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11/4/2017 c9 808Joker808
this is some really good shit.
11/4/2017 c4 5BrightNova169
Ah yes, the art of killing. Kisuke Urahara would definitely give that speech about being half-hearted here if he were present. Willingly taking a life, no matter the situation, should be handled with the utmost seriousness. Once you take a life, there's no turning back. Anyone who isn't prepared for that is bound to suffer some serious mental trauma.

On the flipside, this is probably one of the biggest issues most fictional main heroes face: they rarely, if ever, kill their enemies directly. Either they get redeemed through charisma or friendship clichés, done in by their own machinations, or the grittier characters kill them off. Granted, the shonen heroes are lucky since most times they have allies who are significantly more hardened to stain their hands with blood. And I mean VERY LUCKY given the danger some villains pose (i.e. Frieza, Nnoitra, Orochimaru, etc.). I mean, if the villains have no intention to change their ways or aren't planned to aid the heroes down the road, why wouldn't the writers let the heroes decide to kill them off? There's turning the other cheek and then there's downright stupidity (looking at you, Batman).

Ichigo was lucky that Byakuya cared about Rukia enough that he decided to not fight any further back in Soul Society or our favorite strawberry would've been dead.

Huh, my guess to kill Aizen was right. Go figure. Too bad it got Ichigo depressed...again. Still, it's good to see he's finally going to uphold Zangetsu's creed and fully learn to be the Number One Protector the world(s) need.

The final test was pretty interesting with both Zangetsu sides losing their abilities whenever Ichigo learned them. Strange as it sounds, it's like they began to limit themselves whenever Ichigo was getting the hang of his powers. Still, I'm glad he finally began to learn how to control the flow of his reiatsu so he won't have his powers overflow while in public. If that kept up, Karakura Town would become a bigger Hollow hotspot.

RIP Zangetsu. We'll miss you. At least Ichigo made peace with them before their final deaths. In a way, it kind of reminded me of Darth Vader's death in 'Return of the Jedi' where Luke finally made peace with his father and saw his true self for the first and last time; heartwarming and tragic.

I'm happy to see Ichigo finally earned Ryujin Jakka's power and a greater understanding of the world. But I'm still going to miss Zangetsu - both parts of him.

If I had to make a suggestion for Ichigo's new outfit, it would have to include a black longcoat at the very least. I just have a hard time imagining him without one now. Also, his outfit might be better if it was less baggy, akin to his complete Fullbringer design. If he does have some parts of the Fullbringer suit, maybe it could have some amount of light armor (gauntlets or greaves maybe). I might be the odd one out, but I thought Ichigo's Fullbringer suit was pretty neat.

Regardless, I don't think he should be dressed like a regular Shinigami because he is not regular. He's a hybrid of Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, and a potential Fullbringer (whether or not he unlocks it), so he deserves a custom outfit. Oh, crazy thought: maybe give him those cool shades his Quincy side had to honor Zangetsu. He could even pull the shades off just to give his enemies an icy stare for laughs.

Well, the final design is up to you and I'll respect your choice. Anyways, I think you put in plenty for this chapter.

11/4/2017 c9 Sakra95
Another great chapter. Can't wait for Ichigo to use his sword in front of the devils and Ddraig recognising it. Also please try to avoid Ichigo being forced or hoodwinked into training Rias and her peerage. That situation is a lot common in DxD crossover fanfictions that the character ends up training them.
11/2/2017 c9 Kuro
Honestly im a bit confused on why people seem to be so hard on issei being a pervert when for 1 most people are perverts and just confine it to their own home and 2 him being a pervert is only one trait he holds put people act like vocaly liking boobs which a teenage boy should is a bad thing and issie despite being a good person other wise should be condemed and hated. i mean isnt one of ichigos friends a pervert and all he treats him with is exasperation in his over the top manner then theres the chick thats always groping orihime who is also treated with exasperation and not hate so what the instant dislike for issei who is pretty much the same, as a matter a fact issei is pretty much look dont touch unless given permission from the bits of dxd ive seen
11/3/2017 c3 BrightNova169
Being thrown into Aizen's geta must've been horrendous for Ichigo. Even for a test, that was brutal.

Ryujin Jakka sounded a little weird calling Ichigo a 'poser'. I'd expect talk like that from someone less dignified or ancient (i.e. Keigo). Still, his appearance seems fitting and his speech sounds good for the most part.

Fire can't really be used to protect, can it? Unless he made some kind of fire barrier, all Ichigo could really do is burn anything or anyone to ashes. The only 'healing' aspect it might have would be to cauterize bleeding wounds, a very crude and painful procedure. Maybe that's why Ryujin Jakka called Ichigo weak; you either use his power in full or not at all, no middle ground for a personified force of nature.

Still, the fire spirit was right that Ichigo always resisted his instincts. Much as he might've hated his Hollow - or rather Zangetsu - he needed his help to win against his most powerful enemies. He was basically shunning himself, refusing to accept every part of his being thus leaving him in constant emotional turmoil. Kisuke would be disappointed at seeing his protégé become half-hearted, a quality that wouldn't fly for saving Rukia from Soul Society.

The ending conversation with Zangetsu - the Hollow side - really helped to humanize him. I mean, if he really was evil, would he have bothered to lend the Hollow Mask to him? Wouldn't he have attempted to take over Ichigo's spirit more often? No. He was trying to help Ichigo all along albeit in his own crude, psychotic manner.

Wow, didn't know Ichigo's death could alter the weather in two dimensions. It's almost like he was projecting his Inner World upon them.

That last part of the chapter brought up two gripes I had with Bleach:

1) Why didn't Ichigo try to connect with Zangetsu more? He could've been so much stronger and likely steam-rolled his enemies if he remembered that his weapon was a sentient being. Not to mention he'd recover from his angst faster. Plus, he could've made peace with himself - specifically his Hollow - much faster and gained a better grip on Hollow powers just like in 'A Protector's Pride'. BTW, if you haven't read that fic, I strongly suggest it.

2) Why didn't Ichigo bring himself to officially kill any of his enemies? Granted, things worked out for Renji and Byakuya since he could probably sense their emotions through their Zanpakuto (both wanted to save Rukia), but that doesn't really excuse anyone else especially Aizen. I mean, the guy was set on throwing several dimensions into total chaos to achieve godhood, massacring and manipulating his way to the finish line. When Ichigo achieved his Dangai state, he probably could've killed Aizen just by beating him senseless without having to sacrifice his powers or rely on the sealing Kido. Just using Mugetsu (cool as it was) left him defenseless, killed Zangetsu, left Aizen alive, and left him moping for over a year. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

Well, with that rant out of my system, I have noticed you made a couple grammatical errors such as when you used 'your' when you should've used 'you're' or when you accidentally used a plural term when it should've been singular. Otherwise, things looked really good. The final lessons with Zangetsu should be awesome.

Dear Kami, Ddraig is just a textbook example of the trope "How the Mighty Have Fallen." If I had to choose to fill the shoes of either Ddraig or Ash's Pikachu suffering a seasonal Power Reset, I'd definitely choose the latter. Even if I lost my strength, I'd still have my smarts and could win with clever strategies and experience. Plus, I'd be working with someone who would be pure of heart regardless of his bone-headed behavior (most of which was done by the bone-headed writers to keep merchandising the series). Not to mention most of Ash's idiocy could be hand-waved due to his permanent status as a 10 year old.

11/3/2017 c9 Hygieia
Interested to see where this goess after all of the build up.
11/3/2017 c9 TheLaughingStalk
I lik how it all looks so far, the interactions between characters and the overall atmosphere. The scene with Sona made me laugh, keep up the great work.
11/3/2017 c9 Kono Dio Brando Da
Thanks for the Update!
11/3/2017 c9 1atchoum35
Nice chapter. Thanks..continue
11/2/2017 c2 TenshiNoAka
I don't understand the needless pity that you put on Ichigo.
Why did you pulled the "My friend left me, i'm alone" card?
No one ever treated him like an idiot too.
I don't understand the whole "Oh we were so wrong *tear*, now he is not here anymore" as if they tried to kill him.
Its not right. Its seem so forced. Its unatural.

For what purpose was it done like that?
I bet the story would have stayed the same without the current superficial "drama" that surround it.
So again. Why? Do you have something in mind? Or is it just something that will be forgotten after a plain apology with teared face?

I can't stop feeling skeptical about all this.
Its okay if you have something in mind. An element that will be triggered by this little "betrayal" from his friend.
Its not if its only a superficial element without a real purpose.
11/2/2017 c9 Uzumaki Rasengan Rendan
Well, looks like Ichigo's good intentions are going to come back and bite him in the ass. No good deed goes unpunished, right? Being seen with the Exorcists is going to make Rias believe he is one, or that he's allied with them. So much for being a neutral 3rd party in this conflict.
11/2/2017 c9 bladetri
like XD
11/2/2017 c2 5BrightNova169
I can't really understand Ichigo's pain due to the fact that I can't recall having had any vivid dreams like that, but it sounded like he was put through the wringer. Hopefully that dream wasn't some kind of glimpse into the future. Just losing Masaki through the guy into years of depression. The thought of him losing anyone else would be devastating.

One bit of criticism is that due to Orihime's abilities, Ichigo shouldn't have any scars from his fights since reality rejection is way beyond healing Kido or traditional medicines. Even Ulquiorra's stab wounds were fully healed albeit by going full Hollow.

On the other hand, I appreciate that you are delving into Ichigo's thoughts more than what canon did. After all, Ichigo did happen to like the works of William Shakespeare which implies that he is a guy who exercises his brain much more than most shonen heroes. Showing Ichigo's true intelligence is a blessing that seems to be overlooked in many fanfictions. I salute you for improving his critical thinking skills, skills that will undoubtedly serve him well in the future.

I see that you made the events of 'The Diamond Dust Rebellion' canon here. One question I have is when would those events have occurred in the Bleach timeline? I get kind of confused trying to determine when some of the anime movies would tie into the main storylines (with the exception of Pokémon).

So Ichigo is getting tested by Ryujin Jakka? Well, that will certainly be a trial by fire.

Kind of sad that Yama-jii's Zanpakuto got neglected for so long. The fact that Zanpakuto are sentient makes it even worse. But when your powers could easily raze villages and forests with barely any effort, stretching your metaphorical legs can be problematic to say the least. Yamamoto seems more sympathetic after reading this.

Renji and Rukia's spar looked pretty good. There were a few sentences that could've been broken up. Some of them looked like they went on too long. The part with Byakuya cracking a smirk at Renji's pain was really good as was his opening up to Rukia; he's come a long way.

Isshin wouldn't be himself if he didn't make that crackpot excuse for his son's disappearance. Too bad Soifon had to deliver that news.

I might be pretty late making a pairing suggestion, but from my limited knowledge of DxD, I would recommend Kuroka for Ichigo. Both of them are big siblings devoted to their sisters and would raise hell to protect them - though the latter would have razed Hell. They are also extremely powerful and have the potential to live long lives, a must for Ichigo since he doesn't seem like the type to remarry. Furthermore, Kuroka could help Ichigo improve his ability to combat illusions.

Also, their opposite personalities would make for some great dynamics and comedy while having the potential for them to both grow as individuals understanding each other.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Good luck.

11/2/2017 c9 Nolifeking222
love it so far cant wait for more story
11/2/2017 c9 peddy-kun
I really enjoyed this chapter.

Despite enjoying the chapter I noticed that you’re going down the path of assuming Yuuto Kiba’s given name is Kiba. It’s not. His given name is Yuuto. This is a common misconception amongst the non light novel readers because IIRC Issei never calls Yuuto by his given name.
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