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9/15/2017 c5 Logic Soldier
I'm not sure if your nerfing Ichigo's True Zanpukto powers for the plot or actually believe he's weaker then Yamamoto.

Yamamoto power wise is nothing compared to Dangai Ichigo and Aizen. Why? Because transcendent beings everyone else. Yamamoto even with Bankai his power was felt meaning he wasn't transcendent. True Shikai was stated by Yhwach to be as strong as Final Getsuga which shit on Monster Aizen. Not only that but he matched Soul King Yhwach in Merged Hollow form who was casually Multi-Planet, without Bankai. By the End of the TWBW Ichigo without Shikai Yamamoto's Bankai.
9/13/2017 c5 Guest
You Could use Ao Kuang
9/12/2017 c8 Guest
All I'm gonna say is please don't do the whole EVIL! MANIPULTIVE! Rias when in canon she was genuanlly a good person just a bit callous brought on by naivete she really shouldn't have all things considered and had nothing to do with most of her pieces situation outside of Asia and issie issue and even then she had genuine reasons to try and stay out of it in the formers case and only got involved period because her servants ran off and then revived her because issie begged her honestly most who do seem to be those who only watch the anime which all things considered is understandable cuz you can't fit a characters thoughts and perception of the world into a visual medium not clearly or really at all and on the sirzechs thing I'm fine with it specifically the explanation on how she got her peirage even though I'm pretty sure there was more to the koneko thing than sirzechs being a dick sick but I only ask you don't make him retarded and actually do his power justice the man is a monster that stands at the top of the world and should reflect that if I remeber correctly he and akuja are tied at #10 on the strongest being list I dont mind the amaterastu thing like some might but I would consider just making it where sirzechs is well within amateratsu's ability to kill but the same is true in reverse where sirzechs or Akuja are equally capable of killing her basically a coin flip where the outcome will be weighed by intelligence, planning and outside factors all I ask in the end is you don't fall into tropes of the idiot ball characters have no right to be holding without good reason personal or outside factors causing it a good portion of the higher beings are ancient and should reflect that ignoring beings like ophis who are mostly the way they are from shear apathy towards the world so essentially make the world a logical? One not the rather crapy anime and the books though in there latters case it's really only it's inability to live up to its own hype sarog and sirzechs were both touted to be able to destroy planets at full power but we never see it as far as I can remeber

Sorry for being so long winded but dxd is one of those series with a huge amount of potential especially in fanfiction the problem is the original ended up being one of those series where people can use canon was a exuse when most would admit some of the things that happened could of been handled better then turn around and use those very things as a way to justify certain things happening to say a characters they don't like or someone who had a lot of potential but it was only hinted at never expired like I said before even if they dont like that character thats no reason not to give there character credit and makes for shoddy writing(last but was not directed at you just my general opionion on the matter and to act as something of a warning and in that vein be carefull of mary sue'ness I recommend looking up myths and such for the Shinto religion for flaws as a example amateratsu was rather vain and such and a final peice of advice is carefull with ichigo remeber hes a unreliable narrator and only sees the world as himself and not the all knowing author and that the world doesn't revolve around him pardon my terminology for this one try and avoid ichigo want rights now in dxd he's nothing overtly special, really interesting yes the world should bend to his whims no, characters shouldn't be singing his praise every time they pop up cuz they have there own problems and concerns and the world is a lot bigger than one man use them to show it when you need/want to the world that is.

Sorry is this came off as telling you how to Write your story that's not my intention I just wanted to give you some advice about things that regularly pop up in fanfiction remeber you aren't bound by the restrictions of canon so you can live up to its hype and I look forward to seeing where this goes from here.(ls I forgot try to make ichigo flawed I some way as well just try and make it logical and natural it will make him feel more real just try to avoid SUPER angst I know your going for the whole he grew up fast thing but he's still what 16 or 17 at this point there still a lot he doesn't know and can't know hard lessons he has still yet to learn one of witch is the feeling of coming as far as he has now just to get crushed utterly"pretty please?" And having to recover from it and such among others he's come a long way but should still have much more to go to reach the top. Also how high up is he going to go if you don't mind cuz I still say character reaching the levels of 666,gr, and ophis is kinda bulshit I can see #2 but #1 should be out of reach for beings not like the listed in the first place but that's just my opionion I dont know how this review thing works so is there anything you would like to discuss about all of the above
9/14/2017 c8 6Crossovernaru
Man this is one heck of a good story. Regarding your quandary regarding Ichigo's family name, one option is that you could give him the Shiba name, the other is that you could make him use both. Personally, I say go with Shiba while in DXD. Also regarding, Ichigo's reaction to Sirzechs, as well as Rias and how she recruited her peerage, I don't mind that you made Ichigo disagree with their methods of recruitment and the way he reacted definitely suits him. Just try to avoid any bashing.

Anyways I am looking forward to seeing Ichigo demonstrate his power as the representative of the Shinto faction. I hope you will make the upcoming battles as epic as possible.

Can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.
9/14/2017 c8 RoseWhiteLily
I say stay with Kurosaki, he's more used to it, maybe if he is involved with something political or fighting someone of importance have him use Shiba
9/14/2017 c8 Waberjack
Enjoy the story so far, looking forward to seeing Ichigo meet up with the devil's and their reaction to the Shinto becoming more involved in Japan. I especially like that Ichigo is learning Kido considering that in virtually every story I've read he never bothers to.

Also, I think that using the Shiba name is a good idea since I can see the Devils, especially the 72 pillars, taking Ichigo a lot more seriously if he is a noble. I can also see Ichigo wanting to do it to keep his sisters safe from the enemies he will make by having a different last name.

I just hope you don't focus too much on Ichigo's high school life and have him travel around and explore the Supernatural world considering you've repeatedly mentioned how vast the world is and it'd be a shame to have the focus on one small town Japanese school.
9/13/2017 c8 1Neah Walker 17
update this! we need more! this is easily one of the best DxD XOver i've read!
9/12/2017 c8 pyre101
So I am caught up and I hope to continue reading more of this. I would argue against Ichigo wielding one of the most broken Canon swords instead of you coming up with one of your own, but a bit late for that. I would suggest that he use the Shiba name to honor Amaterasu and I would like more scenes of her acting motherly. It adds something to the whole plot. For pairings, I recommend looking at Yasaka (probably misspelled that) and avoid main character pairings that are the standard. Go for more of the unusual. And, please, by all that is holy and unholy, make Ichigo work for everything. Don't give him OP powers just with a time skip. Tell us how he got to be OP. Tell us how he will purify the pervertedness from Issei and must do a weekly exorcism to ensure Issei stays that way. Have some fun writing this story, but please be serious as well. Give him a different Bankai that is unique to him than what Canon Ryujin Jakka has. Be different!
9/11/2017 c1 1FirstStory
I've been reading this for a bit and I like it a lot so far. I am wondering if this is an AU type of story because I didn't know if the devil bashing was your interpretation of it for the sake of the story or if that was what the Shinto supposedly believe. If I recall, Issei was the only one able to activate the circle after making a strong desire and Rias didn't take action for Asia out of fear for starting a war.
9/10/2017 c8 1BloodWolf752
Are you planning on having Ichigo step in and stop Kokabiel? Not only would that give readers a decent idea on how strong Ichigo is but it would also be a big political gain for the Shinto faction with other factions (especially the devil faction) what with a member of the Shinto faction stopping the Great War from restarting and saving countless lives in the process but also saving the heiresses of 2 of the 72 pillars AND the little sisters of 2 of the 4 maou would definitely net the Shinto a lot of respect and influence with the other factions.
9/9/2017 c8 yorman.parrapalacio
I think I should use the name shiba
9/7/2017 c8 Crystallized Dreamscape
Well... I guess I will finally take time to write a review on this story. To be honest I was pretty hesitant to read it since I dropped the DxD manga pretty early because it is a bit too H for me... I just don't see the nessessity in showing off female underwear in the process of stumbling and falling. Not my style. But since I like the way you write I decided to give it a try. So far I am quite satisfied with the story and it's progress.
To give Ichigo Ryujin Jakka as his new Zanpakutou was a brilliant idea. Somehow I always imagined him controlling the fire or lightning (or both :P). Ichigo is in my opinion much too fiery to control the moon. He has too much energy and is very emotional. I rather assossiate him with the sun than the moon.

For the romance-part: I don't know much about the DxD world as I dropped it pretty soon. I'll read any pairing as long as it's plausible.

For the name part: I think Ichigo wouldn't give up his mother's name just because the Shiba name has more influence. So I guess I'd leave Kurosaki. Or he uses both his father's and his mother's names.
9/5/2017 c8 bardshark
I really enjoy this story and I hope you update soon I wanna see what's gonna happen next. Keep kurosaki. Shiba doesn't have as nice of a ring to it
9/4/2017 c8 Guest
Annother great chapter! I personally think that he should be somewhat selective in the use of the Shiba name, maybe only in front of members of the shinto faction. An important aspect of this is Ichigo honouring his mother, as well as the importance names has to him (more specificlly his own name). Basically I think the Kurosaki name has a more important place in Ichigo's life than the Shiba name, as he has very little logical reason to feel attached to it at this point in the Bleach timeline. But that could change in the future if you wish it so, an arc where he discovers the Shiba's duties in the Shinto faction would be cool.
9/5/2017 c8 1atchoum35
Thanks for the chapter. Good to see ichigo finally in the dxd universe. For your question i think he can use both. Kurosaki as a token of memory and respect for his mother who play a big role by her death in his life and why he is the man he is today. And shiba for the power of the name. Ichigo kurosaki-shiba is also pretty badass as a surname.
Continue your doing great.
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