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9/21 c13 Aetherium21
Didn’t think harry had enough gas in the tank left for some pure magic biblical outburst but this story is amazing
9/19 c2 IAmSoTired
The second O is meant to be O, right?

"...and had vastly improved his grades, attaining an O in all but charms (and) transfiguration where he attained an O, much to the delight of Croaker."
9/18 c2 santos.luis.contato
Dude, what about the Horcruxes?
9/15 c13 Anon
Great story, but it does feel like this should have been the end. Would have been a good place to end Tom and have Harry fulfill his mission.
9/17 c20 johnny99
Very enjoyable story, thank you. You did an excellent job showing how Harry had a profound effect on so many characters as well as the broader world itself. Particularly enjoyed how you redeemed Pettigrew, Bella, and Snape.

Would have been interesting to know if the pure blood agenda had withered away absent many of the death eater families. Clearly, the Blacks had to adjust. I suspect that Harry, along with the Unspeakables, could have offered ample evidence of why the obsession with blood purity would lead to the collapse of the magical society.

Regardless, thanks again!
8/26 c2 toshirokira
For all the lengthy chapters and build up of all the events to come, this story feels like the author simply had certain things they wanted to happen, and didn't bother making any effort to connect the ideas. The whole meeting in the headmasters office felt totally inorganic in how the conversations happened. This was also how i felt when reading the previous chapter. The way the story is driving forwards is as if the author simply wants to go from pint A to point B in a straight line, and doesn't care if there are any obstacles in between and simply drives through them.
8/18 c4 Guest
fucking bullshit dumdassdoor give harry detention snape should have been expelled for atempt really this is a fanfic punish the bad guys for ounce in your writing harry one month for saving his dad snape 2 months for atempt of murder your a dumdass
8/15 c20 Ultach
8/14 c27 3WhiteElfElder
Oh, but the memories he can share in a pensive would be priceless to those he lets view them; Albus most of all would love it.
8/14 c26 WhiteElfElder
too bad Harry did not take pictures, to record for Marion and for his self and family.
8/14 c24 WhiteElfElder
Too bad Harry did not get pictures of the dragons, no pictures of the painting in the hall.
8/14 c18 WhiteElfElder
Tom shouldn't have done that...because now he has broken the leash Harry was holding himself to. I wonder how many of his followers are about to be terminated with prejudice?
8/13 c17 WhiteElfElder
What needs to happen now is for the Grey Cloaks to find a way to create a detection net for the Dark Mark and also anti-Dark Mark wards.
8/12 c12 WhiteElfElder
Harry should lodge a complaint against the judge for his obvious bias. I guess that the curse used by the Croatian on Harry is not illegal yet?
8/10 c8 WhiteElfElder
If Harry does not get back in from the trials before the ball he may as well go and get gelded because that will be what Bella will do to him.
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