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6/21 c1 huhh
This end was fuickong stupid. They can time travel but never have until not because of plot secice. Harry gets rid of the soul because of plot device. He doesn't seem to mind or et upset at being mind raped and hios entire life viewed cause plot reasons.

Look... One plot hand wave works and can be ignored but when there is a constant stream in the first chapter? It is weak writing, more so it is bad because the entire story builds off of this.
6/16 c1 Guest
A story that starts out great and then turns to convoluted shit as the author goes off the rails with unnecessary and extreme nonsense.
6/10 c8 Igniferroque
You keep mentioning quidditch training in this chapter. However, you cancelled the quidditch season in another chapter saying Dementors can’t be warded against. While a pickup game is one thing, regular practice when Harry has so many things on his plate doesn’t make sense.
6/5 c27 Leggo16
I want an Assassin's Creed HP crossover from you!
6/5 c14 Mikeblade
i have to stop replying before i finish a chapter but i always wondered if they get refunds if that happened or the school shuts down or something
6/5 c13 Mikeblade
you think they would have found a new prof to take the place of the one leaving before school started does everyone get a refund for the money spent for a core class they can't take because there is no teacher
5/30 c26 TuxedoMac
I must say that I really enjoyed not just the main story but then the few chapters after that had the little stories of adventure. Normally I would say I would not have liked a thick that jumped back in time like this to this time, but you made a wonderful story that made me so happy. I will now go back to reading your other story that I am actually in the middle of also.

5/28 c15 3HarryPfanfic
ok..feels like you granted my wish lol..these few chapters were great!
5/27 c12 HarryPfanfic
Your story has been great so far..in fact one of the best time travel fiction I've read..but I can't help but feel disconnected from the story. There is no emotional connection and the author seems to just run away from romantic or emotional scenes.

The story is great and I definitely recommend this, but if you want something romantic or emotional, then there's not even a drop of that in this story.
5/20 c20 Jack T. Writer
That was a good story.
Thank you.
5/16 c11 tfuinsah
It's really weird how Harry is treating James and Sirius like the ones he knew in his past life. That isn't any more true than Bellatrix being insane or Peter being a traitor. It hasn't happened, and never will happen, so to treat a couple of kids his age as parental figures is just weird. Plus, it makes everything more complicated. James doesn't have a son, he isn't a father just as Lily isn't a mother. Family, yes, parent, no.
5/11 c3 AurelionNoir
Eh. Came here after reading Whispers of a Raven and... yeah, this Harry isn't just it. Too 'arrogant' for my taste - whilst he is no Malfoy as he has the power to back it up, still just isn't for me. And those "jokes" or sarcastic comments he makes are just... meh. Idk, it just oozes this "Angsty, rebellious teenager" kinda vibe lol.
5/8 c27 Guest
This is super awesome :-D:-D
5/7 c2 UnknownReader2001
I liked your verion of Harry in Honor Thy Blood more
5/7 c2 UnknownReader2001
I hope Harry will let Voldemort perform legilimency on him and make him and everyone he loves suffer, he seems to like it when people perform legilimency on him, maybe its a kink?
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