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8h c25 Regtech
Thx for the story
1/25 c25 HoneyBear84
loved it
1/24 c5 Lilamanila
when you are from poland and reading chapter 4:
Tak, Brawo Jarek! Polak potrafi! Nasz naród jest z ciebie dumny!
1/22 c3 10stevem1
I like the Potters and Black bonding over quidditch, and a maternal Dorea Potter, née Black.

The interactions in school are fun.
1/21 c8 HoneyBear84
I thought Quidditch training and matches was cancelled?
1/20 c13 DeadAccount1113
wth. Bill is not that old is he?
1/20 c10 Noraim
You're pushing a lot of bad buttons to make us believe in the angst of the relationship. There is the forced pairing, the disobliging acting from the first conversations, the selfish introverts, ect...

But most of all, it's the illogical facts your characters pointed themselves : It's only been two weeks and Bella want to know EVERYTHING about your MC, said MC not even trying to point out that his secrets are dangerous for her and for him to be revealed (James knowing is already pushing it on some points) until AFTER he chose to reveal them, hell, even the part where he reveals the Potter magic when James didn't seem aware of it his whole life is pushing it, Bella feeling like she 'deserved' to know while also knowing it was selfish, and she certainly won't apologise for it because not once in this story can she appear to be clearly wrong, ugh. The ultimatum is out of nowhere and feels like a violent change of tone for a 'save the wizard people' story that it just smear everything linked to it.

In short I didn't like this part of the story, the angst was cringing me, the illogical and sudden overreaction was killing me, and the story is only weaker for it.
1/17 c8 Guest
I hope you're not setting up harry romantically with bellatrix as they are pretty closely related: her grandfather is his great uncle. I think they're first cousins once removed. Pretty dodgy to marry someone that closely related.
1/17 c3 Guest
Did the unspeakable do a personality transplant when they did the training? This harry is nothing like the one in chapter 1. Or is he acting a part?
1/17 c2 Guest
After all the careful training the unspeakable gave harry i find it odd that they didn't have a detailed plan worked out as to HOW harry is to stop the decimation of the purebloods. Just, 'speak to Dumbles and go to hogwarts for 2 years' seems a bit thin. And i don't understand why they didn't give him documents and proof for their earlier counterparts so he could have the help of the unspeakable in this era. A permit to apparate would have been useful as well as his transcript.
1/13 c15 3slytherxngxrl
I would really love to know how you plan your fanfics and how you manage to write so long chapters and still have many chapters. Because whenever I write, I sometimes can't even manage 1,000 words, and I'd really love to give my readers more of what they want, which is long chapters
1/12 c1 slytherxngxrl
I was calmly reading the first chapter, slowly forgetting about the fact that this was a time travel fanfic and when Croaker told Harry he was going back in time I facepalmed and reprimanded myself for being so forgetful
1/10 c4 bonkxd
so harry trained for a while and is op af while Voldemort studied and trained for decades but it doesn't matter cuz harry trained with some old fucks for a while xd
sorry m8 but this kind of shit is shitty writing harry was mediocre wizard at best! all he did that was kinda impressive was patronus at 13 and the rest was expelliarmus
1/9 c2 rosellenna
Can I point out the ridiculousness of a law prohibiting having two wands in the HP universe? Because it's a known fact that pureblood wizards keep the wands belonging to dead relatives, and it doesn't seem like they are hiding that fact. You might want to edit or remove that comment. Like, maybe wizards can only purchase one wand ever unless a replacement is needed, or they just aren't allowed to keep more than one wand on their person, but they are allowed to own multiple wands.
1/9 c6 stylo1
reading this again i cant help but notice hlw very little sense any of it makes.

harry becoming that strong so fast
the so called not horcrux, cause loosing half your soul is so easy
the family making parts: bellatrix being affected by a contract that needs to be signed by lord black and has not yet been done so. hell the contract in the first place makes no sense, as if you can force someone to do something just because you are older in the family and magic will enforce it. something like that does not happen without willingly given blood
the premise of saving the world from extinction is also bull, you could have sold it by saying only the british population.

there is likely much more but these just stood out. like i recently commented on you other story entertainment value is high but plot wise... not so much and is best overlooked
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