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8/27/2019 c11 Guest
This is amazing! Please update!
7/7/2018 c11 8Raylita
will there be more soon?
5/23/2018 c11 2LQTM
any chance of this continuing? if so that would be awesome , if not i understand. awesome story thou you did a great job
12/5/2017 c11 MiZu33
Ever since I started reading, I could not stop until the latest chapter. Nice twist of events.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
11/11/2017 c10 Guest
8/16/2017 c10 6beautiful-note2895
I need more! *raging fire comes from mouth* ugh this is like the perfect OC and Grimmjow pairing! Ugh it's so freaking cute yet, grown up lol. I knew it the whole time he was Aoi I was like just remember something Grimmie just do it! Anyways I love this story so far and can't wait to see the update. If you have a Wattpad you should follow me Anatsu-Hime
7/25/2017 c10 senka
new fave story! the way you portray grimmjow without making him OOC is amazing-which can be hard to do when pairing him with a non canon character. very good writing so far. please update soon!
6/11/2017 c10 3XD.Kaycee
Really nice chapter, definitely a bittersweet moment for Sora.
5/4/2017 c7 lisaflowers
I really really hate the crusade against Ichigo.
I hate the whole "why didn't you finish him off"
I just feel like thats incredibly cruel on her end. I don't feel like I would ever wish a rival of mine to be beaten horribly by a guy I hardly knew for more than a couple of days.

Other than that I really like the way this is going
5/4/2017 c6 lisaflowers
Like I said in my last review, I hate that she's giving out information on people that can cause fatal harm. If she cared for her friends at all, she'd know that doing that would ultimately affect their lives if Ichigo were to be murdered by this dude she hardly knows.

I love his pet name for her, it reminds me of Cat and Bones in a romance series i've read.

I also really love their bantering.
5/4/2017 c5 lisaflowers
So like I said last chapter, it would really flow better if you got a beta to switch the POV for you into third person. It would really improve the quality of the story.

One thing I would also do is break up large paragraphs. All dialogue should be on a new line and spaced out, and having large on going paragraphs are hard to read.

One thing she needs to grow with time and development is getting less angry and more calm. She's angry about everything, which if used too much can become annoying.
I do like her though. I hope her relationship with Ichigo gets better and that she becomes a more understanding and empathetic character.

I don't like that she'd so easily give out information regarding Ichigo -it would take a very stupid person to not figure out that he was dangerous and meant to kill, and it would be heartless of her to do that to anyone, so I didn't really like that aspect.

I liked the idea that he's interested in her enough to go see her.
5/4/2017 c4 lisaflowers
Hmm I thought she was a bit childish in the way that she acted towards Ichigo.
She's gotta calm down and think rationally.

I think it's a bit far-fetched that she'd be able to read Urahara so freaking well - he's the most mysterious character in the whole manga, so I disliked that part a bit.

I also suggest switching to third person POV if you're gonna switch pov's quite often. First person doesn't flow well when switching POV's and it's much easier to write in third person in that sense.

Regardless I like the dialogue between Sora and Grimm, they seem like a "opposites attract type", but I think it is a bit cheesy to have Grimmjow think "I can't get her out of my head" when he barely knows her. Be careful with development and don't make their romance quick. Pacing is key, and someone distrustful and not interested in romance like Grimmjow is gonna be way more reluctant to romance - unlike someone like Shinji for example.
5/4/2017 c3 lisaflowers
Good chapter, interesting that Kisuke knew her as a baby.
I think you should be careful in making her too overpowered or a mary sue, but I really think you're doing just fine in that department. The whole 'what am I thing' is interesting, and I want to know what could make HER special and unique compared to everyone else
5/4/2017 c2 lisaflowers
I really really liked this!
I love her sass, and Grim doesn't seem OOC at all.
Asshole who is apathetic about everything and is always looking for a fight.
You're a good writer!
4/28/2017 c10 LolitaJ
This story is awesome! Keep updating!
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