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8/1/2020 c18 1drh25
Awww sneaky Logan, love it! This is a great story. I know you haven't translated it for a while, but it has been awesome to read it! Thank you for writing
8/1/2020 c13 drh25
You have created a fun love story/entanglement! Thank you so much for translating all of this, its amazing!
8/1/2020 c9 drh25
Setting up the meet. Great chapter!
8/1/2020 c8 drh25
Does this mean V and Logan are going to meet sooner than in the movie!? yay!
8/1/2020 c4 drh25
I can't even imagine trying to translate all of this and getting all the contextual clues right. Nicely done, very impressive job!
8/1/2020 c3 drh25
Yay! I could always see V working as a DA or ADA at least :)
8/1/2020 c2 drh25
Still loving this so much.
8/1/2020 c1 drh25
I love this! Its a nice change for things right before the movie events. Thanks for writing!
9/7/2019 c18 Bella
It had been so long had to read the previous chapter agin cause I felt lost. Another great update
6/19/2019 c16 Bella
Are you planning on sticking to the part of the movie and Carrie or are you planning on helping her. Interesting chapter moving things along
6/19/2019 c16 juliehtill
I like Casey, but not with Veronica. Veronica and Logan belong together!
6/19/2019 c16 14Kayte76
...what is to come...
6/11/2019 c15 NEBONKA
Thank you for the update.
6/11/2019 c15 6Tempe4Booth
Thank you for the update, more please
6/9/2019 c15 Bella
Sweet. I feel like that the reason she dated Piz in the movie cause he knew her and didn’t have to explain or give info about her pass. LoVe meeting up was sweet
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