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1/6/2019 c13 1IceBishop
Dang, I've really enjoyed this story. Can't wait to keep seeing more of your work.
1/6/2019 c13 5jlee0799
I'll be looking forward to the new version and I also agree it would be for the best that Ichigo does not take someone else's Zanpakuto and hopefully his new one will be badass . Also I think it would be cool if you make Ichigo maybe 22 - 25 years old so he can be a teacher instead of a student . Maybe even a little older than that . I just like to read from the perspective of an older character sometimes (I.e. not a kid/teenager) . I personally am in my 20's and I just think its weird that so many stories think all these kids could actually handle the weight of having to save the world or defeat some Godlike being (Bleach , Hitman Reborn , etc. You could try to add Naruto to that list as well , but he had no choice since it was a war and he had to step up) . Its actually kinda funny because in Katekyo Hitman Reborn , Tsuna , the mc, actually pointed this out when he and his friends were asked to save the world . He himself (And he was about 14) said the idea was too abstract for kids to even be asked to save the world and he actually said no if I recall correctly . Ultimately he and his friends did do it , but the point remains . Anyway I know I went a little off topic , but I do think this could be a good move for your story .
1/6/2019 c13 Logic Soldier
I don't understand why you don't give him his actual Zanpkuto but with new abilities as we didn't actually see his new Bankai's power since Yhwach kept breaking it before he could use it. Something about his Bankai made Yhwach fear it.
1/6/2019 c13 4DRADX
I can get behind this rewrite. But I'd need a little more info about the new sword your planing on giving ichigo as I haven't read "don't fear your own world" (I can't because ichigo isn't the mc, so I'll wait til it's completely finished then I'll read it)
1/6/2019 c13 Falvern
Hmm...that's understandable. I'm just glad that you aren't abandoning the idea entirely. The premise was pretty fantastic, and I was a bit worried when I noticed that this chapter was an AN. I was a bit ambivalent towards Ichigo gaining Ryujin Jakka, though you did give a plausible reason as to how and why. I assume that the sword you're referring to is Ikomikidomoe? I haven't read the CFYOW LN's, but I've read some things on reddit. I'm not sure what its exact abilities entail, but I find the connection to Shinto cosmology in its name to be interesting. And it fits in quite well with this story idea.

Consider me interested in this rewrite. I'll be on the lookout for whenever you get around to writing and posting it.
1/6/2019 c13 Morgoslos
Generally speaking, when someone says they found something that is "one of, if not the coolest ever" of anything, it usually... isn't.

You should avoid fan boying whatever blade it is too hard and think carefully about what you're actually putting into the story. I would consider the book you mentioned to be non-canon because it's written by someone other than the original person writing Bleach. Sure, the guy has an impressive work history on his own (Apparently he wrote Baccano! which is cool), but there's still issues with writing in someone else's world.

The issue with "extended universe" type situations where multiple people add weapons, characters, plot line, etc. to a universe is that a lot of the time the writers feel like they need to have their own special characters or weapons that ultimately end up power creeping everything in the original universe.

Look at Fate for example. Artoria and Gilgamesh were meant to be some of the strongest Heroic Spirits possible (with Artoria being basically the perfect Saber, and Gilgamesh being the most over powered servant you could summon), but then the extended universe stuff started coming out and suddenly there's all these other servants who are just as powerful or more so. There's even other gods which should not be a thing, originally, but it became a thing. Hell, Fate/Grand Order isn't even balanced to keep Artoria as the strongest Saber which seems like a shame since she's basically the mascot for the franchise.

Maybe you can forgive that, but then you also get minor characters that have really stupid weapons and abilities that break the system. For example, there's a version of Artoria that became a goddess because she became more connected to a holy spear she happened to have, which somehow turned out to be something that could be use to essentially destroy the world and kill all humans. Because she wanted to "purify" the world.

Another example would be a blade that I read about that allegedly is every noble phantasm in Shirou Emiya's Reality Marble forged into a single katana that was... apparently as strong as 1000 Excaliburs? Excalibur being something that was supposed to be the strongest Holy Sword or whatever because it was created by the planet with the help of the Faeries or some convoluted nonsense like that. That all said, I can't find a source of the the super sword thing anymore, but I think it had something to do with a Pseudo-Servant version of Shirou and Masamune or some other ancient blacksmith.

This is largely game-related stuff, from stuff like Grand Order and some other spin-off games, but it's still all officially licensed. Officially licensed and also things that would completely destroy any kind of balance if they were put into the original property, such as a normal Grail War or something.

My point is that you should carefully consider just what it would mean if you pulled this sword from this extended universe book into your story and how it would exist in the balance of power for your story. Unless you don't care and simply want Ichigo to be monstrously overpowered which is also technically acceptable if you write it well.

Aside from power balancing, there's also the issue of where the sword came from. As a reader, I can tell you that I have zero desire to read an explanation about whatever story there is in this side books written by someone who isn't Tite Kubo. I don't have any interest in an arc where you go into that story to justify the existence of the blade. I don't really think there's much room for yet more religious bullshit in DxD either, since what little I'm seeing on the wiki about the story mentions a human religion/cult centered around whatever is happening in the story.

Ultimately, I think what I and many other readers want is simple: Ichigo in High School DxD doing interesting things and getting involved (ideally, romantically) with many beautiful women. Let's avoid too much extraneous nonsense that isn't even part of the main canon of Bleach.
1/6/2019 c13 ulquiorra.schiffer.1291
Honestly, if there's anyone I could think of who can pull of a good Bleach/DxD crossover without it dying/being entirely abandoned or Ichigo becoming a Devil (unless that's also happening. Always seems to be the case in most crossovers.) It's you. I plan on following the new version!
1/6/2019 c13 Robotdocter
this is both really cool and i dont like it mainly because i loved the story and you left it at such a big part in what the story was becoming on a cliffhanger. its good because you are rewriting it without ryujin jakka, but hopefully you update at a somewhat similar speed as it both wasnt too long between updates, and it wasnt rushed. cant wait to see the rewrite, but i do hope we get to see what was coming next soon(ish) amazing story :D
1/6/2019 c13 DarkPirateKing69
I would recommend you 'update' this story once more, even if it'a just to tell us the new story is up and running.
1/6/2019 c13 omegazero2718
Well even if I'm feeling sad about this, I still look forward the new Guardian of The Dead. Thanks you for your hard work and good luck in the future
1/6/2019 c13 literally fire
Nice to see your still willing to continue writing. You are one the best authors in the crossover community and I really commend your work. Can't wait for Ikomikidomoe to show up though. It's quite a great blade.

Keep up the great work UwU.
1/1/2019 c12 Please
12/6/2018 c12 ikusatsunagi
sooo, Ichigo x Koneko? xD
12/6/2018 c6 ikusatsunagi
ichigo x yoruichi 3
12/5/2018 c2 ikusatsunagi
Ichigo x Grayfia 3
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