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1/6/2018 c5 Sammael Sin
Update, please.
8/23/2017 c1 Guest
This dude is amazing.
4/22/2017 c5 SaffronSama
I love the differing points of view from each member of the family, and the jab at the people who think Cold was the strongest certainly didn't hurt the story either :]
2/8/2017 c5 Sammael Sin
Then, story about legendary super Saiyan. And Freeza think about...

Thankfully for updates
2/8/2017 c5 35JenEvan
Very interesting background story for our favorite space geckos :) the brief history lesson at the last chapter wrapped it up well. And at the same time, love your version of Coola, who's trying to be the voice of reason that everyone ignored until it was too late.
2/2/2017 c4 Sammael Sin
Update please..
1/16/2017 c4 Sammael Sin
Oh... Frreeza. You're never lonely, until the moment you forced your papa to choose between you and your "dying brother". He was weak, but he is your brother. Don't kill him!
1/13/2017 c3 Sammael Sin
Again, I would say that I love your interpretation. And expect, Coola be a good person than he was in movies and the game's [non Cannon]. Because, Akira Toriyama has stated that King Cold and Frieza are the only two of their race to have abnormal power and pure evil. So, Coola should be different from his father and little brother.
1/12/2017 c3 Sammael Sin
Oh... Poor Coola. He is very weak for his little brother. T_T
1/12/2017 c3 1Ultimate Savior
Really good continue

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