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11/29/2018 c12 3AfterlifeXD
Love it, can't wait for more
11/22/2018 c12 2OncePondering
I really like the story...

Just hope that you would update soon

Though I wonder what the ship would be...
11/18/2018 c12 Scandalf
I'll be honest, I lost pretty much all the interest I have in this story by the time I was like hafway through the 11th chapter. It was a gradual thing, just the fact that everything took so god damn long to happen bored me much more than it should've. Ichigo acting like every bit of the character development he went through never happened at all was the last drop in the end.

He supposedly learned how to be a killer to protect but then he turned into a retard the moment he saw that he killed somebody. He even let Ginjo go even though he already ended up killing more than half of the group anyway(regardless of if it was on purpose or not because they clearly had that conversation before between him and Ryujin).
He supposedly became a protector but he ended up leaving everyone he loved and wanted to protect, behind, just because he wants to see the world...(who is he supposed to protect, sorry?)
He supposedly became wiser because of what happened between his attempt at getting his powers back and returning to living world but then he went and turned himself into a powerless human in the middle of enemy territory, just so he could have a fair spar with a bunch of little girls that he doesn't even know of. A spar that he wouldn't even need to have if he had just said no in the first place.
He knows that he is strong, he knows that devils can't do shit to him but he is still hiding himself like an idiot, even though showing himself would be much better for both his own sake and Shinto gods sake. Showing himself was even the original purpose of him being sent there...
He wants to get back at the devils(especially Sirzechs) for everything they've done(be it for what happened with Yuzu, or with Rias's peerage) but he is still hiding the truth from the members of Rias's peerage. Even though telling them the truth and providing some evidence would clearly be enough to damage Sirzechs and Devils quite a bit without him even needing to get his hands dirty.

I just don't understand how your protagonist stayed such an idiot despite all the shit you made us read through, all the character/personality development chapters we had to suffer through before we can finally see some action... I am kinda annoyed that I read 140k words of your protagonist becoming a better version of himself just to end up worse than his idiot self used to be. At least back than, he probably would have solved this entire situation with Kuoh with his sword rather than trying to act like he is some mastermind while actually being stupid as fuck...

anyway, unfortunately I cannot continue reading this story as it is now but I wish you luck regardless of my dislike of it.
11/15/2018 c7 A Fan
Please pair Ichigo and Yoruichi by the end of this. If not paired romantically at least make him stay in touch with Kisuke and Yoruichi through out it. You do such a good job writing Kisuke as a great friend/brother/uncle/father figure. Yoruichi just screams concern for his well being as well. These two are way better family figures than anyone else for him. Except his sisters. I am not counting them though.
11/15/2018 c6 A Fan
I just have one problem with this story. There is no way in hell Ichigo would be okay with the family name "Shiba" as Kurosaki was his Mother's. Just saying. Everything else so far has been pretty good and I really liked what you said about the ending to Bleach. It was shit.
11/16/2018 c12 Carol542
Love it please continue
11/14/2018 c1 3pie480
It’s deleting my emojis. Ugh. Why?! Teary face emoji. ,,, really badass! ... hanging at a cliffhanger. Wink emoji. Amazing story so far.
11/14/2018 c1 pie480
Okay. This is annoying. is doing that annoying thing where it deletes parts of your review again. It’s Why?!... really badass! ... Hanging at a story so far!
11/14/2018 c4 pie480
Just finished reading chapter 4. I know he’s pairing with Ryūjin Jakka, but I cried when Ichigo had to say a final goodbye to Ossan and Zangetsu! Why?!However, the ending was really bad! I loved it! I’m also really happy there is already a chapter 5 and I’m not left hanging at a story so far!
11/10/2018 c1 Perseus Ruby Sendou
Good story.
11/6/2018 c12 torvalds42
Thank you very much for the absolutely awesome story! I especially loved all the events you made Ichigo go through, and I can't help but wonder what will happen from now on... In particular given Sirzechs and the different faction each coming for ichigo. But he is very strong, and even more than that, experienced, so I guess it will make things interesting!
So good luck for the next chapter, I can't wait for it!
10/9/2018 c12 Guest
I wonder who ichigo is going to be with
10/3/2018 c11 1SentinalSlice
I'm really enjoying this. Although I would like to see Ichigo incorporat more Quincy techniques. Why not add the Quincy speed technique to his combination of Shunpo and Sonido?
Anyways, keep up the great work!
9/30/2018 c11 jp0625
Im leaning towards Hachiman being your secret god. I don't think its Izanagi, but its possible. God of War seems the more likely vs the God of Creation (the Trinity's father) .
9/28/2018 c12 5BrightNova169
All right, another chapter! I was waiting to see the outcome of last chapter.

For the most part, I enjoyed reading how Ichigo wrecked Freed for his recent homicide. Seriously, with how screwed up Freed is portrayed (canon or otherwise), he deserved a more painful death than what he got in the series. Especially since he’s a confirmed rapist here. I just wish Ichigo would have also punched him in the groin until his testicles became pulp. Now that would be karmic retribution.

But the beginning had me confused. Does Hierro need to be consciously activated or is it a passive boost? I mean, sure Ichigo has a healing factor and he could ignore things like fingernails ripping up his arms, but it seems weird that someone so much weaker than him is able to hurt him.

And then there’s the fact that Freed somehow managed to escape once again. I suppose it’s better than him giving his enemies the slip during battle, but it’s aggravating nonetheless. Especially since both parties ultimately ignored him, not even bothering to check if he was dead or properly securing him. Although, I’d cut Ichigo a little slack since he beat the hell out of that monster and being emotionally drained. But admittedly, not much. I’m just sick of that guy getting away all the time. It feels like he emits some kind of energy that turns enemies around him into idiots.

That being said, seeing Ichigo tear into Rias with that epic speech was incredible. I won’t deny it had me grinning like a loon with how he held nothing back and hit pretty much every major flaw the devil heiress possessed without revealing how much he knew about her. The fact that none of Rias’s peerage could logically argue his claims was icing on the cake.

With how entitled she acted towards Ichigo (and after having witnessed him work over someone who could evade/fight off most of her peerage singlehanded), Rias could have become Ichigo’s next punching bag had he not been such a nice guy deep down.

And didn’t she realize how messing around with him was a dangerous idea a couple chapters back? Clearly she didn’t learn her lesson...

But still, Rias taking credit for roflstomping Freed was a dick move. I mean, a part of me kind of expected it, but it still sucked to see it happen. But at least Sirzechs saw through that malarkey. And you know things are serious when Sirzechs gets strict with his sister, warning her that she needs to train more.

Nice seeing the two quietest students bonding with one another, even if most of it was Ichigo being a gadfly. That is still something I need time to get used to.

Quick question: is it possible for either Issei or Kiba to surpass Ichigo’s speed? His Shunpo is pretty hard to match. To say nothing about it being combined with other skills and abilities.

While I wouldn’t completely disagree with Koneko’s comparison of Ichigo being an ‘another world protagonist’, I still think the comparison is kind of insulting. Like one reviewer said, Ichigo actually earned his power through sacrifice and hard work. Plus, he’s got an actual personality.

And as much as he might want to stay under the radar, I know we all want him to take center stage and start kicking ass.

I’m prepared to wait as long as it takes for the next chapter. That’s got to be when the action really starts to pick up. And when Ichigo comes closer to revealing his knowledge about the dark politics used on those victims.

Until then,

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