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5/16/2018 c11 VermillionDanteX
Ichigo X koneko :3
5/16/2018 c11 Crimson green flame
This was a great chapter
5/16/2018 c11 Nolifeking222
great chapter cant wait for another one when ever that is ( hopefully before next year}
5/16/2018 c11 iamjmph01
hmmm... hopefully he kills Freed(or what ever his name is) next chapter, but i know that would mess with the canon events alot, and im not sure how much you wan to do that this early. I like that Koneko didnt give her incorrect theory. This is a pretty good story. I've only liked one other bleach/dxd cross, so there's that. Im sorry i suck at reviews, but i felt you deserved one.

while i wont demand faster chapters, i will say slow updates usually require rereads. Too many times rereading a story and, well some people will give up. That said Thank you for writing and sharing with us.
5/16/2018 c11 23Dantrlan
Well, personally I would prefer Yasaka Ichigo's partner, he needs a mature and affectionate figure by his side, besides that he would be a great father to Kunou, although at first he would treat her as his little sister, then take the step to be his adopted daughter, besides that Yasaka is part of the Shinto faction so it is not far fetched that it can happen and besides this is the most important fact of all, that there are very few stories that involve Yasaka as a couple of the protagonist, in this case Ichigo

About the story itself, I must say that I loved it, Ichigo is Ichigo as far as I have seen and his lack of honorificos to meet with literal gods satisfies me, even when he met Yamamoto was kissing the ass, although his decision Sealing his own power is stupid but understandable, and I'm impressed that Hades of all beings helps Ichigo, but it's true it's an option that has not been explored before

I wait for the next chapter, until the next
5/16/2018 c11 2xxx6sic6xxx
Great chapter, you spun a few things very nicely and the overall chapter kept me intrigued. The thing you did with koneko was amazing, I always believed koneko was a girl who valued trust above most other things. So lying to rias imo was characteristicly perfect for her. Also just take your time with the story. I'm sure most of us don't mind waiting because we get great wholesome chapters.
5/16/2018 c11 1FreeTraderBeowolf
1) This was a very good chapter. And while I would have preferred that the wait for it wasn't as long as it was, I understand that you have to take the time to make sure you do it right. After all it is better that we wait and get a really good chapter than you crank them out so fast that they are not good at all.

2) That scene at the end, oh that was so good. I am really looking forward to reading the aftermath of that little meeting. And Freed is getting what he deserves. Oh I do hope that Ichigo takes his time and makes Freed truly feel despair.

3) You are so right that we don't have any right to demand you write to any schedule. This is something you are doing for fun, not for profit. As such you will post when you post and we need to accept that fact. As to being surprised that someone would demand you post a new chapter, it doesn't surprise me at all. There will always be people out there like that. Don't let them get to you and write the way you want to write. There will be plenty of us that will enjoy your work and give back comments that will let you know where we feel you are doing good and where we disagree with you. And lets face it there will always be someone that doesn't like something you wrote. Doesn't mean you work wasn't good, just that they didn't like it. A good example of this is slash. For some it is what they want to read for others it isn't. So write what you enjoy and have fun doing it.

4) Koneko/Shirone. That was an interesting choice you made in using her to undo what Ichigo had done with blocking off his powers. As to her keeping his secrets, I think that could have gone either way and I feel that each choice had its points, so I think you chose what you felt was right for you and your story. Some of the imagery in the scene was really good, especially with how Ichigo was thinking of her in the tree.
5/16/2018 c11 2adislt
thanks for the reply, sorry to reply it via app
oh what i mean by too stubborn and selfish of ichigo although i said i dislike it i don't mean it on negative lightit just my preference of mc, i always have dislike of mc that have hard headed and hot headed attitude, willing to do something that dangerous for stupid or useless reason
for vali what i really dislike from him is sometimes he takes his battle lust too far , kenpachi maybe battle maniac but he have code and pride as warior meanwhile vali at the dxd only develop that very later as that's why i asking what ichigo will do to vali as i believe ichigo will never let vali going too far with that
5/16/2018 c11 Maxuos
Yes we have to wait but the chapter was worth it, about the fan who demanded a chapter, just ignore it, i understamd that we all would love to have endless amount of chapter of our favorite storys but doing that is rude and disrespectfull. Please kill Freed now he is a real son of a bitch and deserves it, i think maybe Koneko would lie for ichigo vecause he unconsiuslly filled part of the hole the separation with her sister left behind.
I think ichigo should directly deal with kokabiel since he is endangerin the people of japan and the territory that truly belongs to Amaterasu.
For the pairing you could use almost everyone but you would have to do a good connection first and if it is with a devil, as you portraied them, ther must be some form os change in her thanks to ichigo. Even if the way this is going Yasaka or Kuroka seem more likely to happen.
I will be waiting for your next update.
5/16/2018 c11 1tsun
thanks for the update.

my comment only lies on the lie. heck, I won't comment on it if its not mentioned in the author's note.

realistically. I don't think she would like to her MASTER. Devil SERVANT. I don't think it's devil are nice creature to allow it.

fan fiction or story wise. it's a good development. albeit, unrealistic. pure naive idealistic. but still nice.

I hope freed would die next chapter and not another plot bullsh*t to happen for him to live further. it's,so easy to kill him that it won't even last a second for ichigo parfait.
5/16/2018 c11 listohain
Finally some action starts!
5/16/2018 c11 2adislt
well, if you look at another side, that means there's reader that really love your story to the point they feel they need to do that...
i love this story, though i kinda dislike ichigo attitude that too stubborn and selfish, and it's not just cause of your story but canon ichigo indeed like that.
btw what are yoi will do to vali? with ichigo character it's hardly he will done nothing and let vali do same thing like canon
5/16/2018 c11 NexNoche
The voice is probably Izanagi since he is the god of life and all. I'd prefer if izanami was the one that the Shinigami was affiliated with. Nonetheless a good chapter and pleasurable read
5/16/2018 c11 MinusIQ
There's always people like that, sadly. I've seen quite a few authors driven off this site by such behaviour, much to my dismay.
5/16/2018 c11 Saisri
Just finished the last chapter and i have to say ignore those idiots demanding chapters. Also i remember in your first or 2nd chap you said you have never written a romance story so harem is a bit difficult or something similar to that. In my opinion , a harem wont need romance as much as a single pairing one will. In fact in a harem, you can make someone 'fall in love' after only a few chapters but in a single pairing you cant. But oh well im not looking into reading pairings so i dont mind whoever ichigo pairs with or never pairs at all.
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