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for Haunting Memories Of Past

10/25/2017 c15 jaleesafatima
My heart fells so happy. I really loved the story and ending was you'll write more fanfictions and don't forget to tell us about them :D
9/14/2017 c12 ShinRan freak
why, just why!
you should have kill me before making them brother and sister
9/7/2017 c13 as
i realy like it, how you put bourbon and the others character in this story is so natural! sory for my bad english, i hope you know what i mean. good story!
9/8/2017 c13 jaleesafatima
*sob* please don't kill Ai .Don't lose your inspiration ,we are with u.
8/29/2017 c11 friends
It's all really AMAZING! I am really curious to know what's gonna happen..
8/29/2017 c11 jaleesafatima
It's AMAZING and i love the story. I'm really curios to know next.
6/4/2017 c8 fan
ok i'il be waiting for you, hapy holiday then :D
5/20/2017 c7 fana
i realy want see the next chapter, i hope you update more often
4/11/2017 c5 fans
top! please update soon
4/6/2017 c5 fans
grat story update soon!
3/23/2017 c4 fans
i hope you update more than just one chapter
2/28/2017 c3 fans
your story is realy great and i think is not OOC at all, i hope you will update more often. and sory i have bad english hahaha
1/14/2017 c2 fans
its good story hope you update soon!
1/14/2017 c2 3my-chan1325
I must say it's a good idea that you made Haibara wear that, it's always shown that her dressing is quite different and mature. But the amount of maturity she exhibits via her fashion and behavior, I wonder at times why she doesn't realize that someone might get suspicious. Instead, she eats Conan's head a lot to act more childish and stay in character.
Other than that, I guess you can work on punctuation of sentences and dialogues. I know it's time consuming and I am no expert, so I won't be able t give any tips...;)
Good luck with the next chapter!:)
1/12/2017 c1 my-chan1325
It's amazing that this is your first story, and if you are going t continue this I hope that you have a good plot, because after sending 8 bullets through a body, people usually die on spot, and this is a child's body!..unless there is magic and madness involved;).
Anyways. Good luck on writing! :)

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