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11/22/2021 c4 worom001
Not gonna lie, kinda disappointed. Not with the fic itself mind you, the writing is great and it's bathed in quality. But I'm disappointed in Jakka's and Ichigos powers' beliefs, as well as the fact that because of this we will more than likely never actually see Ichigo exploring the Fullbring in the first place, nor will we see him fully exploring his Quincy side despite accepting it. It's more of a personal gripe with the fact that in this the zanpakuto are seen directly as the other half of a shinigami, yet Ichigos powers say that not killing is a weakness, while Jakka ridiculed him for deciding that relying on his powers is also a weakness. It irks me that a being as powerful as Jakka believes that relying on and believing in those you trust is a sign of weakness, it takes more strength than people think trying to beat people without killing especially when fighting with weapons capable of mass destruction like zanpakuto. And the rest of soul society and pretty much every single being in the universe as of Chapter 4 basically treat Ichigo as less than a child, one that is incapable of doing things on his own. Ama stabbing Ichigo out of nowhere and such actions must have led him into getting trust issues regardless of what happens, especially seeing how Ichigo went through a 'rediscovery'. Funny thing about his rediscovery; he didn't rediscover shit. All he discovered was that White IS Zangetsu, like really? You'd think there would be far more development for his character after the initial showings of him being depressed and stuff. Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting Ginjo to come out of nowhere and go semi like how the anime would go, but with more supernatural stuff involved as well as a lot more weariness towards those he previously trusted.

Realistically speaking, Ichigo should've developed severe trust issues with everyone he knows considering pretty much everyone has lied to him or manipulated him. Also, the beings from DxD are not that much more powerful than Shinigami. I mean, shit, any character in Bleach who's around or above captain level can literally move at lightspeed, and the faster characters can literally move several if not tens of times faster than light, whereas the fastest Issei has gone in late novels (bare in mind late-novel-Issei is an absolute fucking monster in the DxD universe) has gone FTL, but only up to a certain point. Considering that Shinigami are literal souls, they don't have any weight and each character above captain class (of which there are a lot) can all pretty much destroy the planet a couple times over just by releasing their energy in Bleach canon. Don't get me wrong, some of the beings in the DxD universe have powers beyond measure, but power itself doesn't mean much if you can't keep up.

The fact that Ama talked as if the Shinigami are somewhat weak, and that the Soul King NEEDED help as if he was weak really irks me. Aizen is a great example. Aizen is THE smartest being in the Bleach lore, hands down. He's right beside Kisuke and might even be smarter considering his ploys. I understand Ichigo thinking that Aizen is weak in retrospect when comparing him to Amaterasu and what not, but in reality it couldn't be further from the truth. Aizens zanpakuto cannot be resisted as long as you have eyes, it doesn't matter who you are, whether you are amaterasu or god himself. We even saw this in the fact that Aizen managed to literally trick and manipulate someone who LITERALLY could see and experience as well as CHANGE every single possible future. Base Aizen? Sure, weak as fuck in comparison to other godly beings. But Final Getsuga Ichigo and Final (at the time) Hogyoku Aizen? These two could literally fucking play with beings like the Heavenly Dragons and Amaterasu. Hands fucking down, they could clap them easily.

Amaterasu might be harder considering shes got flames like Ryujin Jakka, but even an Area of Effect zanpakuto like Ryujin doesn't matter for shit when you don't even know if your head is already gone or not. Ichigo and Aizen in their final forms are literally this. They are so fast and so powerful in their own ways that it's not even funny. And the scary thing? It's that Aizen never ended up getting any Soul King powers. If he did? Good luck. Lol, jk. Luck won't save you.

I won't say that everyone in the Bleach lore is that powerful though. I'm obviously talking about the cream of the crop characters from the Bleach lore, and comparing them to the cream of the crop of the DxD lore. There are some beings in DXD who could trash everyone in Bleach, Soul King included probably (although that's very arguable considering we don't really have any feats to compare to).

Sorry about the rant, it's just a personal gripe I get when comparing powers and abilities between sources. It really gets me going and I can't help myself. It's like an uncontrollable urge to argue.
12/12/2020 c5 1Yamajiji
This was awesome. Yamamoto being able to match Ddraig in his prime is super badass. I loved it. Can’t wait for Ichigo to turn up again. Great chapter.
1/8/2020 c3 Guest
12/31/2019 c8 corjca1
ichigow was upset with his human friends what about rukia who saved his family and him sacraficing her powers ah what thanks ah did she get i see you kicked her in the head isnt she and ichigow the main characters in bleach ah
12/31/2019 c1 corjca1
god of the bibble is god i am i am carnt be killed and those other gods are false gods woe on to him i am a christian an irish catholic i know this story fiction and people are titled to there beliefs
9/8/2019 c6 Flygar
Does he ever get mad? I mean, come on. Dad lies and never trains you, then essentially finally helps you become a glorified martyr, only to survive and find out he was still holding into back, along with those he thought he could trust, and then the basically offer him up to the Shinto gods, who give him or succeed or die test without any choice or warning, by running a goddamn sword through his chest. Does Ichigo have a spine? He might as well bend over and say "Thank you sir, would you like to fuck me over again?"
9/2/2019 c11 Tensho Getsuga
You did a great job of making Ichigo a real dumbass. Sealing off his powers, possibly causing long term negative effects to himself and making a danger to those around him had he not been able to get far enough away in time, for a simple sparring match? Congrats if that was your goal.
6/21/2019 c13 Guest
i'm pissed I get why you are redoing it but this story is really good also with ryujin you made somewhat possible ryujin is powerful it'd make sense if it was able to have multiple wielders
2/4/2019 c13 Guest
Look forward for the next update
1/18/2019 c11 darkxlunatiic
I like the plot of your story in some ways but nothing of interest ever happens
1/18/2019 c1 Jose19
I agree that Ichigo isn’t the type to follow orders but he is adaptable to following it if it protects others.

Ichigo has a very strong ideal to protect others, and he would willingly take orders like a Peerage member of Rias if it insures this.

This ideal of him is what drives if he has a weakness this can be exploited by a Devil or other Supernatural race since they target the desires of others.

The statement of him refusing is untrue the Devils are master schemers that know human desires, and weaknesses.

The other thing if you are reincarnated you can’t refuse or do a thing against the master.
1/17/2019 c13 Warren Valion
I admit. I am disheartened with the news that you are abandoning the concept of Ichigo possessing Ryujin Jakka.

I thought what you did with it was excellent and I was excited to see where you will go into the future.

However, this is your story and you have to do what you have to do, so there will be no harsh judgement from me.

Not to mention, I enjoy your writing style and I believe you to be a capable writer. I am sure the re-creation of your work will be just of the same, if not greater, level of quality as this one. And I admit, I am curious to see what new abilities Ichigo will get.

Anyway, I'm just happy to see you upload in general.

1/7/2019 c13 DragoBlack
well god damn, I was hoping he'd be keeping Ryujin Jakka. it was a really cool concept and it's a shame to see it not go anywhere. I also really want to know what sword you're talking about, because I've never even heard of Can't Fear Your Own World and I don't want to go and read it just to find out feeldbadmandotjpg
1/7/2019 c13 12Harbinger Of Kaos
Well so long as its not Muramasa or Kyoka I will accept whatever change you make, though I will admit that I will miss Zangetsu.
1/7/2019 c13 crazyalexdj
well if the re-vamp is as good as this I must give it a chance, will look foreword to the new version to be uploaded.
hope the new sword Ichigo will have is something OP, I just like the idea of someone underestimating him and gets crushed, but that is just me :).
thx for the awesome work.
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