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18h c11 Devilking1994
Not a fan of the overreaction to Harry keeping secrets and asking others to keep them as well he has every right to keep shit to himself just because you are friends/brothers doesn't mean you have a right to know everything this has happened twice in the story and it makes those two characters look really childish
5/13 c14 nelus1414
god dammit man you almost had me crying...maybe just a bit))
5/12 c10 Rossitis
I know that they will most probably get together again but their break up was so abrupt. Idk but it feels weird.
5/11 c26 RedneckJedi
Awesome. Hope to see the rest of this side story and the return of the sword.
5/7 c1 1Fairy King Oberon
You don't have to take your glasses off to know whether or not they have lenses. I know from experience.
5/4 c8 ilayhyams
Harry didn't even research the knife and ring? Also what was in the book, what kind of spells?
5/4 c5 ilayhyams
Harry does have fun he plans pranks with the guys
5/2 c13 erozoth
Gave it a go, pointless to read really. What's the point of a fanfic of making your previously weak MC as close to OP as possible only to make his main enemy just as much stronger? It seems like an overall waste of time to read.
Sure, the journey is different but its close enough in many ways and there are more than enough original stories out there to get a genuine new story.
Unfortunately the premise of this novel was flawed to begin with, saving the magical population:
1. Many already died, so at least some bloodlines ended.
2. Most that died are the good ones, the evil ones stayed as is.
3. Is the MC going to kill the evil ones (bloodpurists)? Voldy is one more dark lord, he is not the source of the issue, the racists and bigots are.
Does he kill all the families that have been constantly bigots? Unlikely.
It will just happen again when he stops watching.
4. And the most obvious and overlooked reason saving the magical population is pointless: Muggleborns cant produce bloodlines.
Only pre-existing bloodlines can continuously maintain magic in the family.
Eventually, over years, decades and longer families will slowly die out: disease, war, just not reproduce, etc. A matter of time.
5/2 c11 Kariel13
Decent concept. Can’t get over Harry dating his second cousin. Not into incest.
4/29 c24 MadMax93
this is one of the most inspired concepts ive read in quite some time. if you decide to create a full story for another crossover similar to this, you can be sure to have my support
4/27 c9 Luxo11
The whole unconditionally selfless and no defending his honor thing is stupid. Selfless yes but Harry has always tried to defend himself and who he is so that’s just stupid. He would do everything he can to make sure people know the real him. The fact you made him upset about the newspaper saying good things about him is ridiculous.
4/27 c21 2GeorgeTobor
Very nice adventure.

4/24 c6 johnwhen
Oh ahit I stand corrected
4/24 c5 johnwhen
I know it’s Christmas so she’s not physically in hogswart rn, but shouldn’t he seen her or andi at least once already
4/24 c5 johnwhen
Wait isn’t narcissus only like a year younger? So she’s a fifth year in hogwarts rn
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