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for Guardian of the Dead (Old)

5/15/2018 c11 Arthanos
Great chapter, Can't wait to see what will happen next chapter. Your note at the end makes perfect sense do no worries, that reader is just a huge no-life ass
5/15/2018 c11 1VanitasTheFool.1
I loved the chapter, I would like more details about ichigos powers, does he have access to his hollow powers and if so can he control it? (AND YOU ARE NOT TO HARSH!)
5/12/2018 c10 Roland Tepes
This was a solid chapter,
Keep up the astounding work.
5/9/2018 c8 1Machcia
With this long of a set up, I sincerely hope you'll just table the whole Quincy arc, it's already getting to convoluted, honestly. Also, It's "than" when you wish to compare something to another thing, and "their" not "there".

There is an indication of place. Their is a possessive of something.
5/8/2018 c1 1RadicalReader261
Love your fic! It's really good! Please keep updating always!
Now, I would really like to see Ichigo get with Rukia and Yoruchi already. Also Soifon if possible. I need some romance!
Can't wait to see Ichigo wreck the other factions!
Please Keep Writing,
5/7/2018 c10 Anonymous W
Hello there, overall the story is good. I like it very much. Although don’t u think u make this ichigo a bit on the weak side? The devils faction is a bit too OP for my taste
5/7/2018 c10 ulttoanova
Did you edit the chapter because I know ive read his.
5/7/2018 c10 6Ichigo Oga
Better bring the update soon. We’ve been waiting long enough.
5/7/2018 c10 rogaue
Where us the update ?
5/6/2018 c10 12kristoper21
Tell if inm not wrong. It seems i already read this chapter. With ichigo sparing and supress his ebergy.
5/6/2018 c10 Ashborn2271
I don’t understand didn’t you already publish the this chapter before?
5/6/2018 c10 SantoryuSekai
For some time the fanfic was not updated so I forgot a lot,I can not remember if you increased the level of the super devils or the gods, but I think this Ichigo is a bit weak, he already dominates the bankai? the old yama's shikai was already absurdly strong, I see no reason to fear 2 super fiends (they're not even strong, any mid-tier god can win the whole Christian faction) And he can have the power of the coming sun's core with the power to "erase" anything that touches his flames, and still has denial of durability, practically with his speed a good blow, anyone would die. DxD only has a few hax and they get the top 3 strongest. Neither does Amaterasu need to save him, he alone to win, after all not even the old man could withstand the heat of the sun for so long. It would be interesting also to learn to use magic (caster type) since there is someone who uses senjutsu magic, reatsu magic senjutsu (He is part of shinto faction, right?). Of course IMHO only,
Is very Op.
5/6/2018 c10 x-05-x
I dunno but shouldn’t the bad ending of Bleach make you even more motivated to write so you get it better?
I like this, please continue :)
5/6/2018 c10 6Vertius
Just a quick update for everyone. Chapter 11 isn't broken, there is no Chapter 11 yet. I had an A/N up for a couple days to explain a couple of things and FF pushed it as chapter 11. I just took the A/N down and for some reason, it said the story was updated again when it wasn't. So yeah, if it says there should be chapter 11 but there isn't an 11, that's why.
5/6/2018 c10 Akaiinazuma73
Just fyi, chapter 11 is broken idk if it's just for me or not.
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