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for Coffee versus Tea

1/5/2022 c15 8srhittson
This is a really good story and I absolutely love it. Please update again soon.
9/23/2021 c15 Slowissmooth
I am sorry you stopped.
11/23/2020 c7 Guest
FINALLY! But now I’m worried about him.
11/23/2020 c5 Guest
I REALLY want Newt to get kidnapped soon! I searched it up on Google and chapter nine of this fic is what popped up and I decided to read it. I love it, I really do, but I’m impatient for what I came for!
11/23/2020 c4 Guest
WHEN is the kidnapping part going to come?!
11/23/2020 c3 Guest
That was weird.
7/2/2020 c15 melbell21
Love it as always ! Keep up the great work and hope you are healthy and well (: 3
5/17/2020 c13 Guest
Omg this is such a good story. Please update! I cant wait to see what happens next.
4/8/2020 c13 AlisJazmin
Sigue el fanfic please,me encanta tu manera de escribir ,te sigo desde Argentina y que mal lo que está pasando con lo del Covid-19 ,al menos hay más tiempo para dedicar a las cosas que nos parecen buenas
4/6/2020 c13 2White Orchids DE
Yes! Finally a new chapter. I'm really glad that you want to continue the story. I definitely want to know how the story continues and if Tina eventually be ready for a relationship with Newt.
I'm also quite curious why Queenie is in London and wants Newt to help her. But she definitely seems to be a Newtina shipper. I like that! ;-)
I hope there will soon be a new chapter. I'm really looking forward to it. Keep it up!
2/12/2020 c12 Guest
Poor Newt! Poor Tina! Even though this chapter is a little sad, it's still really good! I hope you continue to update this :)
11/27/2019 c12 Guest
11/20/2019 c12 John Smith
Will this be continuing? Please say yes...
11/3/2019 c12 CalliopeMary

Also... does the title just so happen to be from Birdy’s “save Yourself”? It’s my fave song and couldn’t help but notice the lyrics xx
9/14/2019 c12 Ugh
I’ve just read this whole fanfic in like an hour, and honestly, it’s like one of the best Newtina fics I’ve ever read! You manage to capture the personalities and I love how it takes place in modern times. I really hope you’ll update it and I’m curious as to who hurt Tina in the past.
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