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for The Walking Dead: This Bitter Earth (SYOC)

3/17/2017 c2 1Llama II
Hey, great start! I'll be filling out an OC app, hope there's still room.
1/27/2017 c1 17Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera
It's nice to see you tackle another city. UI've done the same but with NYC and Seattle. Anyway I got at least one idea for you. I've honestly got more than one idea so whichever stands out the most works
1/15/2017 c1 MayMurdock
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but SYOCs that use reviews to get character suggestions are against FFN's rules and guidelines. If you want to make your story compliant, you could move the submission form to your profile page and ask people to PM you their responses. Otherwise, if the story is reported to the admins, they're likely to remove it without warning
1/15/2017 c2 3TheNightGirl
Great chapter! You did a great job with Natalia! I wonder who Nat might meet in that strip club, can't wait to see what happens next! ;)
1/15/2017 c2 4SurvivalAboveAll
Looks great! Natalia's character fits into the story; her reaction to the outbreak was believable and even though her background is still unclear, we know just enough to have a basic concept about her. This story has great potential and I hope you'll be able to use my character too.
Can't wait for more!
1/15/2017 c2 1JustUsingARandomName
Nice chapter. I feel that this will be a good story. This is my first Walking Dead SYOC so I am expecting great things from you. Until next chapter, bye!
1/15/2017 c2 Algy Pond
Looks good so far! I'm excited because it seems that there's going to be a lot of diversity of the characters. I hope you're able t find a spot for my character, but I won't really mind if you don't. The story is very intriguing already!
1/15/2017 c2 4SlenaTheCat
Great chapter! Cant wait to read some more!
1/15/2017 c2 4Kilppari
Nice chapter. Natalia's introduction felt natural, you didn't tell us everything about her at once, just enough to create a basic image from the character. Pretty sure that she is part of mafia family (Italian perhaps because of the last names) and it surely will be interesting to see how that kind of background is going to affect on her actions.
1/14/2017 c1 1grimbutnotalways
Really cool intro scene. Very nice for people not actually caught up on the walking dead comic and or show.
1/12/2017 c1 Guest
Not bad. The end of the prologue feels a bit like you had cut something out but otherwise nice feel.

Hopefully you will get enough OCs to continue
1/13/2017 c1 1TheAdaptableWriter
Name: Barry "The Duke" Sullivan

Age: 38

Gender/Sexuality: Male, straight

Occupation: Military (formerly), survivor (present

Ethnicity/Heritage/Nationality: Irish, German

Physical Description
-Height: 6'1
-Body Type: Muscular, but not to the point of overmuscular. Decent build, both lean and strong
-Hair Color/Style: Black, shoulder length
-Eye Color: Ice blue
-Complexion: Pale skin
-Facial Features: (anything particularly memorable or outstanding): Mainly his eyes, very pronounced, looks like he's staring into your soul.
-Other: Has several scars on his chest from a war and has a scar across his face. Has several tattoos from military and from his favorite band (band one on back)

History/Background: Was born into a military veteran's family, which caused him to wish to go into the army himself. He joined Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia at the age of eighteen, when he failed high school. He excelled at the Benning Phase, which tests a Soldier's physical stamina, mental toughness, leadership abilities, and establishes the tactical fundamentals required for follow-on phases of Ranger School. He passed the mountain phase with reasonable tolerance but excelled in the Florida phase where his skills in using and maintaining his weapons were noted by both his peers and instructors. The course ended with his completion of the desert phase, and his graduation into the 75th Army Ranger Regiment. It wasn't long after however, that the 75th would be called in to be a part of Operation Gothic Serpent, where one hundred sixty men formed the joint special operations force dubbed Task Force Ranger, including; B Company, third Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The objective was to put an end to the activities of Mohammad Farrah Aided's militia, who had been proving to be a major problem for UN/US peacekeaping and humanitarian operation Operation Restore Hope, which sought to bring the country out of the famine and civil war plaguing it. While Task Force Ranger bided their time, waiting for intel, they would soon receive information about the location of two clan leaders of Aided's militia. With the 1st SFOD already having captured Aided's financier the previous day, the Army Rangers, 1st SFOD and Navy SEALs were dispatched on a joint operation to capture these two men. The operation started off with a misfortune, where Private Blackburn missed the rope while fast-roping from his unit's Blackhawk and hit the ground, badly injuring himself. While their captives and the injured Blackburn were loaded on trucks part of a Humvee convoy, things got even worse from here. The Blackhawk Super Six One was shot down by RPG fire from Aided's men, and Barry's unit was ordered to move in and secure the crash site to rescue the pilots, whose status was unknown and prevent the craft itself from falling into Somali hands. In short, it was a mess, as the Rangers didn't know their way around the city and with a Blackhawk already down, the commanders aboard the C3 Blackhawk were unable to be much help. Barry and his men suffered several ambushes on their way to the crash site. It was during one of these ambushes that he was captured by Aided's men. Not knowing how many of their own were even alive or not and under heavy fire, Barry's unit was forced to continue without him. He was put under heavy manual labor, and was constantly tortured for information by Aided's men, resulting in the scars on his chest and face. It was however, more than the Ranger knew and eventually they took to torturing him as revenge for how many losses they took in the operation. This went on for many months, and it looked like there was no end in sight, that he'd been forgotten about by his squad and his commanders. Before disillusionment set in however, a rival warlord, willing to take advantage of Aided's losses during the battle, informed General Garrison about Barry's location. A surgical strike was conducted by the men in the 1st SFOD, better known as 'Delta Force', who were unwilling to see anymore American lives lost. They raided the compound where Barry was being held and managed to rescue him. Barry and the Delta unit were extracted via MH-6 'Little Bird'.

Barry was treated for the injuries he sustained, and was offered a medical discharge which he declined. Barry continued serving, participating in both Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom before it became clear his condition wasn't getting any better. Instead of having to be forcibly discharged, Barry acknowledged his deteriorating condition and was given a voluntary medical discharge. He returned home to the United States, trying to get back into a 'normal' life. For five years, he continued to go to the range to deal with his conditions, as well as trying to keep up with his marksmanship, but it slowly began to decline. The apocalypse then hit, causing him to go into hiding for a bit, before he decided to go out and search for survivors

Negatives: Whenever he meets someone for the first time, he doesn't trust them at all. He always acts cold and harsh to everyone at first, because of what happened in his past. Has a short temper, just saying the wrong thing can set it off.

Positives: After he gets passed the phase of distrust, he becomes nicer and sympathetic to the group and all trustworthy new people. Once his trust is earned, he would go to extreme lengths to see that the group is safe.

Useful Skills: Gaining information, great at intimidation, proficient at most types of weapons except for most bladed weapons and large machine guns. Decent at repairing vehicles. Increasingly becoming more of a leader

Potential Problems: Intelligence is slightly below average, easily angered and very untrustworthy of others. Has PTSD from being tortured on a tour in the Middle East. Not as athletic as he used to be.

Possessions: Owns a pair of black camouflage pants, a black camouflage shirt, a leather jacket that he wears when it gets colder out. Has a pistol that he carries on his left holster, a sawn-off single handed shotgun on his right, and an assault rifle on his back, but has a limited ammo capacity

For Fun (completely optional, and probably won't be in the story, but will give me a better 'feel' for the character)
-Theme song: "Gunslinger" - Avenged Sevenfold, "Wrong Side of Heaven" - Five Finger Death Punch, "The Duke" - Lamb of God (nickname)
-Favorite movie(s): Terminator 2
-Any big secrets?: None (as of now)
-Worst thing they've ever done (by their own standards): Killed a kid in the Middle East as they attacked him
-Bravest thing they've ever done (by their own standards): Did not give up army information as he was tortured by warlords.

Whew, what a bio. I really wanted to be apart of another SYOC story, so I modified an older character from a forum and used it as a base. My one request is that he is not killed off, that's my only request. Other than that, feel free to use him however you feel. I'll watch closely for this fic. Here you go!

Yours Truly,

1/12/2017 c1 3TheNightGirl
This SYOC looks great, I can't wait until it gets started!
1/12/2017 c1 1JustUsingARandomName
Sent an OC. Cant wait for the next chapter. I think this story has potential. Until the next update, bye

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