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for Harry Potter and the Uncle of Secrets

10/27 c3 Guest
9/15 c10 1The Hidden Library
This story has complicated me.
8/13 c10 8Avaxius
Ohh my good lord; I have never simultaneously shrieked with laughter while tears poured out of my eyes. Such a good read, and I loved the twist! Very good job! Bravo!
6/27 c2 1John Lasko
I've read crack stories before, and this one is laced with heroin with psychedelic mushrooms mixed in.
9/17/2018 c10 4Monster King
Great story.
7/23/2018 c1 Alu Ink
Oh and I’m also looking forward to your next story. Fingers crossed it’ll be out within the next ten years... I’m not being too optimistically I lol? ;)
7/23/2018 c10 Alu Ink
Reading this story was a fantastic journey . Though I’d say it had a weak start, the story only improved as it progressed. What a ride! Well done!
3/2/2018 c10 6jaythekoala
Huh. This fic really did have everything. How you managed to squeeze the plot of all seven books and every single independent Harry cliche that ever existed into 30k words is beyond me. Thanks for the entertaining read.
10/23/2017 c1 Efloresco
These memes were really fucking fresh, like cold crisp lettuce freshly rinsed enjoyed under the summer sun and shit.
10/20/2017 c10 Guest
You've covered just about everything that sucks in HP fanfiction. I'll never have to read another one again.

Well done!
10/17/2017 c3 15Hyaroo
Someone needs to do a full version of "Everybody Walk The Dumbledore"! Perhaps something like...

Boom-boom, acka-lacka-lacka-boom!
Boom-boom, acka-lacka-boom-boom!

It was a night like this, only a couple years ago,
I ate a lemon drop, picked up a Chocolate Frog to go,
My phoenix burst aflame, there was a Dark Mark in the sky
I took my Elder Wand, sent my Patronus out to fly,
And walked the Dumbledore!
And walked the Dumble-DOOOORE!

Open the door, get on the floor!
Everybody walk the Dumbledore!
Open the door, get on the floor!
Everybody walk the Dumbledore!
Open the door, get on the floor!
Everybody walk the Dumbledore!
Open the door, get on the floor!
Everybody walk the Dumbledore!

...or something. Cool story, by the way. Love the send-up of all the fanfic clichés. _
8/12/2017 c10 timuzhti
I am on the floor spasming with laughter.
7/29/2017 c3 9Prince Pondincherry
Wow. Well, uh, this is the first fic I've seen with every non-Umbridge DADA teacher at Hogwarts at once, plus the Triwizard Tournament. Let me guess, the Philosopher's Stone is hidden in the school AND the Chamber of Secrets is going to be opened, right? Oh well, I'll have to wait and see, I guess.
4/3/2017 c9 6Red Furry Demon
I am a huge fan of crack and badfics, and I hoped I could say something profoundly intelligent about your work, like how smooth is the flow of sentences or how much research you must have made prior to writing.

At the start of the second chapter, my only thought was WHAT. with a period at the end.
By the last chapter, it grew so big I didn't have a suitable font for it.

An amazing, deliciously insane story.
3/17/2017 c3 6era-romance
it's like you took every harry potter crack fic and screw up and mashed them together to make one scarily stupid yet epicly awesome fic...I salute you!
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