance. The ability to PRODUCE and channel electricity. Producing electricity probably requires her to eat a lot of food (and explains why she's so skinny when she eats so much)
THEIR BETTING ON IF FLOWN NKRTHS CANNON OR NOT? ... I can see them doing that.
1. Nora always has a chaotic look in her eyes because she's always up to something and 2. Oscar is terrible at lying.
9/11/2018 c4 Guest
Bird Qrow... So cute... ACK! *Dies from heart attack*
Crazy eye powers? Lol.
... No he's not a fanaus... Raven... well that's in the open I mean it looks like she has a bird tail so God dam much and it can't be her hair because if it was she would have to chop her hair off.
Again. Yang. Is. Me.
1. Haha "Like a thug" XD 2. I can see it being mostly Qrows money in the swear jar 3. Oh my ozpin Ruby... No cursing!
9/10/2018 c3 Guest
Holy hell... Yang is MEEEEEEEE. (And the civilian are my family) lol Ruby is attached to her hood like a baby's attached to their favourite item. (And I am okay with that)
JUANE KNOWS (and I'm okay with that [I'm okay with a lot of things])
I AGREE BIRDIE QROW IS ADORABLE AND SECOND BEST QROW BEST QROW IS DRUNK QROW (ALSO *Screams at how cute bird qrow would look and manages to fall off couch* Oww...)
9/10/2018 c2 GoldenDragonFox
THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! GREAT WRITING! (Translation: Don't beat your self up its leagues better then mine [A example of mine: Bob waves. Bob goes home and reads. Now it's bed time. Bob sleeps. Bob likes food.])
9/10/2018 c1 GoldenDragonFox
6/7/2018 c7 4MageTGM
Why you writers always end it so quickly?
5/1/2018 c7 1Queen Sound
Oh my word, I love this story. I cannot wait until you update!
4/22/2018 c7 Satisfied Reader
I just caught up to RWBY and I'm excited to see all the fanfiction. I love the theory (even though confirmed it's untrue) about Ruby and Qrow so this is a beautifully written piece. Please, more! GOOD LUCK!

-Happy Writing
4/20/2018 c7 2merendinoemiliano
Glad you came back, epic chapters. Fights need a little improving, but to be the firsts of these story, they're great. I prefferred Summer being partner with Qrow or Raven, but it isn't so important, while i'm glad you're settling Rosegarden, maybe Jaune and Yang could hang out as well(by the way, i advice you totally 'Fighting Mean', is awesome). Keep up the good work and see you soon, i can't wait to see Dog Days and i hope also in the crossover Qrow will be Ruby's dad. And a little pleasure...an Adam a little smarter this time, make him take along a lot of more grunts and maybe some Grimm.
3/23/2018 c6 Knock Knock
The "I'm adopting this" bit was hilarious and I'm in love.
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