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11/14/2017 c8 5BrightNova169
Gotta give credit to Ichigo for using his head here. Setting up a plan to handle Xcution with some subtlety and strategy is a good idea, way better than joining up with them for more power or blindly charging in like usual. Then again, Ryujin Jakka and Amaterasu helped him get his powers back and informed him of what's happening, already negating Ginjo's plans.

Yeah, Ichigo's latent spiritual potential did cause his friends to get dragged into those messes. Even if they are willing to follow him through thick and thin, it doesn't change the fact that they gained powers against their wills and lost their chance to live normal lives. All they can do now is make the most of their situation by getting stronger and smarter. Maybe they can go bug Urahara for some strategy lessons; they'll get smarter and get chances to annoy him, a win-win situation.

Crazy as he was, props to Ginjo for having a contingency plan to counter Ichigo's strategizing. Too bad they couldn't factor in Ichigo's insane new powers.

While I'm glad Tsukishima is dead since he was a nasty piece of work along with Giriko, I felt kind of bad that Jackie got incinerated too. She was one of the few decent Xcution members. Still, that was a dick move from Ryujin Jakka. There could've been way better ways to teach Ichigo how to kill than make him believe he slaughtered several people and crippled one because of his supposed lack of control.

Ichigo's reaction to killing someone for the first time was by no means unreasonable. Learning how to kill and actually doing so are definitely two different scenarios. Hopefully the phrase 'the first time is always the hardest' applies here because Ichigo will definitely have to kill a lot more people in the DxD verse. If nothing else, at least Tsukishima was inherently evil and his actions made him unsympathetic enough to easily dehumanize him, so at least Ichigo's technically first kill was someone truly evil.

Isshin did good giving Ichigo that advice on killing and redeeming. His son is no longer going to be in a shonen setting where the power of friendship will always be able to redeem enemies by beating them into submission or talking them down. Still, that doesn't mean he couldn't gain some new allies by showing them the error of their ways. A certain rogue Nekomata comes to mind, hint hint...

Wonder if Ginjo will eventually become an ally to Ichigo since he was given one chance to not cause trouble anymore? Crazy as the guy is, he looked like he won't try anything like what he did again. Plus, he might be able to take his anger issues out on some of Ichigo's future enemies.

Say, since Ichigo's Quincy ability Schattenreich can allow him to travel to Takama-ga-Hara, does that mean he could use that to travel across dimensions like to Kuoh Town? Or does he need help from the Shinto to do that? If he doesn't need extra help, can other characters from Karakura travel between dimensions?

While I'm glad Ichigo won't hold the Xcution incident against Ryujin Jakka, I hope the latter won't do something like that again for the sake of teaching lessons.

Man, if Ichigo ever learned even the basics of playing politics, he'd probably be a nightmare to face. Then again, even his bluntness can be a deadly weapon if used properly.

Oh man, I'm surprised Ichigo didn't lose even more control after reading those Shinto Reports about the ORC peerage members. Sirzechs and Rias just dug their political (and likely literal) graves and I can't wait to see how Ichigo delivers justice to them. I heard from one reviewer that if Ichigo alluded to the fact that Rias's peerage was built upon lies, their bonds could fall apart. If so, I'd be curious to how Koneko/Shirone would react to Ichigo. On one hand, she'd probably appreciate hearing the truth about her sister's behavior and reasons for going rogue, but she'd also have to account for how Ichigo basically pointed out how she was tricked into becoming a slave for her 'safety.'

On a lighter note, the poor guy's reactions to hearing about Kuoh Academy were hilarious. It really is weird that Ichigo loses his mind over such a trivial thing compared to how he's died at least three times now and faced so many nightmarish foes with nothing more than dry commentary and determination. No doubt he'd be the odd man out at his new school.

Also, I'm liking the Shinto faction the more I read about them. Not only are they reasonable, upstanding, and friendly, but they actually respect Ichigo and give him some personal space and privacy, something the devils and fallen angels never do for their allies in canon or fanfictions. I'm sure Ichigo would be pissed if someone trespassed in his house or altered it without his consent to say nothing of anything more invasive.

That part where Issei slammed into a Danku barrier was one of the best moments of this chapter and a great way to balance out the heavy drama. The only thing that could've made it better was if his face made squeaky noises while sliding down. If Ichigo's reactions are anything to go by, those two will not get along at all.

I respect your decision to have Ichigo not instantly become a Kido master. However, if you accept requests for what Ichigo would learn next, I suggest Sajo Sabaku. It's a technique that has lots of potential uses: binding enemies, grabbing objects, a mid/long-range move, etc. Chains that can secure enemies can really help.

Well, it's ultimately your call. Either way, I think you've been developing Ichigo's abilities very well and at a reasonable pace. I'm looking forward to when he'll have some serious interactions with the ORC and the Student Council and whenever he starts messing with the plot. Keep up the good work.

11/13/2017 c9 PcPlayer99
Singular: Woman
Plural: Women
11/12/2017 c9 13Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
For a site to post the rankings (for free), I'd recommend DeviantART. There's no rules against doing stuff like that, and they even give you the option to make "Journals" to provide updates for those who follow your posts.

However, the FanFictionNet site forbids HTTP formatted links that go out of the site, and will hide your links if you don't render them unrecognizable to the site's scans for links. Many other writers have attempted to put links into their stories, only for them to disappear the moment they're uploaded to the site, replaced with an empty space wherever the link was meant to be. And when people started using the "Letter Spacing" method of posting links (example, " : / / . c o m" for YouTube), the site removed the ability to highlight Story text in order to counter the solution to external links. The issue is really only a problem when "I" and "L" are used, particularly the lowercase "L" and uppercase "I" characters.

The easiest method would be to give your pen name for the chosen site, and point people towards it for references in stories that require the use of another site.

Anyways, my review for this chapter is really lacking aside from the advice on your Rankings issue.

I was a little upset when I realized I had finished the chapter because it was on a cliffhanger, and I'd have to wait until the next chapter to find out where the situation would go. Me being me, I tend to go through every possible scenario to complete a story's ending scene in my mind, so it drives me up the wall to finish a chapter on a cliffhanger. Not saying anything negative here, just that I enjoyed the story a little TOO thoroughly, and will likely end up chewing holes in my cheeks trying to figure out what might happen next.

I'm attempting humor here, but text doesn't really convey that very well, so I'm letting you know so it won't sound like I'm being negative or anything. I honestly do enjoy your story so far, and I definitely look forward to seeing what comes next in the plot.
11/12/2017 c8 Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
Your explanations so far have made complete sense to me. Helps me understand the story a little more, as well.

Every time I read one of your Author Notes, it's entirely made of helpful information relating to the story.

Maybe one or two cases in this story had less relevant info, but it was still useful information in some way.

Not much to add here, aside from my approval at your idea for his "Gear Switch" trick, as I'm calling it. Fire is really awesome as a "special effect" for any kind of scene, whether it's just changing outfits with supernatural power, or someone taking on a more powerful form, or even just raw power surrounding someone. So for me, your decision to use fire for his outfit swapping was definitely a plus for the story. He's got a Fire-based Zanpakuto, so of course a fiery theme should fit better than just a flash of light or whatever.
11/11/2017 c4 Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
I agree with you regarding Ryujin. He would never accept a hesitant wielder who can't bring themselves to go all-out like that. And I also agree fully with your interpretation of WHY Ichigo always just barely scraped a win together in most of his battles, and only ever moved forward due to Zangetsu's aid (both of him).

That said, you did an indescribably good job writing those scenes out. I literally can't come up with a word to describe it, as nothing quite fits what I'm trying to say.

You can guess my opinion based on how much I can say about something, and why I can only say that much if a reason is given. So I'll end my review here, as I really have no further comments to make with the previous two reviews I did today.
11/11/2017 c3 Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
Man this is getting intense!

Getting even better now that there's some suspense to grab me.

Listening to some good Bleach OST music while reading this, and I have to say, you could certainly make a tribute to this story using those soundtracks if there were pictures to go with it.
11/11/2017 c9 gormadesh
really hope you do a small harem for ichigo! yoruichi, amaterasu and yasaka perhaps ? seems like the people he has talked to the most so far into the story
11/11/2017 c1 Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
Not even at the second chapter yet, and I've already Followed and Favorited the story!

Really amazing story so far! It's a shame I didn't find this one until just an hour ago (from the time I typed this, anyways). At least it was updated this month, so I'll still get to follow along once I catch up to the most recent chapter, so I can deal with being a bit late on finding it.

Going to try and wait for the update (or last posted chapter) to review again, but no guarantees if the story is already getting my attention this quickly. There's a much bigger chance of me reviewing every chapter even if I wanted to wait for the last posted chapter to review the whole story at once...

Either way, I'm really impressed with your work so far (as of Chapter 1).
11/11/2017 c7 5BrightNova169
Urahara is always fun to read when he maintains his dopey shopkeeper fa├žade. Then again, it must be a coping mechanism he developed after he got exiled. I kind of regret making that comical aspect of his darker.

With all the little moments, it kind of seems like you're setting Ichigo up with Yoruichi. Nothing against her but I think she would be pair off better with Urahara. Those two suffered exile together for over a century and understand each other very well. Despite their bickering, arguments, and general trolling, they definitely respect one another and both have experience with assassination. Plus, they compliment each other's methods to solving problems: Yoruichi holds immense skill in physical battles while Urahara has immense scientific capabilities.

Glad to see Tatsuki get powers. It seemed like a wasted opportunity to not allow her to get powers during the series. She could've been a major asset against Aizen's forces. But even though she's far behind in power, at least now she isn't going to be completely shafted to the sidelines. Wonder if Yoruichi will teach her some variant of Shunko later on.

Ichigo's still breaking all the rules of reality? Good to hear some things haven't changed. Though it is sad he has to keep himself a secret to Soul Society. They owe him a massive debt for his aid and forcing him into hiding seems like a crappy way to repay that.

And now Ichigo's taking measures to deal with the Fullbringers more thoroughly. Great to see our hero taking initiative rather than just waltzing right into a trap. While it's still a little surreal to see Ichigo being this smart, it's very refreshing to see him not treated as another hot-blooded Idiot Hero.
He's learning to read between the lines and pinpoint specific details to use for his plan.

Sorry to hear some of your favorite fanfictions got taken down. But there's always the chance to find more good ones.

Anyways, run-on sentences seem to be an issue for you. Might want to consult a beta for improving your writing? Despite that issue, this is still really good. Keep up the good work.

11/10/2017 c9 jigentou
Really well done story. Especially the unique take on the Shinto faction and how Ichigo is aligned with them. Honestly it matches really well.

Characterization is very well. An amazing amount of development on Ichigo's part although I think the whole learning 'how to kill' part was kind of 'meh'. As the whole thing with Ichigo vs Zaraki was learning to cut your enemy without holding back. Ichigo learned that killing mentality early on. Although you need to account for Shonen logic in that what should be 'fatal' wounds doesn't stop the plot armor from saving the character. Its a way to keep characters in the story. Basically, it was rehashing what Ichigo should already know.

Even the minor characters that pop up are interesting and quirky. Ayame and Ichigo made for funny interactions. Urahara and Yoruichi were spot on in terms of their character. Overall you do very well in differentiating each character.

Honestly the only issue I had was with what I said above. Yet it hardly matters when looking at the entirety of the story.
11/9/2017 c6 BrightNova169
I'm surprised the Soul Society would believe that Ichigo would stay dead. Didn't they know that Ichigo has been able to cheat death before? This is kind of like a normal Monday for him. Plus, the fact that they freaked out about his death seems to imply (to me) that they would be utterly screwed without him. It's almost like he's become a military crutch to them. Somewhat understandable at first since Aizen's defection left Soul Society without three captains, but now it seems like they are beginning to rely on him a bit too much. They will really need to step up their training to help him in the events to come.

Who exactly saved Ichigo? Is this individual a canon character?

Ichigo's a special enforcer for the Shinto. Makes sense considering he's the best at what he does. As long as they don't try to restrict his actions too much, they shouldn't have too much conflict.

If Ichigo was reborn as a human/dragon hybrid and kept Zangetsu, I think it would be fine considering Zangetsu is a representation of Ichigo's soul. Maybe it might be a bit convenient since he'd have a massive amount of power right at his disposal, but the power scaling in DxD is ridiculous. As for potentially not having Shikai or Bankai, maybe Ichigo could use different versions of them due to his new biology. After all, traditional Shikai and Bankai mechanics would only apply to normal Shinigami and Ichigo would be anything but normal at that point.

Still, it's good to see his teachers are so quick to accept his return. Honestly, they should realize by now that Ichigo's too stubborn to stay dead.


P.S. Since Ichigo's attained all his Quincy and Hollow powers, does that mean he also has Hierro? I'd imagine that would come in very handy for future fights or whenever someone wants to beat him up over trivial matters.
11/7/2017 c9 WhoFeedYasuo
Weell... you could always put it in your Bio?

This is getting exiting tbh, can't wait for the next chapter.

I honestly thought you gave up on the story like almost every fanfic in the Bleach x DxD section. . Glad you didn't. Keep up the good work and thanks for writing this
11/6/2017 c9 Fenix
11/3/2017 c9 naruto
great chapter keep it up and for the power rankings for those you could do those after every ark or every other to show how people have gotten stronger or improved. this could be down after the last chapter of a ark you could put up a power ranking chapter after the last chapter plus it is great that you have come up with were you want the story to end
11/5/2017 c5 BrightNova169
I'm a little disappointed Ichigo didn't appear before the Riser arc. Just think of the waves he could have made. Oh well, he'll get plenty of chances to raise hell soon enough.

A possible war between the Shinto and the Devils? Just saying it now: if it happens, my money's on the Shinto winning. They've got Ichigo as their secret weapon. And with Ichigo, they'd have connections to Soul Society and all of his other allies (the Vizards, the Karakura Crew, etc.).

Just imagining a younger Yamamoto going toe-to-toe with Ddraig sounds nothing short of amazing. Maybe if Ichigo ever learns about that, he could go ask the old man for some more exposition or tips on fighting a Heavenly Dragon. Also, in a rather macabre fashion, it's pretty funny to imagine Yamamoto being famed in the DxD universe as a bogeyman, earning his fan nickname - Old Man Genocide.

Say, since Tatsuki is now more involved in the goings-on of the supernatural, is she going to gain powers in your story? I mean, she's spent a lot of time around Ichigo in canon yet she never developed any abilities despite Chad and Inoue doing just that. With her karate skills, grit, and attitude, she'd make a great ally.

Kisuke Urahara gave a half-assed excuse to not train Ichigo in controlling his reiatsu levels? Someone's gonna get toasted later... Power control sounds like a skill that should never be skipped regardless of how tedious the task might be. After all, power without control could be a catalyst for disaster.

When Isshin collapsed after hearing Ichigo died, I was reminded of the conversation after Ichigo's fight with Grand Fisher. Isshin told Ichigo to basically not die before him yet exactly that happened. I don't personally know the feeling, but outliving one's offspring has to be one of the worst experiences for any parent to endure. And the worst part was, yet again Isshin couldn't do anything to save his son (even though we know Ichigo will return).

Your scaling of general power levels seems reasonable for the established setting. A member of the Shinto Trinity would deserve to be an ace to handle any supernatural heavy-hitters on the opposing sides. Same for current!Yamamoto's strength. The story would become pretty boring if one faction grossly outmatched another in terms of raw power. However, that could leave potential for the Shinigami who may possess less strength to defeat stronger enemies through tactics and cunning like how Momo Hinamori held her own against Harribel's Fraccion with her extensive Kido knowledge.

Sorry to hear your computer died on you. Using stuff like flash-drives or Google Drive could help preserve your work in case something like that happens again.

As for the other story concept, it might be best if you just stuck to one story at a time for now.

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