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8/8/2020 c50 14Dimac99
This is simply wonderful, everything is so well written and I love the different relationships and watching the characters evolve over time. You found ways to add drama and angst without making it feel like any of the characters had gone stupid.

I love how much is changed by Luke being a father all along. I have often wondered how different he might have been if he had been fleshed out before they began instead of being characterised on the fly when they decided to make him a permanent character after the pilot. Seeing him have an established relationship with April was lovely.

I often find Rory quite annoying, at best she is uninteresting to me, but you got me really invested in her. I loved how you handled her mental health and frankly how she handled that waste of space, Christopher. I liked Spencer and I think you're right, she needs looking after a little. But of course, the other really significant Gilmore Girl is Emily and I really loved her evolution as a character and also in her relationship with Lorelai.

There were so many things I loved but at 5 am I can't remember them. This always happens to me when I love a fic so much I can't put it down!
9/17/2019 c50 5lilyann17
Aww! This is how Gilmore-Girls should have turned out. Soo good thank you for sharing it with us
2/3/2019 c40 Guest
"bambinos"? seriously that's the best that you could come up with?
2/3/2019 c29 Guest
oh man is kitty rough..i mean i know it's just a nickname and this is just a story but still .
1/21/2019 c50 julschristine975
This was amazing. Thanks so much.
3/23/2018 c50 17frazzledsoul
So I just finished this over the past week and a half and I love how it changes/fixes so many things from the original series.
Getting rid of the Christopher obstacle - I love how he's completely removed from the situation and that Luke and Lorelai go on to have the loving, stable relationship (with marriage and babies!) that the original writers kept eschewing for their beloved love triangle (yeccch).
Luke being a father to April this entire time - I really loved this, because most AU stories get rid of her completely, but she was important to Luke in the OS and I think she made him a better person once you got past all the season 6 stupidity. He did deserve to have all of those early moments with her and see her grow up.
Luke and Lorelai getting married and having babies - It was so nice to see this dream of their easily fulfilled.
Rory giving up on journalism and going into academics - I always thought she would be better at this and it's good to see her figure this out early without having to resort to the loose ends she was at in the revival.
Getting rid of Logan and giving Rory a nerdy love interest - Although I kind of liked Logan in the last episode of the original series (the S7 writers did much better with him than the original writers, of whom I don't have very positive things to say) I still think that when Rory got sucked into his upper class world that I liked her a lot less. The show as envisioned by the original writers seemed to be steering both Rory and Lorelai towards the charming, monied love interests and getting them farther and farther away from what the show was all about. It's much better that we cut that off by Rory not getting involved with it in the first place.
Having April be integrated with the family, especially the elder Gilmores - loved this!
Lane not getting pregnant and being able to talk with Lorelai about these things - I'm of a mixed mind about Lane being a mom: I loved the relationship she and Zach develop with Luke in the last season but I don't like her musical career being sacrificed (especially since I suspect it was destroyed just so the aforementioned monied love interest could show up on his white horse and save Lorelai on Lane's wedding. Yeah, I'm still bitter about some things. Never mind me). So I'm glad that it was worked out here.
So sorry to ramble on so long, but I really loved this and I will be anxiously reading the sequels.
3/21/2018 c28 Guest
7/1/2017 c50 gildedlily89
I absolutely love this story. Its so well written and the characters are spot on. It will most definitely be one that I return to and re-read when I need a pick-me-up.

I may hold onto the hope of a sequel or epilogue. Pretty please?

6/9/2017 c50 Jalexis 87
Will there be a part 2 is lorelai pregger?
5/21/2017 c50 1FreelyVivacious
I absolutely loved it.
5/1/2017 c50 Droolia
Here I am enjoying this last chapter of one of my favorite stories and you throw in the sweetheart comment? I don't know quite how I can explain the emotion I'm feeling, but it's a happy one. Wonderful chapter. You wrapped things up nicely, but left enough wriggle room to start another story if you wanted to continue on.

I loved how Zack thanked Emily for the scholarship...even with chips in his hair. It's so cool how supportive he was of Lane.

Another baby? Emily requested a boy? Please keep Richard alive if that happens. I'd love to see him bond with a grandson.
5/1/2017 c49 Droolia
Ha! The idea of Rory not eating one of sookie's cakes is absurd.

I'm glad Emily got to clarify that she was proud of Lorelai too. There's nothing to be embarrassed about there.
5/1/2017 c48 Droolia
From beginning to end, I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. I think the stand outs would be Rory yelling at Chris and Lorelai giving Emily advice.
4/29/2017 c50 FanFiction Guest
This was a lovely ending. Truly lovely. But I won't cry if you decide to give us an epilogue at some point! :)
4/29/2017 c50 Sarah
I really enjoyed all these snippets from their daily lives - the whole daily life aspect is often ignored for the more dramatic moments, but it has so much potential - and you portrayed it all beautifully. I especially love how you give Emily's character all sorts of facets and so much depth, if you would ever feel like writing about her again, I'd really like that. It's nice to see how they all have grown together & the ending was just perfect. Thank you! :)
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