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4/2/2022 c15 Ju
Wow lol
9/26/2021 c15 1cookiefullmoon
Llevas tres años sin actualizar. Me duele.
8/5/2021 c15 Guest
Such a good fanfiction. Probably one of my favorite from this plateform and even more !
I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters and their interpretations as real life people !
I really hope you wil continue this story !
Kiss from Italy~
6/24/2021 c15 2Icecream8114
A new reader here, and dang this story is so well written! I just read it all in one sitting, hopefully, there will be an update soon.
5/25/2021 c15 3Celestial Secrets
I don't know if I have brain damage or what, but I could have sworn I read this back in like 2011 or something... I definitely remember reading the first 10 or so chapters at some point years ago and I would have put money down that it was before 2017. You don't say anything in your notes about it being a repost/rewrite though, so I have to assume that my sense of time and memory has just been horribly warped as I age. ( :

I love this story though! The increasing sexual tension between Ino and Deidara is spicy and becoming palpable. I love their midnight confessionals and their silent, mutual respect for the other when the other is in their element. I really want a conclusion to the mystery of "the little prince" and how Deidara is going to avoid being murdered for his debt. I look forward to an update!
4/28/2021 c15 6tothalia
this was absolutely delightful and beautiful and fun and refreshingly different. I'm soooo happy I found this! thank you <3
3/3/2021 c15 18nibbler747
This story is amazing, and I can't stop raving about it to everyone! The way you write Ino and Deidara is delicious, and I love their general observations on their surroundings. So much is happening - Ino's dumb cousin, the hit, Kakazu, how much does Sasori know - are there even more texts! Oh these two are falling for each other, and I'm just eating this up. Slow burn, but I'm so in for the ride. I love your sense of humour, and your wit is amazing! Thank you for this story, I so so so enjoy it! Thank-you!
3/2/2021 c15 8OstaraNight
Oh man, this is so dang good! I have never even thought of Diedra and Ino together before, but I love it here so much. The teasing between the two is great. And I know it's been awhile but I'm hopeful that it will get continued and finished cause I really want to know how this all works out and who's responsible. Plus Ino's mom's story, plus why kakazu keeps warning Diedra off the hit , plus, plus, plus... :D
1/27/2021 c1 PepsiColaa
Oh I'm crying has this fic been abandoned? I'm gonna read it again bc lockdown had me reading through my whole fave fic list. I'm hoping you are gonna dump like 5 chap on us just like that like you did for your Hidan/Ino fic lol uwu
1/18/2021 c15 Guest
Damn, that can always trust Sasori to come in clutch. I love the way you write Ino, especially her being incredibly beautiful and very much aware of it. Usually the idea of a someone falling a little bit in love with someone else just by staring in their eyes feels kind of contrived, but it really works with how you write Ino (and Deidara). I’m looking forward to the next update!
1/14/2021 c15 silkycrow
Please update bsjsb
1/1/2021 c15 Sak
Yeah the night time beddy bye talks are the best.
Deidara definitely needed to order take out for dinner.
1/1/2021 c14 Sak
Totally cool yacht scene.
And of course the death by diaper.
The explosion.
1/1/2021 c13 Sak
Pissy Shikamaru just makes my night.
But the piano hospital scene was perfect too
12/31/2020 c12 Sak
Super suspense
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