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for Darth Claria: Red Lady of the Sith

9/17/2017 c11 6doncaster
I have been enjoying this story, and I always liked star wars legends continuity over the new cannon, doubly so legends with a twist such as here. You style is tight and moves quickly, thought at times I think you could be a little more descriptive. Then again, I have particularly verbose preferences. More substantively however, I think the story could benefit from Mara / Claria from suffering a real defeat or heavy setback. Things are going too well for her and whilst it looked like Isard might have posed a real threat she ended up being neutered and humiliated too easily. Perhaps she will come back and be a real threat, who knows? The point is tension and threat are, in my view, being lost. The tale could benefit from Mara / Claria being heavily defeated and having to labour a long time across multiple chapters to get back to even where they were, let alone triumph. Still though, this is tight and well written, and I do hope to read more.
6/6/2017 c10 IonicAmalgam
(Stupid won't let me login, the login page doesn't load)
I really like the story so far. Especially interested in Infinities timeline. Looking forward to future updates!
3/10/2017 c7 4Generation Zero
With Emperor still alive, things will be tough for the rebel. I wonder what would you do with Admiral Thrawn here.
2/17/2017 c5 Guest
I enjoyed this story. Look forward to reading more

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