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for Mashed Tomato

9/26/2020 c1 6Hummina
This is so funny! I laughed all the way through. You made that car sound like a little kid Starsky!
1/30/2017 c1 Wanda Horvath
I love how fun this story is. so different from all the sad hurt ones. great job Pauline. can't wait to read more stories as you write them.
1/18/2017 c1 74sandybeliever
This was SO fun! You made me love the Torino even more!
1/16/2017 c1 3mel2932
Excellent! What a unique view to take. I loved this! So typical. So much fun! Thank you!
1/14/2017 c1 18Hutch-is-gorgeous
A wonderful piece of fanfic here! Very entertaining! Was happy that Hutch helped save the tomato and Merle too so that Starsky could still keep it and stay insured. There's other lines I loved too, but too many to write here.

P.S. Mr. Tomato car still has to get some things straight about Hutch. Send him my way and I'll tell him and set the record straight. :):):)

Thanks again for the story! Keep on writing!
1/14/2017 c1 53Gunney
Oh my gosh! This was sweet and funny and clever and...I've never really seen the Torino as a character until now. So very good! I was hesitant to go with this perspective and I'm so glad you did!
1/14/2017 c1 8Paula UK
I absolutely love this. Thank you, Pauline for a wonderful take on the prompt.
Poor tomato.
And poor Hutch too; he and his car always seem to be the butt of the jokes. :)

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