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9/19 c30 Guest
Great story, more please
8/10 c30 Hi-Fionn
JB 851 is a moron that hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. This is the best written Stargate story.
7/20 c30 JB-851
Still think this is way too big but I have enjoyed it. Hope you finish it.
7/15 c19 JB-851
You've lost control of this story. There are too many plot threads, too many characters involved. Jack O'Neill for example has 3 iterations of his character involved in the story one of which in addition to being the high councillor is also jumping back and forth in time. How does that relate to anything?
6/25 c30 Seaquest86
Wonderful as always. Can’t wait to meet the masters behind the varges.
6/22 c30 Guest
I have been on this ride with you for the past 10 years. And I loved your story and I still do I thank you.
6/23 c30 EffervescentNova
I reset mu updates for . Didn't realise you had to reset the auto upsate alerts.

The fairy race and their spirit realm is really odd. Sort of an inverted ascension, where you don't go onto a higher plane just an adjacent one.

If I was a super advanced race like the Vargas' masters, I would hide in an area of the universe with comparitively little vargas activity. And perhaps even maintain a small pretense of hiding from the Vargas in case any advanced intergalactic species came across their space, hide the most powerful of your technology even passing it off as Vargas inspired tech from defeated and salvaged Vargas forces. If they utilise spacial anomalies, then their inital assaults by their pawns the Vargas billions of years in the past may have been very far from their own territories/galaxy to begin with.

Just a thought.

Very cool though.
6/21 c30 Nagato
6/17 c30 varganan
The transfer of a mass of this size would not disturb the orbits of the celestial bodies of the solar system, it would upset the balance created during the formation of the solar system. The increased mass of Mars would attract more asteroids, mainly from the asteroid belt.
6/6 c30 ZhaWarudo
Hvala na poglavlju.
Pretpostavljam da je davno objasnjeno da su brodovi modularni, s obzirom na brzi tehnoloski napredak i remontaze.
Ako nije muka, ja bi volio novo info poglavlje kao na kraju prve knjige, da se moze usporedit kolko je tehnologija napredovala.
Cini mi se da je razlika od kraja prva knjige do sada, kao Kirkov Enterprise prema Voyageru, ako ne i vise.
6/3 c30 random Norwegian
Nice Chapter

Hmm, would it not be better at this point to just redesign the entirety of the Terran navy from the ground up with new and better designs larger as well from all the new knowledge?
I mean in canon stargate they did it the same with the Daedalus class starships compared to the Prometheus class by incorporating all the new tech from the ground up.
If so have the ships be modular so that it becomes easier to integrate new technologies as they are developed.

Had a thought of length for various classes in next gen ships.
Frigate/Defiant 350m
Destroyer 750m
Light cruiser 700m used for exploring new places and the message hidden in the universe later on
Cruiser 1500m
Assault carrier 2000m
Battlecruiser 2500m
battleship 3500m
Dreadnought 4500m
Super Carrier 6000m
Mother ship 60 000m can support an entire invasion fleet or act as secret mobile command bases
Light Construction ship 2500m
Heav Construction ship 4000m

potential Ark ships could become needed if things go to a certain place 250km lengt for planetary scale evacuation and restart or nomadic style living if not possible to restart civilization.

Ultimately its your story and i really enjoy reading it
Looking forward to more
6/4 c30 Armiture
It was good to see Liam again and that he's now mostly recovered. Hopefully the coordinates provided by the Ulysseans proves to be useful.

So, is the next episode going to be your version of one of the hanger movies where they wake up in orbit around a moon, in an uninhabited system, to find "bathroom graphitti" carved into its surface via plasma lances?

Thanks for the update.
6/3 c30 1Arekanderu
I am so fascinated by the concept of the fairies. There is so much mythology around the Fae and it's interesting to see it become part of SG1. Can't wait to see more of the spirit world. It's so interesting to see that at their height even the Vargas struggled with them.
6/3 c30 MalSer
Enjoyed the new chapter. Thanks!
6/3 c30 Hadrian.Caeser
Awesome chapter
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