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for Guardian of the Dead (Old)

5/29/2018 c11 1EvenLoveLies
more plzzzzz
5/25/2018 c11 shiranakutemokekko
Thanks for the good story man. Hopefully there will be next chapter... some day )
5/24/2018 c1 Brandon631
because you do not pinch a transformation to ichigo as zangetsu and chiro joined ichigo can enter their mugetsu mode and rujin flames are black as sasuke amateratsu

Finally, because you don't wear the white armor that you use in the war against the quincy, it fits better and give you a quincy cross for the bow
5/20/2018 c11 TheLaughingStalk
Personally, I feel the quality is much better when an author takes their time for multiple reasons. Thanks a lot for the update, I really enjoyed it.
5/22/2018 c11 5BrightNova169
Okay, so my work schedule got bumped up to six days a week and I’m working a position that takes roughly 10 hours a day now. To say my free time has been limited is kind of an understatement. Not to mention a huge sale I need to help manage soon along with a dwindling crew. Seeing this story update really helped with my mood.

Judging by the update, you seem to have your medical condition handled and under control. That’s always good news. And to the reviewer pressuring you to update faster, you could just update slower just to spite that person. Granted, the rest of us might get agitated but it would be understandable in my eyes. Nobody should have the right to pressure you into prioritizing this story over your life.

I did notice how you still seem to have a few issues with run on sentences, but things look pretty solid. And even though there wasn’t much action, I can tell that will change next chapter.

One thing I liked was that you managed to make the political parts of your story concise, not going into extreme detail over them. They’re easy to follow and written in a sometimes dramatic, sometimes funny fashion to keep me hooked. The moves made by the characters fit with their personalities and keep the drama alive.

For all that Ichigo has grown, he’s still prone to dumb decisions over HONORRRR! On the other hand, his judge of character was sterling as ever. Earning the trust of someone that hardly knows you in one encounter to the point where they would hide critical information about your powers is an incredible feat worthy of our resident hero.

I’m pretty curious about who revived Ichigo. Considering Amaterasu knows this being; it seems like our mystery character comes from Japanese mythology. I doubt you’ll tell me, so I’ll be patient. I know the reveal will lead to an even more awesome story.

You even provided a short moment of the Chaos/Khaos Brigade discussing their next mov. No doubt to utterly wreck the upcoming peace conference. While I’m not optimistic enough to think the meeting would immediately solve centuries of bad blood between the factions, a successful agreement at that time could pave the way for peace in the future…provided Vali doesn’t try to make the proverbial fecal matter collide with the fan. Something tells me that when Ichigo learns about Vali and his character, the world will be short one Dragon Emperor and likely in a very inglorious and bloody fashion.

Huh. Thinking about it, both the current Dragon Emperors are characters Ichigo will come to despise. Each seem to represent what he could be without his ironclad code of conduct.

Speaking of despise, it looks like Ichigo finally caught up with the murderer. Now I’m sure you’ve had tons of requests for the story, but if you would indulge me for one more moment of selfishness, you’d probably send me over the moon.

Your story has been nothing short of amazing, but the one thing that would make me joyous beyond a doubt would be Ichigo killing Freed in a fashion similar to what the pyscho’s victims endured. A Fatality so agonizing that even the most ruthless characters of Mortal Kombat would be given pause. I mean, with all the plot armor this scumbag of an exorcist gets in canon and fanfiction, it would be nothing short of cathartic to see the unrepentant murderer pay the ultimate price for his transgressions early on.

Besides, it would give us a better look into Ichigo’s character seeing how he’d react to willingly killing someone. Though I’m sure he wouldn’t lose much sleep over it.

As always, thanks for the update and here’s to another great chapter coming soon and to your improving health.

5/21/2018 c11 XlMorningStarlx
5/20/2018 c11 Hanii Seirios Slytherin
I loved what I read from your story so far!
I'm so curious for when Ichigo truly reveals his powers :D
Particularly I never liked how Issei was revived, I always thought it was very convincing on the part of Rias to appear only after his death... is it my badness to be thinking of several epic forms of revelation? Because I've been doing this since I read the scene of Ichigo picking up the folders of the Rias' servants (laughing a lot).
Um beijo para você~

PS: Please update soon XD
5/20/2018 c11 Siva Black
Omg! Go Ichigo go, beat that bastard up pretty good and let him die a slow death! Thanks for the chapter :)
5/19/2018 c11 xhope14x
I like what you have done so far I just wish your chapter where a little longer
5/18/2018 c11 Bardshark
Another delightful chapter can't wait to see ichigo rip freed a new one. But I think I'm most excited for ichigo to jump into the thick of it with all the big players. Ah well till next time havery a wonderful time in the meantime.
5/18/2018 c11 1EvilMagicman
...Well then. Didn't expect you to kill off Kokabiel that quickly but hey I ain't complaining. That's what he gets for pissing off Ichigo. And it is pretty damn hard to piss off your calm-and-collected, Ryujin-Jakka-wielding Ichigo so badly to the point where his eyes actually started turning "hollow". Looks like someone's gonna get a good ol Cero To The Face. Y-you are gonna kill him off like *snap* right? I mean there's no point for Ichigo to monologue to would-be-corpses. Unless Aizen has been rubbing off of him during the Winter War. Seriously if Aizen decided to not run his mouth, then he would have most likely wiped the floor off of Soul Society in record time and go be off fighting Zero Squad way before Yhwach...

Anyways yeah I'm betting that's gonna attract some attention like Sona and Rias with their peerages alongside other fallen angels like Azazel and whatnot. Looks like Rias's decision to not inform her big brother of her current situation is gonna end up biting her in the ass after all. Oh well. Like I care. However, what I do care for is that interaction between Ichigo and Koneko though. I found it to be quite light and heartwarming asidefromthepunchthatbrokeIchigo'sarm. Oof. But hey, at least Kuroka finally makes an official appearance here. So there's that I suppose. So yeah looking forward to Ichigo destroying Kokabiel next chapter and him dealing with the aftermath. Oh and regarding that special piece of shit reviewer that kept bugging you to the point of you actually addressing it? No. IT does not speak for me for I am not a part of that "everyone else". Besides, 0.01% is too small to be considered a "problem" so just ignore it. Maybe it'll go awaaay~
5/18/2018 c11 Painted World
Whoo this chapter is good and the AN is dam respectful to the occasional toxicity of this site. Cant ait for the next installment!
5/18/2018 c11 Death Lantern
The whole ryujjin jaka deal sucks bad. He should have stuck with good old Zangetsu. Then he would not have to face stupid problems like this.
5/17/2018 c11 Guest
Really enjoying the story so far. I'm enjoying seeing how Ichigo interacts with the Highschool DxD cast. I just want to see what's going to happen if/when the members of the soul society find out what Ichigo's been up to. Should be interesting.
5/16/2018 c11 naruto
great chapter keep it up and hopefully ichigo will not do something so stupid like sealing his powers up just so he can fight a fair fight again. thanks
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