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for Guardian of the Dead (Old)

1/7/2019 c13 ZiggySmallz
I look forward to the rewrite, please update this story when you pay the rewrite so we don't miss it.
1/7/2019 c13 1jiongu-naruto
well I can't say I am disappointed that you are rewriting this! I am very happy that you are keeping this version up while the new version is being posted separately! I have seen too many writers here on replace a story with the rewrite instead of posting the rewrite as a separate story. when you post the rewite do you think you can make it so some of the Nekomata survived the massacre because they were not in the village? I don't think it is realistic that all the Nekomata were in the village when the massacre took place, so I was hoping you would make it so some of the nekomata had left the village for reasons like going to get something not available in the village. I was thinking that if you do have some nekomata survive due to not being there when the massacre took place then you could have them be on the run with Ichigo finding them and bringing them to Yasaka.
1/7/2019 c13 9Loyal Kriegsmen
That sad to hear. But when you make the new story can you update monthly, I knew you have a life and such but it’s better then weekly and yearly because weekly is to fast for some of us and yearly is to long but monthly is just perfect. And 6 months is good to but it depends on how you are doing and so forth
1/7/2019 c13 WhoFeedYasuo
The part i really liked was the fact that ichigo had a dislike for the actions the demon faction did, and the relationship with koneko and the shinto faction, hopefully you keep that for the rewrite.

It'll kinda suck waiting for new chapters but new content is better than no content, and it would be bad for the story and you if you forced yourself to write a story you didn't feel good about too so a rewrite is good lol.

You will still have the support of all the people that have enjoyed your stories so far and i doubt anyone will be missing out on the new chapters when you post them, especially with the way bleach Xovers are now...

Just please don't keep us all waiting for too long haha
1/7/2019 c13 3Accursius
First of all: do what you think feels best, it is your story and a story you do not want to write will not turn out good anyway.

Advice: Have a critical eye, especially for things you believe to be awesome. Take a step back and re-evalutate it. Sometimes less is better - IMO an OP power is not as entertaining to read as creative use of its powers.
Might I ask what it is exactly that you dislike about Ryujin Jakka? And before you decide on a new Zan, have you considered if the same or a similar problem might rear its ugly head again?

Personally: I hate most of the novels cuz they either break canon outright or insinuate how they have people more awesome than canon and IMO a Zan that summons hollows is BS, not to mention that the known creation story behind Ikomikidomoe smells like BS; among other things cuz we know that Asauchi do not yet have any abilities by themselves (Sayafushi is simply a sharp Asauchi). Nimaya might have forged a hollow into an Asauchi, ok, but why does that grant it abilities? Etc...

I have to agree with several points made by Morgoslos and Scandalf and IMO Fanficlover2017 brought to interesting alternatives to the table in Shinso and Nejibane.

If you want to, feel free to PM to bounce ideas around.
Good luck and I hope the rewrite will turn out good!
1/7/2019 c13 10Fanficlover2017
Ryujin jakka was not the only choice you had. You could have gi en him Shinso or Kyoka Suigetsu or Sussemushi hell even nejibana you even could have created a similar zanpaktou to Zangetsu if you wanted so your argument that giving him ryujin jakka was your only choice is in my book a load of bull. Don't get me wrong your story is great and I love it but saying you had "no choice" is an excuse an I would like to think that you are better that considering how good your writing is you don't seem like the kind of person to make excuses for things like this.
1/7/2019 c13 Arthanos
I will always love this story. (I'm glad your not deleting this version) I will be sad that it won't be continuing but I can live with it. I can't wait to see the rewrite's first chapter. (I will be honest and say that if the general feel of the story is the same, then I will love it too)
1/7/2019 c13 10MidnightFenrir
Well, here's hoping you'll be able to make the new version as great, if not better, than this one was.

Please do keep us updated :)
1/7/2019 c13 XDXDD
tbh... i don't really like the idea of you giving ryujin jakka to ichigo... but i really like the story i still go with it... and when you say you're gonna give him a new sword... then heck yeah!
1/6/2019 c13 1Aegorm
Hmmm, that's a shame tbh, I like Ryujin Jakka quite a bit but I'll check the new version out.
1/6/2019 c13 Matemeo3
Only sad part about a rewrite is that the stories often never get back to the point in plot they originally made it to. It's going to be a long haul getting back to 12 chapters worth of content. If you have the determination to do so, and you feel you'll overall be more happy about this story, then I'll stick with this the whole way.
1/6/2019 c13 shiranakutemokekko
Thanks for the info. It was a good story, not without its faults, but nevertheless a good one. Looking forward to your rewrite of it.
1/6/2019 c13 Kragh
Thanks for the message. Please update when the new version is out
1/6/2019 c13 1deathincarnate65
Go for it i never could really wrap my head around him having ryujin jakka
1/6/2019 c13 2Reclusive Dork
And just like that, my respect for you has gone up.

one of my favorite stories was deleted when the author posted a rewrite, and i never got to finish what he had written.
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